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Escape From Timber House Walkthrough

Escape From Timber House

BestEscapeGames - BEG Escape From Timber House is another point and click escape game developed by Best Escape Games. In Metropolis town, there is a neighbourhood close to the forest where the kids play there all the time. While the children playing baseball they hit the ball into their neighbour house. The timber householders are preparing to manoeuvres out for a shopping whereas the kid sneak into that house for looking out the ball. The child went upstairs without creating any noise where the householders already left the house by locking the door. The kid now found the ball but, once he came downstairs the door is already latched. Now the child stuck in that timber house and finding a way to escape him from timber house. Good luck and have fun!

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Morning all. Still on my first round.
Cloth used on end of sofa in end room.

(RE)HI meth & all other players ☺


thx for this game, BEG ☺

Lever goes on 3x3 grid one up from start.

nice scenery, but difficult to see stuff...

Use clue from lever one right from start. Highlight squares like you would read.

Doll takes 6 coins, for a VERY difficult to see clue.

On pink jigsaw, highlight then click boundary between two tiles to swap them.

I've got an awful lot of stuff and nowhere to put it.

fiddly pic puzzle in bottom left room, but very nice idea - gives coin

star symbol puzzle in room right of end was easy for me, as you get an increasing number of slots

Oh hi guys, late for the party... loading up.

didn't see a lever or even a doll yet...

Holy moly, I set my screen zoom to 175% and still can hardly make out all items and puzzles! :-o

Lever is in scene one up from start in symbols puzzle, use clue from start scene on left wall above sofa.

Can't find a picture puzzle in bottom left room. Or have I already done it? Surely my memory's not that bad!

Just found my second part of 4# clue in start scene in front of sofa.

sorry meth
it's bottom right room

Thanks AO. That's reassuring!

It ain't half difficult finding stuff here. Missing one tile for couples, one half black shape, places for various shapes in inventory.

oops, missed the kitchen

ah, doll from orange square grid

If I counted correctly doll needs 6 coins. But attention - that pic puzzle gives another coin which is more orange than dolls' coins.

Okay, I've been to every room now once. Now let's see how things go together, and only God knows how much stuff I've missed so far.

Clue paper from mask puzzle (after seeing scroll from doll) gives clue for the 6 squares in end room.

Well I must have missed stuff too, but I haven't found more on 2nd, 3rd, 4th ... rounds :-(

ah, the brown squares have a slightly brighter corner

POPO found last black piece below window in start room.

Good find meth, thanks!

Clue from using 5 black shapes combined with clue from sofa in top left room.

There's something bright below that window which is a red herring, I clicked on that a thousand times.

Key from compass directions used in right room. Now I'm doing a round of puzzles to find out what this strange clue has activated.

for dots in bedroom upstairs 2 rooms left of end
you need 2 hints - got key, now where was the keyhole again...?

Ah, you need the NESW clue from those symbols and the clue from the sofa (using cloth as meth wrote earlier). Use both in order in bedroom going up from far left room.

There's still another kind of those buttons in start scene.

There was a LR puzzle somewhere!

Clue from key and shapes in right room is for left right buttons.

ah, ok, thx meth

now to the ghost leg (it seems to be for the l/r puzzle, I suppose...)

In topmost room. Now let's see if I was right...

one step behind you meth ;-Þ

Puzzle for tile is in start scene. Btw: Have you done something with that butterfly picture???

left right in top room Merit.
Lots of progress suddenly. Blue pic and butterfly accounted for now.

Forget the question, solve the picture, use the symbol piece. ;-)

I was so sure the blue button would be for the clock :-/

Coin from butterfly is NOT for clock

Ah, diamonds in far right scene.

it wasn't a real ghostleg :-/

just look from top to bottom, if line is right or left

Blue button is used in rightmost room.

Diamonds lever is in room one right from start, between windows. Start at pink point.

Alpha, still in Escape-the-Men mode? ;-)

Diamond sliders number of clicks


Hm, thought book was a 4# clue but they are not active now (going up from forelast room to the right).

Puzzling over the book now.

can't open the b'fly, although I push the correct corners... :-/

Ah. It's for 4 buttons.

don't get your EM joke, merit...?
a bit annoyed now re b'fly...

Worked for me AO.
Coin is an sd

Eh - book is for the NESW thingy in start scene. I clicked until they lightened up but I think now there are Top Down Left Right, see which number is there.

Alpha, worked for me too.

The EM thing: We had a lot of thinking about that ghostleg paper there, and I thought about a ghostleg too when I saw the paper here.

acc. to VWT, it should open & yes, I click the correct corners - even resuming didn't help...! :-(

That's strange - lately you had some bugs others hadn't? Mainly here in BEG? :-(

haha, peeked into the VWT & now it worked

way behind you now, ppl...

Sorry AO.
I'd turned lights off in a room on the right.

What? Which room was that? Haven't seen a light switch.

Not that much further till you're out and all quite easy.
Thanks for the company. It's great to have the morning (ish) gang working together again.
Thanks BEG.

It was in a locked cabinet Merit. Got a key from something.

Okay, I have an orange button with nowhere to use and four dancing papers (needing a fifth).

Puzzles left for me:

4#, that keyhole, Star of David with pink thingies, skull with orange buttons. Orange button doesn't go the latter, no symbol on it.

Have you still got the coin Merit? or was that for the brown button?


I remember. For the clock.

LOL. See you later, got to go.

Man, I'm so dumb.

Things seem to fall in place now, lights are off.

thx merit & meth for your nice company ☺
great morning gang teamwork again!

Thanks meth for everything!

Okay, only Star of David left, can do that on my own. ;-)

Great game with no killer puzzles and in classical style and great company with the morning gang. What else could I want?

Thank you guys and thank you BEG.

Out indeed. CU next time!

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