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Walk For The Magical Crystal Escape Walkthrough

Walk For The Magical Crystal Escape

BestEscapeGames - BEG Walk For The Magical Crystal Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Best Escape Games. King Charles is worried about his wife. To get her cured, he need to find out the magical crystal. So, he announced his kingdom that find out that crystal to cure his wife. One day he came to know the place of the crystal, he is so confident that he can cure his wife. Help him to find out the way to get the crystal by using the magic wand. Collect the objects and solve the puzzle to get the magical crystal. Good luck and have fun!

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I'll finish the Mirchi later and hope for the morning gang to show up here (including everyone who has ever played a game in any morning).

Oh, and again as not everyone seem to know: Game only loads when you turn your adblocker off, when it's loading you can turn it on again to avoid in-game ads. There's no hint about this.

Bright and colourful scenery, looks nice but could make things harder to be found.

Fern in middle of start scene looks like a huge spider when zoomed out. :-/

For those who tend to miss new scenes in BEG: From start scene you can go further by clicking on space below rock bridge. ;-Þ

Hey, I've just seen that there is the good old map arrow in top right of screen! :-D
Maybe it's the first step to the return of the classical games.

In 3rd scene ladybugs (3 orange, 1 red so far) go on hat of big pink mushroom, butterflies (1 so far) go on the big pink flower.

I've put a blue ball into the jar I got from scene 3.

(RE)HI merit & all other players ☺

ditto here with Mirchi

thx BEG for this game ☺ (loading...)

Hi Merit. You seem lonesome here. Just loading now.

Very slow loading here. Let's hope it means there are good graphics.

In scene 6 the goal of the puzzle in tree is to find two buttons matching the things or maths in the middle. Play it like a memory game. For the snake thing mouse and eagle are needed.

Hi meth, yes, game has 10 scenes and is the closest so far to those good old classical ones. Watch out for gazillions of ladybugs.

Still in collecting mode though.

Ha Merit. You're not going to let us forget missing that arrow are you? ;-)

Well... would you if you were me? ;-)

Right click to halt a bee in its progress and it's easier to pick it up.

nice scenerey/graphics, but it makes stuff harder to find...

Ah, hi Alpha. So here we are.

Don't suppose I would! Got the red green blue 4 buttons by chance with red "arms" pointing down and up.

Spotted eggs go to right tree in forelast scene.

Key I picked up quite early fits into chest in last scene.

metallic red magic ball for hand

Hi all, 2 bees for hive, give golden flower

Sneaky! In scene 6 I found a pupa by chance somewhere near the purple crystal on the left tree. Click it to get a butterfly.

This is much more like the old 8G exploration. I like the change.

Put red flowers on lily pad to turn them gold.

ladybugs go on big pink shroom in scene with the 2 star slots (stars from placind diamonds on frogs, missing the other...)

4 blue, 7 orange, and 9 red ladybugs are still not enough.

Eyes go onto statue in 3rd scene down.
Thanks for the pupa hint, I hadn't checked and thought it was a pear.

Hi yvonne btw!

change colour of red flowers into gold on lily pad

Somewhere there was a circle hint with colour order (not hard to see), this is for start scene.

Do you have all red/golden flowers by now? If so, I have missed one.

blue-orange-red shrooms in big statue scene are now active (amount of placed ladybugs?)

Just realised what to do with the 10 brown button puzzle ... to start at least, but wondering about the snake clue.

POPO. What does a snake eat?...

Meth, that was impossible to explain properly. As I wrote: rat - snake - eagle.

I've missed one red flower to merit.

In scene 6 I found on the right tree some slots, one for my lonesome strawberry. The others could be mushroom and acorn, not sure about that.

You need 4 blue, 7 orange and 9 red ladybugs and then use that as how many times to click the 3 mushrooms.

Alpha, you were right with the big mushrooms. Click them as many times as according to number of ladybugs. And there's the second diamond,

Second star gave a blue button called puzzle piece

Hadn't seen your snake clue Merit. Got it though in the end (not v bright this morning.
Four pink balls go on crystals.

Just wait till I'm missing the obvious.

Btw, I have three stones zoomed in, nothing so far fits to them.

Blue button from stars go to the flowers in the circle in scene 6. We need another blue one and a red one.

Magic wand is used on the 4 stones in inventory and on the log and on the flower.

Hey, just found a 4th stone below that left mask in scene 8.

thx ppl re clicking shrooms
oh, not again a glitch for me :-(
can't do it right...!

Bob, where did you get the wand?

I'm left here with the stones and a jar I put one ball in.

Alpha, maybe you clicked one already when zooming in?

Puzzle in the scene with the hand is not difficult.

http://imgur.com/a/NimzB (bottom right green 1 up)

Use the wand in the magic water you get from that puzzle.

Magic wand you get from that rotating puzzle with blue, red and violet buttons.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Just saw I had forgotten about the 3 symbols from hand (used on puzzle in 9th scene) which gave me four balls, and I have a clue with 4 symbols from 9th scene

I have the bees but I have to look where to put the four balls now and the symbols. Need two more eyes too.

4 balls go on 4 crystals.

And a bird and a round puzzle piece for scene 7, just to say.

Balls for the crystals in scene 5. This gives colour clue for scene 4.

Thanks Bob, right now things are running again. Till I'm stuck again...

Red button from colours, blue and violet are almost the same.

I'm hopelessly behind you guys. Among other things I'd missed a mushroom hiding behidn tree trunk in scene 4.

Thanks meth, didn't have that too.

Can't find the 4 symbols puzzle. Missing a golden/red flower, two eyes, a bird, a butterfly puzzle piece...

don't worry meth
I had to go afk a bit, so I'm way behind, too...

2nd eye on that tree trunk where you found shroom


2 balls in jar give 3rd eye for big statue

Holy Moly, just found the last red flower in scene 3, left of blue mushroom - small but in plain sight!

Just found that eye! It's my 3rd. Gives circle for red blue purple puzzle, gives wand! At last.

I'd forgotten where that 4 symbol puzzle was for a bit. It's in 9th scene.

Last bird for last butterfly piece. Rotating! :-o

no chance for me with the clicking shrooms - oh, alas, not the first glitch for me, resuming didn't help - CU ppl in another game ☺

Sorry See you AO. Hexagons puzzle is quite easy.
Now I've got a bowl of green gloop.

And an even more magic magic wand.

Ah, I remember. That blue crystal in 10.

How you doing Merit?

Thanks for the game BEG and for the company people. Almost back to the old days!

Oh, pity, Alpha. :-(
I cheated with the butterflies... now have three eyes.

Meth, just in the good old times, LOL:

Then you're almost done, I think.

LOL Merit, Plus ca change!

If I ever can swap those two petals, yes.

I was in that exact same position. Only took about 3 or 4 moves from there.

Ha, got the wand now.

Used it on the four stones - and I was about an hour looking for a puzzle! Man!

So now you need to find all those items you could do nothing with.

And yes, I too had snipped what I had thought was a clue, and went off looking for the puzzle.

Now for the hexagons - thanks God I had clicked that flower so often for nothing that I knew it was the right one for the wand.

Visitor just arrived, so I'm off. See you Merit.

been doing my head in for ages thinking there must be another stone but could i find it - merit glad i refreshed chat and read the lates comments lol

any ideas what happens with the lump of wood in ladybird scene?

Either I was lucky or there are several possible solutions for the hexagons.

And out. Now look, I was the first one here and the last one out. ;-)

Thank you all for helping and company, hope there will be more games like this and some getting even closer to the old classical ones. Thanks BEG.


where can i get the second ball for jar?

oh this is starting to do my head in back and forwards got loads of bits n pieces here n there lol

moneyboy, the first was in one of the first two or three scenes, either in plain sight or hidden behind a bush or something like that. The second one came later from a puzzle, I think from the rotating butterflies.

thanks merit, i'm obviously missing something then somewhere as i seem to be stuck i'll go trawl through the comments in case there's something somewhere i've not seen!

i need an eye, need the butterfly piece for puzzle, blue piece for the disc puzzle, best game in a while but losing the will with it lol

I liked the game, but for me the lagging and freezing was too much

One sneaky eye was in front of an orange crystal.

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