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Escape from Arcade Mall Walkthrough

Escape from Arcade Mall

BestEscapeGames - BEG Escape from Arcade Mall is another point and click escape game developed by Best Escape Games. Try to escape Henry from arcade mall soon. Henry is a young man living in Moscow together with his friends. He spends his weekend by shopping with his friends for several hours and have dinner outside in his favorite restaurant. But, this weekend his friends went to their homes for the upcoming Easter festival. So, Henry also booked an evening flight to his home state Texas. But, before getting into the airport, he desired to purchase a few dresses for the Easter in the nearby arcade mall. Henry went to the mall and spend several hours as usual that is already closing time. Over an hour later, the mall security closed the mall without noticing him inside the trial room. Now Henry has compelled to find out the way to escape from arcade mall and catch his flight on time. Good luck and have fun!

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Ah, finally. Loading up.

Morning all. Going in now.

Looks good! :-)

Number puzzle in scene right from start seems solvable but I think I'll have a collecting walk first.

I'll call the rows on map bottom (incl. start, with 5 scenes), middle, and top.

Bottom row, left scene: some puzzle clues, the V clue is used in middle row, right scene, on stand with glasses.

The numbers in the exit scene are going to take some time.

(RE)HI merit & meth & all other players ☺

let's go shopping...! ☻

thx BEG for this game ☺

Christmas tree in that room is somewhat... strange in May.

Picked up a sandal somewhere in bottom row. It matches to the other in middle row, left scene. Gives a symbol clue.

That blue puzzle with ballon and thunders seems to be a kind of minesweeper. The clouds stay when you are blown up, so it might be a matter of trial and error.

Top row, right room: in the hexagon-shaped puzzle you can move the shapes to left and right AND to opposite slot when it's empty. You can't go to the central slot.

I don't know if I was unlucky on how I started the number puzzle, but I'm having to send practically every button the "long way round">

ah, these are keyholes on pentagon...! ☻
had several different keys & no place to use them

ditto here meth - still on it...

like the tune btw, so propulsive

Done the numbers at last. You just need to be organised and not try for shortcuts.

Now I've lost the thread rather. Back to the game.

Finished my first round, done some things so far. Now I'll have to put things together and have to find that pentagon for my keys. And the number puzzle...

Got 5 keys but none of them fits to that drawer in top row, middle room

LOL, quiet here, so everybody on number puzzle now I bet ;-Þ

Found a keyhole at last in top row middle scene but not one of my keys fits it ;-/

Ah, found the pentagon. Keyholes look like sickles.

& finally got that number puzzle, too - now have assembled time paper, but clock hands won't move...

also missing one item of each (2 stars)...

Seems we need five gift boxes for pentagon room.

All the clues I was holding in my memory have evaporated now. I'll have to find them again :-(

doh - didn't solve number puzzle properly, now clock is working

Got last box from candies (one came from pentagon, the other from numbers/arrows)

Meth, you still trust your memory? I've left that stage years ago. Screenshots are my best friend.

Colour/symbols from boxes give last candle for a lever clue.

Minesweeper is easy in the end, because the lightning clouds stay in position once you hit them.

Levers (bottom row, 2nd scene) give a pink bag. Had the same before and it went to a slot somewhere in top row.

You see, I try to avoid the numbers as long as possible. ;-)

on pipe puzzle now, but somehow it seems pretty illogical for me...

Now the moment of truth is there. :-/

I tend to just have one snip on the go at a time Merit and I get too lazy to write things down. False economy.

ah, after pink button is filled, you can control your progress

I never take notes, as it's not possible when lying in bed when playing ;-Þ

always only use my beloved snipping tool

Has anyone used the phone?

yep, meth

there's a slot in one of the scenes, sorry can't back off from pipe puzzle now

You need eagle eyes to play this game.

Pressed the pink button on the pipes and it seems to be showning me where I am right or wrong.

from start scene, go right and left to use the phone.

Oh, what a pain!!!

I can't back out of the puzzle either to look for that slot. Keep having to wait for the pink button.

pipe puzzle


I thought I'd be smart as hell and started doing the numbers from 17 downwards to avoid meth's problem with going the long way round. Guess what.

Thanks Roberto.
Didn't realise that I needed to place blue pipes on the tiles that are already outlined.

F*CK! I'm almost done except for 2 and 3 to be swapped. I swear I'll end up having everything messed up.

Progress. After pipes puzzle get a key for room where phone goes.

I opt for the wrong path out of the central lobby every single time!

battery goes at same place as cellphone

Are the things you click laggy for everyone else in this game?

Where did you find the second square for pipes. 1st comes from candles.

I know it's completely embarrassing but could one of you smart guys look at my pattern and tell me how to get out of the trap? Thanks so much.

After the pipes puzzle it's pretty much a matter of picking up each "last item" in turn until you get the exit key.

Thanks for the game BEG and for the company everyone.

I think you only needed one square Roberto.

sorry, but I guess you need redo it from the begiing.


I landed up with two out of position like that Merit. I think my equivalent move was to send the two all the way round clockwise. Got in a mess, but eventually it came out right.

thx for the nice teamwork & company, guys ☺

lookin at your snag.gy, merit & the only idea I have is for you to have courage to mess up...

keep moving number 1 to the right all around.

No meth, that didn't work. Thank you though... :-(

Thanks methanwy!


I can't even cheat because in the walkthrough there's another start pattern than in my game. So I will red X to save my mental insanity. Bummer as it was a really good game to that point.

Thank you though BEG, and thank you guys for trying to help me!

LOL, merit - to save your mental insanity...?! ;-Þ


Oh dear, saw it now. Seems it was already too late!

Haha Merit!

Numbers disappear every time I attempt the circular puzzle. After ten tries it's definitely big red 'X' time.

BTW BEG it was much easier today with 1 click picking up of items. I much prefer that to the zoom in, pick up, zoom out method with hotspots left behind.

Nice game, but like Meritneith, the circle of numbers inspired a red X. I think I probably would have gotten it eventually, but simply don't have the time.
Maybe BEG should consider a SKIP button for the lengthier puzzles.

I give up.....I have the number puzzle done. I have completed the paper pieces for the clock clue but I cannot get the clock to work. It is completely non-responsive and I have nothing else left in my inventory although plenty of things to complete so I guess I am dependent on the faulty clock.

Can't find last watch, knife, or pipes square.

you need the other clock hand from number puzzle

last watch came from placing cell phone & battery in their corresponding slots

pipe square came from adjusting clock

last knife came from placing all lipsticks

I played for a long time)) It's good that there was a time. Polpasa only twisted the numbers) But the whole game went by herself)

Fabulous game- not one but two mega puzzles (pipes and particularly the 1,2,3 numbers).

Best BEG for some time. 5 starts from me- loved it

that number puzzle was amazing, hardest one ive ever run into. took some abstract thinking for me. Not done with game, but I feel very accomplished, lol

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