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Real World Escape 191 - Big Man Walkthrough

Real World Escape 191 - Big Man

SniffMouse - Real World Escape 191: Big Man is another point and click room escape game developed by Sniff Mouse. You are locked in the room with a man who needs a CD player to play his favorite music. If you will help him, then he will help you to find 12 sniffmouse icons that you need to unlock the exit. Good luck and have fun!

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Yay!!! Thank you Guntars!!!

Wondering if certain puzzles still work tomorrow or next week or even next year.

BurgersBeBob no it will work only on 8th February :D
Of course it will work even in the next year, the game is actually checking the current date

Got a dart and am missing one mouse.

It's a "handy" dart Bob!

Somehow already suspected that, Sniffmouse. Some great programming going on there, well done.

Missed that hotspot. Thanks @Austen.
Good game again.

I WANTED to throw the dart at that hiding mouse by the end! Nice puzzles, Guntars.

haha thank you

Not o hard this time, I managed to get out on my selve this time. Great game as ever !!

How many of us are going to play this tomorrow? In March? Next year? Just to check...

am I late to the sniff party?

just starting...

thx Guntars for this game, I'm sure, it'll be fun as always ☺

almost missed to go upstairs...

scraper for dirty spot

break cd with brick - really? :-o
(does this work in RL?)

have dart but missing one sniff...dart is stuck to screen...moves from scene to scene

you can move it, but goes back to same spot ??

AlphaOmega Yap that works, trust me :D

LoneTexan it shouldn't stuck on the screen.
Anyway you can still use it...
it is "handy" dart

got it !

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hardest part for me is figuring the picture order: 1st one is predominately yellow, 2nd has a funny little character. Rain, sun, sun: I didn't understand.

But, fun as always.

Karel, think about weather seasons

There is winter, summer and autumn in the pictures

LOL Guntars - speaking from experience...?! ☻

(re CD I mean...)

I should take a video of it :)
Lesson how to break a CD

The picture one was hard for me too. Here it rains mostly in summer and also in winter. Hardly ever in fall.

All right!! Going in!

Out on my own! Thanks Guntars!!

The only thing the ad for oyunlar1.net does is make me promise never to visit that &*^%$& website.


OK so we all know Sniff1 will be by the door and after grabbing the easy one you check the door handle.
Well you never know.... Guntars HAS hidden stuff there before.
No such luck this time so you go on a search of the four walls to find various (apparently) useless zooms and diddly squat else.
No Black key.
No lipstick.
None of the usual suspects.
Nothing of interest really (well the lady on the wallpaper hiding a runaway mouse looked quite interesting. Sorry did I say that out loud?).
In desperation you look over Chubby’s right shoulder and realise that you can go upstairs.
Now we’re cooking on gas!
Those stairs were steep so you take a rest on the (thoughtfully provided) chair.
Making note of the arrows on the glass shelves you start to head back downstairs when an inner voice tells you “Hold on Ted, you forgot your brick”.
Brick in hand you continue your downward journey to check out the hint from your rest chair.
Oh great!
That’s all you need.
Half a clue.
Hold on you think, wasn’t there a book on the table by Blubberguts with a torn page?
One short piece of restoration later and your upstairs shelving hint starts to make sense.
Finally you get your hands on Sniff2 with a scraper thrown in free.
The dirt on the gadget under the wallpaper lady yields to your mighty scraper and, Sniff3 now in the bag, you head to the 4# cabinet.
A weather forecast?
With no idea what this clue means you end up at the pictures by the door to find that (with a minor adjustment to the pics) a panel opens providing Sniff4 and a loud “wibble” indicating that you have found the World famous lipstick.
After lippying the mirror you realise that Guntars DID hide something in the door this time then head for the slider puzzle with Sniff5 held firmly by the scruff of his neck.
Sniff6 comes with a free Ukulele and as you can’t play it (Well I know at least one of you can. XO) you try giving it to the couch potato and are rewarded with Sniff7 and a CD.
After getting really frustrated with the CD you decide it has to go and smack it with your brick.
Much head scratching later you conclude that if Tubbs isn’t going to help you might as well stab him with your CD shard.
Fortunately for all concerned you miss and slash the curtains where Sniff8 is hiding.
Having regained control of your senses you use the revealed colour code to access Sniff9 and the Black key for which you have been searching.
After using your key to obtain Sniff10 the ff and a dart you head off to find where to utilise such an item.
Some time spent staring at the nice lady on the wall reminds you that there was a pesky mouse under her poster.
Your dart soon rectifies that situation and with Sniff11 now nailed to the wall you indulge in a bit of ffing, say thank you to Guntars for tonight’s great entertainment and head out to freedom.

Thank You Guntars
Thank You Austen for the great and funny walkthrough xxx

My brick is stuck in the middle of my screen.

Great Walkthrough Austen! :-D


noel I expect that you understand that oyunlar1 adverts are not placed by me :) and you are talking about their website

Finally a good game! I enjoyed everything in it but would have appreciated if dark spaces on wall had been visible. I had to blind click till I found a hotspot. Not all computers interpret colour the same way!

Tania are you talking about the stairs ?

Great Job! Thank you, Guntars.

Thank you all for the great comments.
Austen your wt is funny and interesting as always :)

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