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Elegant Green House Escape Walkthrough

Elegant Green House Escape

BestEscapeGames - BEG Elegant Green House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Best Escape Games. Four friends in Las Vegas had a celebration party last night at their elegant green house for his friend forthcoming engagement. They had an excellent night and therefore the next morning, one of the friends had a hangover. Three other friends tried to wake him up, but he felt so drowsy to be awaken. So, they left him within the house locked with a spare key and went off to their friend engagement. Over an hour later they called him to mention the spare key location, but his mobile got switched off with no electricity this morning. Now he has got to be compelled to search the spare key on his own to escape from the elegant green house and reach his friend engagement. Good luck and have fun!

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Finally! Two hours waiting for the game to be posted. Hitting play button in 3 seconds.

Good start already. I zoomed into book 3x before I saw the purple shape revealed.

Yea this is a great start! I finally got it to show up!

Don't miss candle on window sill in scene with green sofa (bottom row, right scene).

Hi bandy, nice to see you here.

To get into upper scenes from map just click the door in green sofa scene.

Good morning all. I just realized the title of the game and that there are lots of green furniture...

Good morning Merit! Thanks for the door hint I was looking for a key LOL

(RE)HI merit & bandy & all other players ☺

Finally it's posted on EG24 - couldn't almost resist to play it earlier - just starting...

thx BEG for this game ☺

I moved the pillow and can not pick up the triangle?

oh, I like the interior furnishings ♥

cane is used under couch in (first) door scene

arrow hint for dots in squares

There's a triangle puzzle in upper row, you have to click them showing to top or bottom. Just notice colour and direction. Still in collecting mode but in last room to the left.

Killer hexagon puzzle ahead there.

Ok that maybe a clue you don't pick it up? Hi AO

mayhaps it's a hint, bandy...

sneaky purple triangle hint behind spatula in kitchen

now on the hexagon puzzle... CU in a couple of hours...! ;-Þ

Four balls in central scene downstairs for a colour cluepaper.

I reckon, you have to turn all lights green & the bottom ones between the red hex is the end...

btw, re killer puzzles: ENA has such style, too, but they have at least a skip option...!

but they didn't post their games anymore at EG24...?!

Holy moly, that moving balls puzzle from the rhomb panel! :-O

somehow we need to highlight the outline first at hex puzzle...?!

Alpha, for the hexagons: Yes. I keep this for later...

For ENA: Now that you say that - I haven't seen them for a while! o_O

About the skip option we have been complaining for months.

after trying in vain several methods at hex puzzle, I'll switch to the other PITA puzzle, the moving balls...

oh, you can use the keyboard arrows at the moving ball puzzle (at least me) - makes the moves much easier!

oh no, there's another moving ball puzzle after the first...! :-o

Jam goes into the display case in kitchen btw. Need the green one though.

Colour clue paper should be for the squares in kitchen but somehow it doesn't work for me.

ok, got it pretty quickly with the arrow keys - now the hex puzzle is awaiting...! :-/

watch out, there are 2 different pinks...!

Doh! Thank you!

btw, key from moving balls for wall panel in triangle puzzle scene

Green Jam was just past the first door behind the flowers.

ok, couldn't be bothered anymore & peeked into the VWT for a start at hex puzzle

start in centre & go left, then do the outlines first

but still not solved... :-/

Ha! Stick is used in running ball puzzle scene underneath sofa. Found nothing in top parts of the scenes to hit so I tried it everywhere below furniture.

I'd given up on BEG this morning. Oh well, I'll try harder to play with you guys in the next one.

Bandy, wasn't that the yellow jam? I've checked all flowers with no success...

Oh meth!

bummer meth...!

I cheated with the hexagons. And it looks so simple then!

Well Merit it looked green to me LOL

Doh! The 3 colours below the jams (still missing either yellow or green) are not for the jams but for the shapes in far left scene downstairs.

Enough is enough (isn't that a song from Barbra Streisand...?!)

I officially cheated with the VWT at hex puzzle, otherwise it would have lasted the whole afternoon, I suppose...

Oh great another ball puzzle. Bummer.

That second ball thing!

That's enough. Not doing this moving ball puzzle. Need a SKIP BUTTON Beg!

Okay, the 2nd one was much easier as you have some comfort zones.

Thanks EV1 for the company.

I need to clean my screen - there's a little dirt spot just on the white drawer in far left scene looking like a keyhole.

Sorry bandy, try the 2nd one, I only had to redo once there.

coin puzzle was easy, but tedious (a routine piece of work)...!

bummer bandy, CU ☺

Next killer - the purple triangle...

Thanks Merit I all ready closed out don't need the aggravation in the AM LOL

Well, see you next time then!

For the purple triangles: Tiles are only turned upside-down when you swap two tiles with different direction. But you can swap any tiles, not only neighboured ones.

Does that make sense what I've written?

liked the pretty tricky pic puzzle, as the triangles were also turning

It was quite easy at last when you try to avoid turning the tiles.

Still missing one jam... :-(

IIRC one was in plain sight in kitchen & another one from unlocked panel beneath hex puzzle

BIG DOH. I had all candles, 2 in inventory, and one already placed. Now let's go on.

In-between check:

Only coloured ball clue paper in inventory, missing one part (top right)


- Two keys for panel near hexagons and for end scene
- Three golden flower balls
- One watch
- The jam of course due to the missing key
- Maybe a switch or a rectangle for scene with coloured balls

And don't know what to do with the square hint in bedroom with three pictures

OH! Just seen I can turn the bottom right square from my last problem mentioned above. Key and golden flower button from there.

Got the jam now! Yes, I had the green one but only the label was green and the jam was yellow. ;-)

Doing the flowers now.

Last key found which gave me a mobile. Those checks help at least doing things when you found something. You just know then where to go.

And out. Everything fell into place after getting the square thing. Nice game again, thanks BEG. Meanwhile I don't feel ashamed cheating in some killer puzzle, skipping would me more fair, wouldn't it?

Alpha, I think you're out?

indeed merit

thx for the nice teamwork & your company ☺

& yep, a skip button would be more fair than being forced to cheat with VWT...!

Thank YOU... so happy the old style is back. CU soon!

I came back to try again. No good. I enjoy hard puzzles that make us think, but I dislike the moving balls puzzles that are about timing and coordination. Please listen to us about adding a skip button BEG.

BEG, please stop including ridiculous arcade-style mini-puzzles!

I'm for a skip button too, but one that doesn't require a "like" on Facebook. That may be why ENA is no longer here.

This was a very enjoyable game for me.
Things I liked:
- the music
- the pleasant scenery, not cartoonish
- the navigation map
- quick moving inventory with arrows moving it in the intuitive direction
- only one number code and two keys (I don't like when games have so many number codes/keys/color codes etc and no puzzles)
- some puzzles had more than one step to them

Things that could be improved:
- option to skip arcade-style puzzles. While I managed it okay, (thanks to the tip about using arrow keys -- thanks, AO!) I think a skip button is warranted for those who don't/can't.
- Less picking stuff up and fitting it into a slot, more creative thinking puzzles.
- I solved 2 puzzles completely by luck -- the jam and the yellow/red rotating squares. Just placing/clicking. No idea how or why I solved them.
- Losing puzzle progress when you look at the clue paper does not add additional challenge, it's just an annoyance.

Overall, this game is definitely a move in the right direction, thanks, BEG, and keep up the good work!

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