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The Giant Yellow Wall Escape Walkthrough

The Giant Yellow Wall Escape

BestEscapeGames - BEG The Giant Yellow Wall Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Best Escape Games. Ricky and Vicky are friends. Ricky is so wealthy and Vicky is from a poor background. Vicky character is very bad and he does not like Ricky growth. Vicky has planned to go to temple to meet the priest regarding Ricky growth. The priest gave him a stone and he asked to keep it in front of his house. It will grow bigger and bigger and become a giant wall. Now to break the wall, he needs our help. So, find out the related objects and solve the puzzles and break the giant yellow wall. Good luck and have fun!

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No comments and one star? I'm suspicious.

After being interrupted this morning in final puzzle let's see how this is.

Don't worry about the rating, some of us do this because of the small inventory bar or the cartoon style. They promised us the return to lifelike stile in January.

There might be killer puzzles though. Regularly.

Different style somehow.

Eh, I tried to understand how the button puzzle in toucan scene (above boots) worked and it open suddenly. Seemed to be easy then.

Hi Just loading now.

Word clue on wagon outside.

Hi meth! :-)

Clues for 3# outside on wall behind lamp are found in the house (plain sight and not hard to see). Do the maths.

That puzzle may have been easy for you merit, but ...

Part of the different style today is one click for picking up items. Much better and it doesn't leave behind redundant hotspots. :)

Missing 2 green balls for pot. Have 4 pearls, 3 magic liquids and 2 diamonds.

Backed out of the puzzle in the toucan room and started again. Did it in 3 or 4 moves this time.

Very sneaky puzzle in fireplace room on staircase wall, impossible to see. Click on knot of right red curtain. No idea for it now.

Meth, it wasn't easy. It was pure luck for me.

Roberto, you'll have to wait... I'm not that far. Way back, to be clear.

Visitor. I'll have to leave. See you later.

Word puzzle upstairs with clue from wagon gives my first green ball for pot. Have three gems but I don't think from puzzles. If so, I have written a comment.

DOH! Missed the left scene upstairs!

Collect four flowerpots and turn them around for the card symbol hint.

Pour pink liquid from bowl and magic liquid on sphere and to get colors clue.

get yellow magic liquid and pour on 4 spheres.

Wipe phonograph with cloth. It's gone now, could have needed that for mirror...

Don't overthink strange clue on bed. Just count the arrows for each colour and click the buttons that often. I worked the clue from left to right.

It helps when you play those games regularly.

Mirror gives clue for puzzle right side of entrance door.

Use what looks like paper on mirror (from pieces you collected)

Same principle for the phonograph clue. Count the lines, do maths, and use it upstairs left in shape puzzle.

Ah, thanks!

That navette-cut gem goes to table upstairs left.

for 2 arrows puzzle skip right and left clue arrows.

Give empty bowl to viking outside. We need to do something else there.

Which arrows do you mean, Roberto? Those from bed???

Doh, got green liquid now from cupboard with putto upstairs. Just press the six buttons according to their number of lines from 1 to 6

arrows from curtain

Boring cards suits puzzle.

Thanks, but there's the puzzle and I don't understand it. Do I need a clue, and if so, which? Sorry.

You need to get a paper on floor outside and use magic liquid on it for the clue.

Coloured sphere (from pouring liquids like Roberto told earlier) is hint for the coloured pentagons upstairs. Click colours from left to right (two are used twice) for another liquid. Pour that on the pearls for a colour hint

No colour hint, you can pick them.

Okay, I'm missing that paper yet. Thanks!

Coloured balls go in drawer of bookcase for wolf mask.

Has anybody solved the puzzle on fence oputside yet? It´s working now, but don´t know what to do.

No, it has been working for quite a time but don't know either what to do.

Also, I have a scroll with NIN_ ON_ FIV_ but the 3# upstairs doesn't work. If it was Wheel of Fortune I'd buy an E.

And where do the purple diamonds go? Never saw slots for them.

3 numbers go left side of fish tank upstairs.

I guess you need to see the clue (+E) for it to work. Not sure.

+E is above of round window in fireplace scene.

There's a clue on window upstairs (red and blue squares). It makes no sense to me.

Fish is the clue for puzzle on fence. Count the squares.

Thanks again, I had been clicking on the window itself a hundred times but didn't see the E above.

Well, don't dare to ask but there are 14 squares. 1 and 4 doesn't work.

I'm pretty sure the clue on window is for the 4 arrows in same room, but don´t understand it.

fish gives you 5 numbers. 5 rows.

I'm stuck with 3 diamonds. Can't get the 4 arrows puzzle.

Ah! Thanks for the 100th time.

Got it, finally!

don´t overthink the colors red and blue on squares, take only the shapes.

Do you know to play a flute meritneith?

Ah! the little angel.

Got it too! Ignore the up arrow. Start top left and go to bottom right, then top right to bottom left.

Oh - thought I'd be smart enough to help you...

Well, in fact we learned to play a flute back in primary school. But that doesn't matter if the angel does too.

Dang robot...

Give bugs to toucan. I tried to feed him everything in inventory earlier. Gives second shape for drawer downstairs.

haha! Now I have another bowl filled up of magic liquid but don´t know where to use it.

I'm getting better at those sliders like the wolves. Now I have one sword for viking. Need another one.

I had the 1st sword long time ago. What puzzle you didn't solve yet?

Now where did you get from??? Flute - bugs - toucan - shape - drawer - wolves - viking. What did you do in that time?

Still could not find the place to use my magic liquid.

Ah, still haven't got that paper which leads me to curtain puzzle!

Got jar with three green balls (needing 4th), three diamonds, blue liquid. No puzzles left but the curtain.

get the paper outside, and use magic liquid on it. Solvind the arrows you´ll get your last green ball.

HOLY MOLY! It was there on the pavement all the time! DOH!

Are you out?

Another DOH, 1 -> 3 means from right to left! Jeez...

Dont ask.

Oh gosh! you were still solving asrrows. lol

Well, at least YOU have fun! ;-)

I can't get these damned f*** arrows to work.

As I said before, skip the left and right arrows marked with dots.

Nobody wants my magic liquid! :(

Oh!!!! Got it!!!!

My score was 152! lol

It was very nice playing with you! Thanks!

Hooray! Thank you.

The cards symbols are one of those frog hopping puzzles? Things aren't getting better.

Oh! You guys still here (just about) In that case i'll leave this one for tomorrow since it seems more enjoyable than other recent BEGs.

kind of it, but easier. You can move the symbols both ways.

You can jump back and forth.

Done. And now we're both there with the liquid?

Alright. I'll go back to every scene and will pour the liquid over every pixel.

NO! You won't believe it!

Mind the name of the game - that giant yellow wall in start scene!

Haven't seen that Roberto was already out and meth back. Not my brightest evening...

Thanks especially to Roberto for saving my behind a thousand times.

That's how I found it! lol

This comment has been removed by the author.

Can someone please explain the blue and red triangle puzzle. Does it have something to do with the direction arrows just below and to the left?

Oh, haha POP!

Thanks BEG I enjoyed that more than many of your recent games. Easier interface (1 click picking up) and more attractive scenes.

I accidentally clicked on the "down" arrow when I was almost finished with that stupid card suits game (it is located directly inside the game!!) and would have had to start over - thanks, I quit!!

the game will not load for me.

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