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July 11, 2018

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Clock Escape Walkthrough

Clock Escape

[REPLAY] RiddleEscape - Clock Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game by RiddleEscape (also formerly known as Yomino Kagura). In this game, you are trapped inside a cozy room. Walk away from the comfortable warmth of the fireplace and escape by exploring the room in order to find items an hints to solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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This was hard but well worth playing

To get started, find the fireplace poker and use it to get something that is up high.

Stuck with magnet. Found that one light is S and all others are N. Don't know what that means.

The paper with the grid needs to be changed to reveal the true clue.

There is a sneaky letter puzzle on the cabinet with the mugs. Above the locks on the RHS.

The knob in the mug cabinet goes on the drawer above the safe.

For the puzzle in the drawer above safe, use the magnet on all the lights to find the one that is S. Then that will be the position on the puzzle in the opposite corner to the N square. now that you have your orientation, you need to match the height of the lights in the room with the puzzle places. (Easier said than done!)

Just started and totally stuck. I got the box with the fire poker but don't know what to do with it. I thought the clue might be the lights but there are 8 lights and only 7 buttons on the box. Please help.

Dang! There's another room. I didn't sign up for this!

Clue for the box on the chair

Thanks @Gorby. I didn't see that!

I'm guessing the red/white mugs are the clue for the box in the second room, but have now idea how to use them.

Just press buttons as rows show: where 1 red, where 2, and so on

Stuck at final (I presume) riddle with clock. Know values for all symbols, but dont understand what to set on clock.

gorby, once you convert the symbols to numbers, you must then convert the numbers to the proper amount of minutes and seconds...there will be more than 60 minutes and 60 seconds(which increases the amount). ;)

The candelabra puzzle is murder.

tough candelabra puzzle in table drawer (knob at cups)

Need clue for red cups/buttons.

Hi Alpha. Any clue for red/cups/buttons?

don't forget to take the (burnable) rope

do the maths & mix colours as per little pic at dice puzzle

hi noel
I'm not there yet...

hint for symbols on clock btw


- P -
- G -
- Y -

brick buttons hint at fireplace

oh, a new room...!

had to mute that clock sound...

oh, found a trapdoor in bottom right room corner in clock view (by clicking around)

magnet is also useful this time

& now the cups make sense

start with the bottom shelf (all cups white) then increasing number of red cups, click as per order 1-5

e.g. first button to click is the one in the middle

Got it, finally. Thanks for trapdoor, AO. Missed it!

YW noel ☺

red buttons click order



handle from red buttons go on white trapdoor next to fireplace, then use rope & attach it

never been happy with my spatial orientation - can't get the symbols in right order... :-/

I can't get them too. I tried many things. From number of wings to number of petals and leaves, and so on. I even tried the order in which they appeared in the game. No luck.

ah, it's the height of each symbol in the room


snowflake at bottom


From top to bottom.

finally got tough symbol maths & then time converting





350 seconds = 5 minutes 50 seconds
90+5 minutes = 1 hour 35 minutes
8+1 hours

now that was a toughie - excellent game that finally required some thinking

thx RE & ppl for the hints ☺

Thanks, Alpha

The clock kept ticking even after I left the room. Eerie. Then thankfully the piano came.

very good game, thanks Dean for your hints

ugh.. again I can't play. Says web game designer allocated too much memory to WebGL AGAIn!!!!

Is it bad that I totally cheated my way through that whole game?

What's the deal with WebGL? Never heard of it. How do I load the game?? Any mirrors? Thanks, love this developer.

A very hard one for me, had to resort to the video on more than one occasion. Really enjoyed it, excellent game.

Had to look at walkthrough to get the candle box right. If we're meant to put the S candles opposite from the N on the box, then the solution is backwards. The S candles in the video walkthrough (and in my game) were at the N position.

       Anonymous  7/7/18, 9:09 AM  

caught this one, because Room's Room alias RiddleEscape alias Yomino Kagura ☻ has recently released a remake for Android & iOS devices
therefore I decided to post the game as a replay with the added app links

ありがとう for all your creations, Yomino ☺

This game still rocks.

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