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Real World Escape 193 - Invisible Me Walkthrough

Real World Escape 193 - Invisible Me

SniffMouse - Real World Escape 193: Invisible Me is another point and click room escape game developed by Sniff Mouse. There is not much time to talk about it a lot! There is an invisible man in your room! Quickly try to find 12 sniffmouse icons and escape from the room. Start looking for hints and solve some puzzles to get new objects that may be useful. Good luck and have fun!

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So glad I refreshed the page! Thanks!

If anyone like the "Who Lives Here" games, there are several new ones. They don't get posted here for some reason.

1 Sniffmouse in front of door, first scene.

Bummer, EnJoy! I like those. Wondered where they went.

Maybe because they're logic puzzles and not really escape games.

Like them as well.....catching one of these live is almost unheard for me.

Austens phone nr. in magazine, he tells us where the TV remote is.

The arrows had me stumped until I used the lipstick and realized it was a mirror.

2 sniffmouse in TV after bird.

well that was one way to unlock a cabinet! Interesting use of a key

Thanks Guntars- fantastic as ever

Black photo goes in slide projector.

3 Sniff in cupboard with arrows (hint in mirror, extra hint: it's mirrored.)

4 Sniff in cupboard with nr. (hint: TV)

5 Sniff from bookshelf-puzzle (hint: Lippi on mirror)

6 Sniff in carton next to the couch.

8 Sniff in cupboard with colors (hint: projection with plant combined)

9 Sniff in cupboard with keyhole.

10 Sniff in FF (on not so invisible guy)

11 Sniff in window frame.

Thanks, Guntars! Nice game.

Lurker, that would be weird, since Small Tools games are usually also logic puzzle.

Always know I'm in for a treat with a new Sniffmouse game. Funny and clever. Thanks Guntars

This comment has been removed by the author.

About the Who Lives Here games - I've submitted a few to Escaper and he will publish them. Think they just don't go looking for them as they do escape games or, in small's case, riddles..

There is a bug in the game. Fishhook I have applied to the projector. The card inserted into the projector .. On the wall shadow image mouse and 1,4,3. No value 2.

A value of 2 for the color selection does not work. Overact? Waste of time.

Nafanga - my value 2 was right below the value 3 petal. Hope that helps

Oops - so sorry - Nafanja

Nafanja - you will have to restart your game. Don't use the hook in the projector until after you put the black photo in. I had the same problem. It's a bug. Otherwise great game!

Nafanja why do you think that it is a bug ?
There is a shadow on the wall until you collect the sniff in the projector and until taht you cant's see the number 2

Puffin let me test that one more time

Nope, everything should be ok.
Just tested that once more.
You can get sniff from projector before you put the picture in on you can get it after you put the picture.
It should work in both ways

After several tries i figured it out!
It depends of photo and power button, it was hard to find that bug.
Thank you for noticing, game is fixed now btw

I called Austin (as you guys did before too) but he still isn't here!

For the "Who Lives Here" games: Abroy publish a new game every Friday.

Nice and funny game again, thanks Sniffmouse!

Thank you corrected)

"Austen was here" LOLOLOL!

Did you call Codeman? LOL if you call him three times he gets annoyed!! Great game Guntars!!

I went back into the game to see if you were just joking Sharon...lol, you weren't...too funny!

Excellent! Thanks Guntars!


After checking the door, well you never know, you bag the ever present Sniff1 and set about today’s task.
Spotting a pair of glasses hovering above the couch you discover that there’s an invisible man in there with you but he’s not giving anything away.
With Sniff2 located peeking out from the window frame you grind to a complete halt so decide to watch TV for a while.
Oh great! Now you can’t get the Sniffsung to work.
This is not turning out to be a good day!
Looks like you’ll have to read a magazine instead.
This is a little embarrassing.
Using the number from the magazine you call the Eejit who scribbled in it to find where he has stashed the remote.
Deciding to get some payback you call him until goes mad.
With that bit of fun over you grab the remote and settle down to watch a crazy bird until Sniff3 wanders onto the screen.
The TV channel number turns out to be just what you need to open the four digit cupboard wherein you find Sniff4 and the famous lipstick.
Nobody bothers checking out the mirror before they have the lippy do they?
You realise that you could have been a lot further on if you had this time!
After a bit of red graffiti you set off to use your new clues.
An abortive attempt to use the lippy clue on the window leads you try it on the bookcase where it is much more effective especially in reverse.
With Sniff5 and a hook in the bag you head for the arrows and fail to open the cupboard.
The clue was in a mirror remember?
You snaffle Sniff6 and his watchyourfingers knife and poke around for something to cut.
That box by the guitar seems favourite and you slash your way to Sniff7 and a photo.
The picture is too dark to see but maybe if you hold it up to the window you could……. Nope.
Hold on you think.
Didn’t I see a projector on the table?
The photo slots in nicely and you switch on, turn round and inspect the projection on the wall.
Looks like there’s a varmint in the works here!
You return to the projector and hook Sniff8 into the daylight.
Now you can focus on the picture and you cleverly combine it with the beautiful flower behind the chairs to get Sniff9 and the black key.
It won’t fit the hole so you throw a tantrum (and the key) and collect Sniff10 and a bag of flour.
Let’s see how invisible you are with a faceful of self-raising you think as you hurl the bag at Dr Griffin.
He reluctantly surrenders Sniff11 and you also rip the double f from his shirt.
Sniff12 is the reward for your ffing and you leave the room saying a big thank you to Guntars for another great game not forgetting to vote it 5/5.


Fun game Sniffmouse, thanks. !

Comments page shouldn't be about another game, but thanks for doing something about it Janet:)

Thank you for your great comments.
Austen, funny wt, thank you !

Nice game, thanks Guntars.

Ha! TV was made by "Sniffsung"

Fun game, as always!

Another Great Game Guntars Thank You x
Thanks for the walkthrough to the big eejit (Austen)your soooo funny lol xxxxxxxxxx

caught this one from the random section

thx for all your creations, Guntars ☺

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