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Save The Daizy Girl From Well Escape Walkthrough

Save The Daizy Girl From Well Escape

BestEscapeGames - BEG Save The Daizy Girl From Well Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Best Escape Games. Can you help daizy father to save the daizy girl from well. Daizy is a small girl, who lives in a small village with her father. The village has suffered water scarcity for the last few months and went to the next village for water. In the morning, she went to the next village for water and reached the well. While she looked into the well to check the water level, she got slipped and fell into the well with the bucket. The bucket is handled by a switch close to the water, that pulls the bucket up automatically but, there is no one around there to help her. After a few hours, daizy father began to search for her in the forest. Can you help daizy father by using the clues and puzzles and save the daizy girl from well. Good luck and have fun!

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Loading up. Apparently another cartoon. :-/

This comment has been removed by the author.

Joining you, meritneith

(RE)HI all ☺

just starting...

thx for this game, BEG ☺

ah, the famous medieval tune

....put my 'place' disc on the well in starting scene...just stuck there and now on every screen (can't take back) big glitch :(

*lots of place type discs

well, tiny tiny stuff to collect...

Oh, some "non-regular live" players here, nice! Hi!

There's a clue paper hidden in the back of the door you pick up in start scene.

Game is bugged. Can't open again chess board to add more pieces. Same with paper pieces.

reloaded and 'continued', now all back in inventory :)

ah, they recycled the living room scene

same here Siouxzana McEwan, and now discs disappeared and I have some empty slots in inventory.
I hope this discs will come back...

use jug on tube in front of house in second scene...

first you place the half animal tiles, then the assembled ones at animal puzzle

Some phone calls and I'm behind. I tried the same with the disks, you get them back when you quit the game (by menu) and continue.

This comment has been removed by the author.

tricky piece of paper on the vase, right for the lamp, front of window.

In bottom row house, fireplace scene, there's a clue paper piece on the vase on right edge which can be missed easily.

Chess board works for me, btw.

what's the goal of the golden puzzle in radio/gramophone scene?

Map of the world is very very broken- it doesn't have New Zealand on it and I promise you we ARE here!

AO- if that was the one you rotate the various segments of after placing 2 handles, then you don't need a picture to do it, just a pattern patching exercise

Alpha, do you have the 2nd "clip"? I don't.

Fireplace room...slider type circle puzzle - can rotate and move outer ring 'into gap'...but can't move pieces inwards/out?

POP, forget it. Skull button on hole in same scene.

Can't do anything there, Siouxzana, did you put something into the puzzle?

@Siouxzana McEwan, you can move a whole row.

I think the yellow puzzle might give us a # or letter clue. We had that before ages ago.

golden puzzle in radio/gramophone scene

...BBB can rotate whole outer row clockwise/anti or move one at a time...but can't move inwards?

Thanks for the snaggy!

I mean a whole row inwards. Click opposite of the gap.

yes Meritnieth, from putting 2 fish in door

the arrow paper is for 5 medals in most right scene

yes- that was the golden puzzle we were both taking about!

...BBB, you're awesome!

...but that was not easy!

Okay, thanks, still far behind. I have spent another hour to find the keyhole for the key from yellow puzzle: hidden panel on wall above the viking guys slots

...and that gives you the last piece of puzzle paper

purple button goes in fireplace scene

oh, my, this is another PITA puzzle, CU tomorrow...! :-/

In case someone has issues with the chess pieces:

Just change the bottom piece to pawn.

the place discs will eventually go on the just have to wait for it :)

Hm, the button from the fish (finally...) went to the 6 symbol puzzle, not to that outside-inside thing (both in same scene)

Oh, NOW I'm at that puzzle... :-/

...sorry, but definitely a chain of events from that. I'm not very helpful...I'm usually behind and very greatful for all the hints that you, AlphaO, Hotzen etc all place :)

...sorry, but definitely a chain of events from that. I'm not very helpful...I'm usually behind and very greatful for all the hints that you, AlphaO, Hotzen etc all place :)

oh, pretty proud of myself that I could solve the green/blue button puzzle in half the time as thought ☻

spanner for outlet, then place wire

Well Alpha, I'm cheating and followed the w/t for some minutes to see them resetting. ;-)
Now once again.

For those who want/have to cheat too: the second attempt starts at about 9:45.

red button slider


bottom ones 1 step up, top button 1 step from top

It's not a difficult puzzle at all. Make sure you use the rotating thing and making the gap change places wisely. And for the last step put a blue already on a inner circle outside again.

oops, map suddenly opened, but took a before placing last tile

Start laughing. They resetted again at 12:24. Holy moly, that's a game itself. But I can't do it on my own.

Third try.

thx ppl for your nice company & your hints ☺

now to Mirchi...

Finally. Man!

Before you're all out: thanks for good advice and being more clever than me!

Finally out. Thx for help. Hard game

After facing the map puzzle I went out by red X. I didn't want to follow another screwed up walkthrough.

BEG, thanks for the game, but if you post a walkthrough maybe you could use a cutting tool to avoid people running into the trap a few times? And I think we all wouldn't mind to find a classical game soon. :-)

& again, how about a skip button...?!

Hey Friends, the game has updated without any bugs. sorry for this time bug. Play and leave your opinions.
thank you all.

Game bugged for me. Not restarting, but thanks for fixing it BEG.
In-games ads :-( Don't like them at all.

Well I'm still missing the upper left corner of paper clue!

paper pieces

- bottom left side of right house
- bottom right side of right house
- inside right house on desk next to lamp where vase is (window scene)
- inside right house in fish slot scene, under window
- from blue/green buttons puzzle
- in left house, on green armchair
- in left house, on purple couch

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