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Emerge Cursed Angel Escape Walkthrough

Emerge Cursed Angel Escape

BestEscapeGames - BEG Emerge Cursed Angel Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Best Escape Games. Adam is a poor teenage boy, he is very interested in alchemy. Mr. Barclay is practicing alchemy in his place. Mr. Barclay made Adam his junior because of his interest. One fine day Adam friend brought him a curse and he asked him to release the angel from this. An angel was transformed into the curse and this came to know about the boy. Now, Adam needs to release the curse to the angel. Find out the related objects and solve the puzzles to escape the emerge cursed angel. Good luck and have fun!

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not easy being first to find the game and being stuck - where is everyone lol

Have a look at this too.

Oh dear, same kind of puzzle like the first from today. I won't be that lucky again.

Give me a minute please, still in collecting mode.

woohhoo someones here lol

Still collecting but solved the puzzle below pink curtain in far right scene. Clue is on tree in 2nd scene. Do the maths (very easy, even for me) and use the numbers from empty shapes.

Use bone from box in far right scene on mouth of pitcher plant to get blue gem

Hi I have just emerged from ages spent on the slider and masks puzzles.
Didn't understand the clue for the flowers sliders and resorted to bfing it. I think it was 1 3 top top something.

i've gotten most things i believe, scene 3 there's a slider game appears but despite the blue paper clue i can't get the sequence to work so i'm obviously wrong. don't know what to do with magic bowl or all the crystals either

Round gems go in beaker of water.

Put two stones (lying around, one from a bench in 2nd scene) in slots right of fireplace in right scene.

Hi meth, nice to see you!

Have blue, green, and yellow gems so far for water, might need a red one.

Ooh. I summoned a genie with my 4th acid into pot above fire.

Two more of those gems come from the slider puzzle. Just warning you, ;-)

Haha, I don't even have ONE acid so far. But I got a book from shape/keys, cut it with scissors for a phone number.

I'm wandering round with a paintbrush, a magic bowl and 5 crystals.

POPO. Use brush on big stain in right room.

Green acid from three blue gems.

Seems you've lost your mobile Merit.

Weird looking maths puzzle now.

Have you already used the phone? I dialed the number from book, saw "dialing" and pressed "redial" after some time. Don't know if sth happened but now it doesn't work anymore.

Visitor. Be gone a few minutes.

Ah, the mobile! Sneaky!

dialling the phone finds the mobile then using the caller id to solve the word puzzle

i;m struggling with the maths puzzle lol

Before I use it: the cloth in inventory looks like a camel head.

Let's see if I can catch up before meth returns.

guessing you start at +2 then follow it round until you get -1 but how do you now what signs to follow ie + or - etc

Key from horns on skull

cloth on urn in first scene

the paintbrush reveals the clue for the dot puzzle on wall in first scene btw in case anyone hadn't realised lol

I'm here too! Stuck on the flower slider puzzle. I have the rectangle clues that seem to go with it, but there are only 4 of those....

That took me some time fo find the keyhole in 1st scene. Still not at the point to help you, moneyboy.

jenna it was bf on the sliders i struggled with it too initially, its something like 12332 with 0 being start position

its just the maths puzzle i'm sure that must be the end of it to reveal what to do with the crystals lol

Hi Jenna, I think I'm no help tonight. If you see how far the other guys are.

the symbols behind the key in scene 1 are a hint for the position on the symbols puzzle top right in scene one once you collect them all

I'm not looking forward to that. :-/

it was a bit of a pain for a start but you just need to be mindful of how they move round with everything else

Doh, completely missed the symbol hint at top of cupboard in 2nd scene

theres a sequence to them from the green papers

I hoped I could play the game but it needs some more time than I have. Will leave now and maybe finish later. Good luck and thank you for your help so far!

the little line down in some boxes is = then you just do what it tells you depending the side - ie +2 or -1

Back from my visitor. Has anyone worked out the maths?

and out, jeez that was fun lol nice little puzzles

see above methanwy

Thought I'd tried that Moneyboyuk. Will try again.

Blerg. I've got a cell phone I can't answer, crystals that don't do anything, a cloth that won't wipe, and water that dissolves some very specific gems. Also a 4x5 grid of letters, and a separate set of 6x5 letters that don't appear to mean anything yet. And I still can't figure out the damn yellow flowers.

The acid goes in the pot. Apparently it takes more than two beakers full.

Hint for my fellow Americans who might not realize it: That number in the book IS a phone number.

Jenna. Cloth to wipe red thing in 1st room. Cell phone is a word clue.

Done the numbers now. I'd forgotten to do something with the 3rd number on rh side.

Thanks, meth! I would never have figured that out when there are two other obvious spots that need wiping!

round gems go in water beaker jenna to make last pitcher of acid, think there were about 4, then it gives you the genie, the acids go in the pot over fire

have fun guys, laterz

Thought "name" was magic, but that doesn't work on sliders

Just went back in to check. The word that solved the flower sliders was masko, guess it was meant to be masks.

In the left room, below the bolted panel, is an unmarked panel where that extra key goes. Boy I wished TAB key worked.

So many comments. 6 votes. 1 and half stars. Games are strange.

This comment has been removed by the author.

1.5 stars, huh? I'd give it more than that. I don't like having to brute force things, though. I thought magic would be the clue to the slider puzzle too (it would make sense!) but it's not. MASKO? Where did that come from? If anybody finds that clue somewhere, post it!!

So... the math puzzle.

You follow the lines, doing simple math and entering the answers when you land in each box, right? In other words, the first box is 0+2=2, then top right box is 2-1=1, 3rd left box is 1+2 = 3. Right? It's not working. I get:

2 1
6 5
3 4
5 4
and nothing happens.

Oh, I get it now. You only do the math if you move from one side to the other. If the move is vertical you just copy the same number.

Overall, it's not my favorite game. Lots of fun little puzzles, but too many WTF moments, and when the ending is a sexy woman emerging from my carpet... Nope.

Red X and 1 Star!
Stupid and virtually
impossible sliding puzzle
is really not worth the

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