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Real World Escape 197 - Chameleon Walkthrough

Real World Escape 197 - Chameleon

SniffMouse - Real World Escape 197: Chameleon  is another point and click room escape game developed by Sniff Mouse. You are locked in some room with chameleon who has lost his abilities to change his colors. Your target is to escape from the room by finding 12 sniffmouse icons. If you will help that chameleon then he will help you in this task. Good luck and have fun!

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Thanks Guntars!

(RE)HI all ☺

Yay, a live Sniffie!

thx Guntars for the game, I'm sure it will be great...! ☺

A live Sniffmouse - ty Guntars :)

I hope you will like it :)

1 Sniff in front of door.

Black key to the right of chameleon on the sofa.

2 Sniff in black key compartment.

Bunny inside mousehole.
Sneaky mouse on paper with ingredients.

3 Snff in egg chair (hint: search the mouse hole).

4 Sniff in flower stand with colors. (hint: egg in inventory.)

5 Sniff in compartment with numbers (hint: happy easter).

My hammer stuck to the screen!

Where to use the hammer. Thought on broken glass, but no.

Erasing letters from Happy Easter give number hint

6 Sniff in egg in inventory

7 Sniff on paper in inventory (right upper corner)

Fantastic Game!! Thank you Guntars!

Thanks, @Nomnivor von bücher verschlingen, for hammer on egg in inventory.

Monster has drink and gives colour hint

BBB not sure I tried on glass and it stuck in the middle of the screen?

8 Sniff from chameleon.

9 sniff from colour department (hint: chameleon teeth)

Not getting the arrows sussed from TV hint

Color hint (chameleon teeth) from bottom to top.

10 Sniff from compartment with crack.
11 Sniff from ff.

Perfect game and funny as usual!
Great music!
5 stars!
Thanks again Guntars!

@Zuleika Smith, look at the crack in the tv screen.

TV - follow the lines of the crack

12 Sniff under couch.

Thanks, Guntars!

Haha - posted at same time, but thanks Burgers : )

Last Sniff under sofa. Out.

Great game - thanks again Guntars!

Fantastic Game!! Thank you Guntars!

never found 12.hmmm

This comment has been removed by the author.

Look at the colours in "Sniffsung" on the TV, The crack shows Red Yellow rather than left right.

how could I miss the leaves at chameleon's twig...! ☻

opened l-r accidentally, don't see the connection to the TV hint clearly...

I see r-l-r-r-l but that isn't the solution...

How I enjoy being invisible!

Alpha, is it left/right or red/yellow?

Uncle Rim
I saw your comment & I took the crack with the letters, but I don't see the solution clearly
y-r-y-y-r d/w either...

Same trouble as Alpha. Have tried every combination to get the Y/R L/R arrows. No luck

Got it. I was clicking too fast. Had to hold each arrow down until it turned green.

thx Kim
but I don't see the connection of the crack to the letters...
first line is going to the right, so it should be yellow...?


for me, line only has 5 lines/moves

The line starts on the left which is red.

Well done Kim. I had to replay to further comment.

Good Game

ah, ok, thx Uncle Rim ☺

(not very logical for me to include start position, only when you count corners & not lines...)

Great game - thank you!

Great game, Guntars!

Very good game! Thanks everyone for the hints !

great game, thought R/L clue was a number 3

See chameleon? Lying there in the sun! All things to everyone.

Sniffsung!!! LOL!!! Thank you, nice game!

Sniffsung!!! LOL!!! Thank you, nice game!

great game!

3 stars


Okay so there’s Sniff1 right in front of the door as always.
No brainer.
Zero door handle action this time so you head off round the room.
Sniff2 seems a little more reticent than usual to appear as you scan the scenes.
Where is the little rascal?!
There he is on the steps.
No he isn’t.
That IS a poor starving little rodent but he isn’t a Sniff.
After some rather intense searching you discover there’s a black key behind the chameleon on the couch.
Now where’s that keyhole?
You turn right,.....
Right again.....
There it is and you happily grab the elusive Sniff2 and some cheese.
Well you’re not feeling peckish right now so you decide to be charitable to Stepmouse.
He’s so grateful for your generosity that he gives you the solutions to the rest of the puzzles in the game and you escape immediately.
Hold on.
Reality check.
What you actually have is a recipe.
Looks like you’re on an ingredient hunt.
(Note to self: Less rum in the glass whilst writing the next Sniffthrough)
You rapidly discover the red paint on the wall and the leaves on the chameleon’s stick but where the (expletive deleted) is the candy and from where are you expected to produce a magic cup?!
In desperation you go back to the mousehole to see if the ungrateful little rat can be persuaded to assist but you find only his answer service: The Easter Bunny.
OK Wabbit it’s interrogation time and you throw him into the chair.
One click later you have Sniff3 and an Easter egg.
Now we’re cooking!
No not eggs but at least it provides you (after suitable adjustment) with the clue to the puzzle by the door.
Sniff4, an eraser and magic cup in hand you set off to find what (or who) needs rubbing out.
That twee mural on the wall looks like it could use some adjustment and judicious use of your rubber rewards you with a 4# code.
This code is your passport to Sniff5 and a hammer.
Hammer time!
After whacking the bejasus out of every door, cupboard, panel, mirror, TV (you had high hopes for that one!) etc in the place you finally take a swipe at the egg which you’ve been carrying around in your inventory for ages.
Well blow me down there’s Sniff6 and the elusive candy.
Combination is easy if you follow the recipe and you hand your newly brewed elixir to the scaly character on the couch.
Well I’m not sure what you just gave him but it seemed to do the trick and whilst he does reward you with Sniff7 he really, REALLY needs to floss!
Mr Rottenteeth’s colour code conjures up Sniff8 and a rock which you just know you’re going to be hurling at something.
Whilst the TV and the mirror were very tempting you have much more success on the cabinet to the left of the TV and after grasping Sniff9 you rewire, well, something.
Aaaah it looks like you mended the TV.
Combining the red N, the yellow N and the zig zag line you open the arrow door to get the world famous Lippy which provides you with Sniff10.
Two rodents to go and you don’t seem able to locate either of the rascals.
Hold the phone.
Why are you still carrying that recipe around?
Ok there’s Sniff11 in the bag but where is the ff?
You decide to watch TV whilst waiting for inspiration to hit when it suddenly dawns on you.
Oh good grief!
It’s been staring you in the face!
Sniff12 snaffled by ffing the wall you say thank you to Guntars for another awesome game and exit, not forgetting to rate it at a bazillion Sniffs!

DiamondDave99 - Run Runaway!

Fantastic Job on the Sniff-through Austen! <3

@SR, no it's not it's boring. It's a look at me I'm edgy crap.

thanks Austen for the sniffthrough, it always makes me smile

thanks Austen for the sniffthrough, it always makes me smile

Thank you all for the great comments. Working on a next one!

Thanks Kim W could not find that last sniffie
Thank You for the great Walkthrough you clever man x

Had a barbie games advert going on a loop - not impressed. I suppose you have no control over the adverts that play, do you?

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