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June 25, 2017

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Amajeto Cocktail Bar 3 Walkthrough

Amajeto Cocktail Bar 3

Amajeto - Amajeto Cocktail Bar Escape 3 is another point and click room escape game developed by Amajeto. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape from the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Monday morning, new Amajeto. Yeah.

Hi, i'm still looking at the colors and the numbers

Hi Kerstin so do I (those bar scene Amajetos always get me). If I count the pillows I only need three numbers.

Yes. I can't find the left/right code either.

I hang up quickly wash, I hope we have then help. see you soon

And I got a phone call right now. :-(

Got it. Left/right code is where you put the puzzle pieces.

good found, thx

Stuck with four letters and square.
What about umbrellas, coffee, pint, shaker? Every word contains letters out of "cocktails".

Back again. Let's see about the LR now.

What about pint + umbrella?

If you know it it stings right into your eyes. Thanks silberdenkel!

Behind doors 2 and 8.

Laugh, I would have to update before writing

Got the four letters! We should have found four items with words on it (cup, shaker, sign, and the cocktail umbrellas). Use first letters and anagram.

I didn't refresh too. ;-)

colors: add glaces on 1,2,3,4 tables
ex: red+ yellow = O

Oh dear. You are right. Thx.

Colors, drinks on the tables mixed

Still missing the square and the blue/pink/green riddle.

thc pierpor

Silberdenkel, same for me. Let's see, we have the pillows: 2 blue, 6 pink, 4 green (don't miss the one on chair).

I also counted the lines on the blinking cocktail sign. No idea.

I tried to multiply the pillows by the numbers of the tables (e.g. table 2, two blue pillows, counted four). Nothing.

Silberdenkel, did that before I saw the pillows at all. ;-)

(RE)HI all ☺

still live?

thx for this game, Amajeto ☺

Totally stuck. I will leave. Have a nice day.

Pity, silberdenkel. Thanks so far.

Yes Alpha, help is needed badly.

for three color number count all pillows...

Adding up the neon tubes of both cocktail signs didn't help either.

Count all pillows for each table. Table 1: 4 pillows, table 2: ....

Unknown, how? There are two blue pillows, six pink ones, and four green ones (incl. the chair). How do we make a 4# out of three numbers?

table no 1, how many pillows? be color blind :)


Thanks mad0 and unknown, I think we all overthought that. Mean!

I hoped to get a clue for the 4x4 grid from tablet but it only showed the colour mixes and the word which we all got on our own.

Okay, zoom into keycard.

Take card back out and look at it for clue to square

i think the grid clue did have something to do with tablet. take a closer look at inventory

well.. i'm out, if anyone needs any more help

Easily the WORST IN-GAME CLUE EVER :P ... re: the cushions

Out now too. Thanks to all staying with and helping me, and thanks Amajeto for another great game with a very mean twist.

So much for those complaining their games were all the same.

ah, TV only gives hints for puzzles I already solved ☻

thx ppl for the hints & Amajeto for a tricky game ☺

& hi Guru, LTNS...!

Just want to say my multiplying idea would have been a sneaky puzzle idea too. ;-)

btw, is down for you, too?

tried that, too merit ☻

Yes, is down. Bummer, hope they only have an update or so.

Hey all.... Yeah, me been busy as hell with my research proj. over on UTOOB :P .... BUT, I have made time for some really cool games like Inside, RiME, Little Nightmares, The Witness, etc ;) ... If anyone has others like these, let me know ... Cheers

Take card back out and look at it for clue to square

thanks for many help

Back to look for help. Still don't get the cushion thing. Colour blind???
Are there single and double cushions??? *sigh*

POP Got it.

An idea for gray squares
picture! or
X - x etc
thank you

Came back to see silberdenkel's reaction to that simple solution of the pillows. ;-)

escapegames, there is indeed a picture in the game itself: You should have a keycard for the tablet. Zoom into that (take it out of tablet if necessary) and see the clue. You get the keycard by opening the 4# drawer (count pillows as mentioned above).

Sorry, I have deleted my screenshots. Hope that helps.

My card disappeared.

Totally missing the clue to 4letter word. cup(coffee?)-umbrella-sign(beer?(pint?(glass?)))-shaker makes no sence to me. I'm not a native english speaker and probably missing something in this set.

The pillow puzzle was IMHO ridiculous, the rest was good as usual.

zanuda with chainsaw, for the 4-letter puzzle: you see those four "pictograms" on the screen after you've inserted the card in the reader. You can find those four objects (or the images of them) the pictograms show, scattered in the room. Take the initials of the words written on those objects, in the order they appear on the screen. That should spell out a four-letter word for you.



Strangely, I found this the easiest Amajeto ever and completed it in a few minutes with no help. I usually struggle even with help!

It was easy after figuring out pillows.

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