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Various Green Escape Walkthrough

Various Green Escape

Flatsan - Various Green Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Flatsan. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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an SD piece and a key till now

This one is a tuffy! I am at the same spot as you Dazz. LOL

Well I got nothing???? Tried several things but come up empty. LOL

For the discs, they are watch hands. Take the clue from the dolls and go earliest to latest. Look at the pictures, which one do you do first?

Brett you mean the sticky notes with times?

yes Bandy

start with coffee

I still don't get the order of the times right...

POP... the last possibility worked...

I am not getting that my self 9:00 would be before 15:00 ?

Not the times Bandy, the pictures on the times. You have coffee in the morning then read the mail etc. I think that was the order

It was a confusing clue...I agree

Ok I got it some how LOL

Got it Brett TY It was coffee,Mail and the 18:00 then the Tel.

Good grief this one is ruff. I put the card in pole and now what? LOL

       Anonymous  4/16/17, 8:34 AM  

Which side of the "pie" represents the hand?
Like 3:00 could be top right or bottom right.
Clear as mud? Waiting for spoiler

BF 105 for pole???

Look at "close" on the door it is the hint for the card

@Gayle dark wedge is the hands

15:00 is 3 oclock 21:30 is 12 :30 ect.

I am stuck in the next room:(

I am in closet but stuck again?

Backed out and now 26X3 showed up on wall ??

That's where I am at

I did not back out there is 2 rooms in closet! LOL

Hi Bandy, here after a long time ....
Just opened the cb right of owls (look at the eyes for letters)

owl not answer...

Hi Zazie long time no see !


Gut a remote and right man on screen has a red flag now. Now what ?

Levers open cb under 26 X 3 hint.

HAPPY EASTER to all! ☺

just starting - joining the stuck party ;-Þ

thx Flatsan for this game ☺

Stuck now with Zazie ? LOL

       Anonymous  4/16/17, 8:52 AM  

Sorry for being so dense, I'm still stuck
I have from t-b:
top left=9:00
top right=3:00
top and bottom left=6:00
bottom left=9:30

Zazie!!! Gday..

Ahh men have changed arm positions, follow the arms starting at the red flag.

Hi Leroy :-)

Thought the red flag clue would be for the pointer puzzle under 26 X3 hint but no go ??

Thanks Zazie I was going of my screen shot LOL

Got a cutter from wall cb in 2nd room, used on small cb in first room, SD part id in green wall compartment finally.

Gayle, I'm stuck at the same place with same answer. Spoiler, anyone?

Now what I have a 15 34 clue?

15,34 ?????

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  4/16/17, 9:00 AM  

laotzu! I'm glad I'm not the only one! lol

2 numbers 15 and 34 : first column, 5th row and 3rd column, 4rth row.

a k-nife now..
flag shows dirextion of arrow clue..

I think 26x3 is an order...15, 25, 34...tryng to work out where to place it on the grid

1st column 5th down

thinking 15,34 may have something to do with chart far left

26x3=78 as well

This comment has been removed by the author.

And out !
Look at where is number 26 on the left wall panel and click it 3 times lol.
Funny game !

Mondo i get nothing

26 is second column and 6th row.

Zazie you mean left of sticky notes ?

       Anonymous  4/16/17, 9:06 AM  

Thanks bandy, but it's still not working :(

out too.

Bandy on the left most wall chart in first room, it is clickable once you have found the 13, 34 hint in the cb.

And out! WOW what a great game! Thanks for all the help!!!!

circle hours

spoilers above are wrong



yes left of sticky notes, sorry.

ty Zazie :),never want to return lol

Let me replay and see if I can get a screen shot of the times.

ty Zazie :),never want to return lol

yeah clue for grid is 26 X 3

YW Linda !

OH Gosh sorry guys Thanks AO for the corretion I will delete

Gayle, I'm stuck at the same place with same answer. Spoiler, anyone?

26 X 3 similar to 15 and 34, not to give too much away.

don't see the connection between 15, 34 & 26 & the grid...

Spoiler for times. http://imgur.com/a/pjWVw

Ao 15 13 not sure why that was in there? 26 X 3 Just means second row and 6 down click 3x's

The screen shot I made was just before I clicked ok to open so set it that way and click ok.


15 first column 5th row
34 3rd column 4th row

& thx bandy ☺

Anytime I guess it was just a second hint LOL

Thanks all for great help ! good game !

Hi Zazie and happy to "read" you again :)

1 star, have tried all possible combinations with brute force and it still does not work.

Zazie how did you get the remote?

Needed the lever settings and they were right in front of my face! Out.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Don't know if someone already said this...

With regard to the clock face puzzle. The sequence of the clock faces comes from the layers of the sticky notes. For example, 18:00 is the lowest layer and 15:00 the highest.

Oh, thank you, Noel! That's logical, of course. I didn't believe obscure explanations "what I do first in the morning" etc., I'm never having coffee as the first thing, and what was the TEL (telephone? television?) and the 18:00 supposed to be a stylized laying person? Couldn't believe that that's the solution. Layer positions, of course.

Welcome, punnivinn.

That was excellent, a real little 5-star game! Needed a bit more help as I didn't understand the owl eyes, feeling ashamed again. The rest was just fun with some thinking.

i came back this morning to see if someone could explain the last part 15,34 clue

are you supposed to click on those columns spot? because i did and nothing happened i tried sliding them nothing again. watched a youtube walkthrough it didn't have sound so i could not tell if it clicked on anything.... anyway i can't get that last clue! help please!

15 first column 5th row
34 3rd column 4th row

i see that above..... what are you supposed to do with them? clicking and sliding on them don't do anything

ah now i finally got it! then click on 2nd column 6th row 3 x!

Head scratcher game that's for sure. Really takes some thought. Liked it a lot.

Bandy, uhmm, what does "ect" mean?

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