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Real World Escape 194 - Birthday Walkthrough

Real World Escape 194 - Birthday

SniffMouse - Real World Escape 194: Birthday is another point and click room escape game developed by Sniff Mouse. You are locked in the room with some little boy who has a birthday today, but he haven't received any present. You can fix that ! Make him happy and he will help you to get out of the room. Your target is to find 12 sniffmouse icons to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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Yea Happy birthday Buddy!!

Great game, thank you - hope you got a better Birthday present than the little boy!

1 Sniff in front of door.

2 Sniff in Scene with mirror in Sister-compartment (Hint: Book).

Great game as always Guntars! What a great birthday we had!! Cheers!!!

LOL Janet!

3 Sniff in drawer with black key hole.

March is a great month for Birthdays!
Thank you Guntars for another funny game.


4 Sniff in paper box (open with scissors)

5 Sniff in vintage heater (use switch, hint behind pillow)

6 Sniff in nr drawer (hint: camera after using lipstick)

7 Sniff ater placing bone in carton.

Nice game!! Thanks!

8 Sniff from computer after clicking Mouse.

9 Sniff in camera after watching TV.

10 Sniff in color drawer.

11 Sniff from boy.
12 Sniff from ff.

Still don't have the key I'm supposed to use, but door is open.

Thanks Guntars, fun game.

Nomnivor i think that you had to use the key. It was in the begginning

I think the key was required to get the scissors to obtain the switch.

Happy happy birthday too ♥

...I love that I'm friends with the artist that draws the cartoons you use...

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Fun game, thanks Sniffmouse! Thanks so much for everyones hints. Today, March 11th, is my grandsons 4th birthday so this was really fun.

A first, out with out help!!!!

Yay, a Sniffmouse birthday game for my birthday!


As usual you grab Sniff1 from in front of the door then check the door handle.
Nothing doing this time and whilst a thorough inspection of the room doesn’t even reveal a sneaky rodent cunningly hidden in a window or picture frame you do discover a whining child.
Exhausted by your searching you decide a quick nap is in order and throw yourself onto his bed.
Who left that bone under the pillow?
Resisting the urge to bop the brat with the bone you opt for reading a book and rummage through the drawer by the door.
All you can find is a puzzle book with one question left and after an embarrassing mistake which we shall gloss over at this point you enter the correct answer in the panel by the window.
“Now we’re making progress” you think as you tuck Sniff2 away and head for the locked cupboard with your shiny black key.
Sniff3 joins his buddies and you set about the room looking for something to snip with your brand new scissors.
Pillows? Nope.
Curtains (the usual suspects)? Nope.
Child? Don’t be absurd!
Cushion under the window? No but you happily note down the number that the crumb snatcher has scrawled there.
Having kicked up so much dust with your rifling of the room you feel a sneeze coming on so you reach for the tissue box by the door.
Hold on.
Paper box?
The scissors make short work of the box wherein you find Sniff4 and a fancy looking switch.
Sneeze averted you resume your enthusiastic search and soon you start to feel a bit too warm.
Maybe you should turn on the air conditioning.
It is missing a switch.
You guiltily replace the switch and fiddle about with the controls to no avail until you remember the rug rat’s graffiti.
The blast of cool air forces Sniff5 out of hiding and he brings the lipstick with him.
A quick scribble on the mirror leads you to the camera under the TV where you not only notice that this sprog has a really cool Pentax but also the numbers hinted by the lippy!
Your 4# code gains you Sniff6 and a box whose shapes code works well on the computer by the bed.
Hmmm. By the sound of it this kid appears to be running Windows on an iMac but undeterred you set about cracking his security system.
40% of the buttons are functional and with Sniff7 safely snaffled you settle down to watch some TV.
Just what you needed! A programme on camera maintenance!
Dismantling the camera provides you with Sniff8 and a colour code which in turn leads you to Sniff9 and a reel of tape.
What do you give the kid who has everything?
Looks like the only option here is the bone so you stuff it in the box, acquiring Sniff10 in the process, and make it look pretty with the tape.
The carpet crawler seems pleased with his gift and you rapidly swipe Sniff11 and the ff from him.
ffing the wall as quickly as you can to get Sniff12 you shout a thank you to Guntars and hope to be out of the county before the box of fossils gets unwrapped.

Excellent fun again Guntars.


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I meant, funny Snifmouse, I enjoyed it. :)

Logical and hilarious Guntars, thanks!!

Great! Just great!
Thanks Guntars!
You've (once again) made my day ...

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Great game - thanks Sniffmouse!

Awesome as always. And I always find myself chuckling at the sound effects. Happy Birthday! Get out before the kid opens his present!

Nice game!! Sneaky "ff"

Nice game!! Sneaky "ff"

Poopie Doopie in that baby voice literally made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the extra pick me up :)

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caught this one from the random section

how could I miss a Sniffie when live...?!

thx Guntars for all your phat creations ☺
they never disappoint, always a joy to play them

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