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Sneaky Fun

MeltingMindz - Sneaky Fun Escape is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. Sneaky decided to take a break from the spy business and have some fun in Italy. The Sharkmen heard he was here and are now on their way. Now, Sneaky needs your help escaping before it's too late! Good luck and have fun!

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found so far 26 coins, yellow gem & egg (of 5)

enjyoing the landscape & the wonderful house

thx SD for this fun game ☺

I am missing one egg?

I wonder if there is a map?

hi bandy ☺
didnt' find a map yet

one egg next to bells at left side of the scene, another in start scene - it seems for me that they appear step by step, after placing the found ones... (but maybe only an illusion...)


Thanks AO I am still searching LOL

hiyo bandy! my last egg was in scene with a brown building and 4 chairs behind a rock in well

me, too bandy - missing 2 eggs...

got only 2 eggs

That was it! Dazz TY!!!

map beside the book

With out a map it is hard to tell were they all were.

Missing an egg as well. Can't even remember where I found the first 4

knife for pillow in O

hey Jo- ann, how are you? joycey?alpha? fine...............good!

I think you're missing one in K

Ok map behind silver door

well don't just stand there ladies, go get it before someone uses it for breakfast!

do I miss a scene outside? I don't see any well...

Hi Dazz, no idea what K is! LOL

The 4 I found are

Start scene
Up and Right from car
Up and 2 right from Car
Up and left from car

got the other 3 eggs in up scenes

AO scene with 4 outdoor chairs left side down small rock

oops, sorry jo ann, forgot you have no map

it;s the scene of entrance door, left wall

ah, left up right from start scene, then left side is the hidden well

blue key in W

Green gem in R

Were was knife Dazz?

can't open stuck door and X on ground. Only 4 eggs

Drawers are empty in W ??

Emyloo you need all 5 eggs to proceed.

green key from word box up in bedroom

are there 2 hidden eggs or only 1 (behind rock)?

Lighter in N

Just 1 AO

my dear bandy, knife in food tray in P

green gem in pooh yellow in cheese

Gold key in Q ( use lighter )

Can't proceed, still only 4 eggs :(

AAHH TY Dazz!!

ditto here Jo-Ann...

Only 4 eggs?!


starting scene by stairs

viva scene bottom

balconey scene far left

brown buiding scene behind well brick

scene of entrance door on left wall

oops it was the knife in cheese blue key in w

Finally! My last egg was in the garden with the sign that is upside down.

and balconey scene is scene going left when you click top of car, no time to sit by balconey, now get a move on folks:)

AHHH! Thank you, missing the VIVA scene

lighter in n

green gem in winnie the pooh, no time for playing with toys

lighter to be used in Q

very sneaky one in plain sight in viva scene that was my last - thx Dazz ☺

Is there a bug? Can't get back into T where the safe is located. Going left from U puts you in X.

red gem on map...

pink gem in u

goggles in v

Same here Jim it takes you to X ??

Dazz, thank you for egg locations!!

there is a bug - got all gems but I can't now go to T anymore, left arrow only gets me to X.

Okay for those that are missing the egg behind a rock. From the Ferrari scene: Go up then right. The click rock on the bottom right

Well can't place gems because I can't get back to gem safe?

my red gem came from digging X on ground...

blue gem in o

SD in L,use it on some door in J

ipi, me too! Got all the gems, never used the screwdriver or the X on the ground, but cannot return to T!


I think you mean (bottom) left...!

AO Yes you are correct. Sorry folks. Bottom LEFT

Well I sure did want to drive that Ferrari But till SD fixes the game I am out of luck LOL

sneaky in R

Sneaky coin in R btw

Ok, I used the shovel but didn't get anything?

what should we find after using the shovel in D? I have found nothing...

as I said, found red gem after using shovel...

I see you now bandy, everytime I get to U and want to go left, it just takes me to X, I can't go to the place to use symbols on box

Lighter in N is not a hotspot. It is under the window

hotzy and Jo this should give you red gem

My red gem was on the map, not after using the shovel

I think the red gem was messed up as I got red gem from map?

Cannot return to T either, moves to X. Reloading and hoping for the fix. Also, Shoveling was fruitless, no gem there.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I will come back when the T Room issue is fixed.

missing purple gem

same here, can't get to T

was able to access T once, but not again

same room bug after collecting pink gem... :-/

reloaded and same problem, but I know the rest so I'll just cosider myself out

thanks selfdefiant

purple gem in box in S

Issue with no gem after shoveling and no return access to T Room, otherwise pleasant. Thanks SD

I can't get to S to finish the game so I'm just going to hang out on the balcony and soak in the views til SD fixes the bug...

carnt get back to room t with gems keeps taking me to room x

I can't get to S to finish the game so I'm just going to hang out on the balcony and soak in the views til SD fixes the bug...

Yep same here - can't get back to where you place gems

there is a glitch, i cannot go back to room T. also, i've got all the gems without even finding a shovel.

can't get into T either

Please SD we need a fix.Love ya

got 5 gems where's the shovel

Joycy: If you're still searching for the shovel, it's behind the jammed door in the scene with the arches. Use SD

missed L out found SD lets see if all the switches are green to get into T

Looks like, on replay to avoid T Room BUG. that the red gem is either on the map OR you dig for it.

come on Self Defiant love your games fix this bug <3

Red gem is in the ground after digging

restarted gem now in map nothing under X after digging

Fixed the door! Sorry, I had all gems when entering.

I also fixed the gem on the map, no need to restart, just refresh the game. Thanks everyone!

Oh my, I have to be blind as a mole -.-
I just can't find my fifth egg in the scene with the entrance... I swear, I searched every pixel left from it ;)

replayed left gold key til last copied signs on to snipping tool before & colour sequ on map, missed sneaky coin but couldn't go back for it, out lovely game SD except for bug or have you done that on purpose lol <3 <3

Still not working. I'm closing this one.

Solitude01: It's right in front of the two small front steps

I will probably switch to gold eggs, they are easier to see.

Hi solitude if you press the left stone in 1 scene & above the plant on the left in the other scene with table those are the elusive ones

Ha Ha finished before I saw you post SD thanks so much

Shame I can't finish game because I cannot get to T safe

Thanks, SD, loved the game!

Same bugs here.
Red gem from map. Can't find shovel.
Can't get back to room T from room.U
On map, rooms row G thru L show as 6 rooms, I only have 5. Room L does not go up to room Q, goes to room P.

I just played and no bugs. Thanks, SD! I love these so much..and as always, thanks for "being there" for us!

OK, refreshed and it fixed the U to T bug, however the map is still wrong.
Map shows incorrect paths from rooms J to O and K to L.

I think it was SD's car & he didn't want us to take it...! ;-Þ

Oh... got it. Thx CapHunter

For five-digit number, look at the open book where the map was...that took me a bit.

Finally finished it AT LAST. I'm whole again!!

Anyone still here? I still have my lighter, no idea what to do with Winnie and trying to open the box? Any hints

Adverts before the game fine, during the game a complete no no. SD you've went from a good game maker to making as much money as you can with adverts. Won't play any more of your games again. They were becoming monotonous anyway, you could almost play them with your eyes shut. No doubt you'll have your bands of followers who will be outraged at this post, but people who enjoy good escape games will give your games up.

hours late for a live one but finished with no problem. Now I want a vacation like this one! Great game SD!


Dazz Ley at 7:20,7:21

Thanks joycy for the lighter.
No hotspot there, I totally overlooked it.

fantastic pictures, a pleasure to wander around in this game.

Thanks SD...Fantastic Game as always!!!

The eggs were almost impossible to see - although it is good, when they aren't blatantly obvious, it shouldn't become a pixel hunt.
Thanks for the hints - it was hardest for me to find the one left by the strange-shaped bells.
Almost missed the number hint! It is where you find the map :-)
Otherwise a great game and I am looking forward to your next one SD!

Thanks everyone!

I had no bugs and I thought the game was excellent. Thanks SD!

What is "brown building scene"?

OK, now I know what is meant by brown building scene. There are five chairs there, not four.

Thanks, CapHunter

OK, a few observations.

First, these games are only made to make me feel bad about properties I will never own.

Second, pink is always used instead of indigo. Which begs the question: why?

Third, the lighter is never given a hotspot. Why?

Fourth, nice game.

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