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Haunted Doors Escape Walkthrough

Haunted Doors Escape

Melting-Mindz - Haunted Doors Escape is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting Mindz. Enter the dark puzzle world where unlocking one door only leads to another that must be unlocked. Can you solve all of the puzzles and escape the madness? Good luck and have fun!

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Stuck on 6.
Thought the answer would be 'eye'

Nvm, needed another kind of letter.

You need things from previous stages on 9.

I'm thoroughly stuck on door nine. Using the clue from the previous level gives me TYPJVN. Any hints?

Count (use the sentence).

Stuck on 10, my screwdriver won't work and I can't find the place to use the hints from the book.

Oops, I meant I'm stuck on door 8

Sorry that was 8 I think.
Nine is using the 3 red letters to make them numbers.

Thanks, Bob. Now stuck on 10 with you.

I moved on. You can find a crowbar on stage 3.

Was just commenting to tell you same! Thanks.

stuck on five. a through g doesn't work.

eemr - try A through H on the sign above

Can't find orb jar to escape level 12. There must be a pixel somewhere I'm missing

dammit thru door 1 LOL

Orb jar on bike (front) after solving 4 # puzzle

Pixel found on motor bike.

But I was able to collect the upper orb before I had the jar and now I can't get 10 orbs

room 2 meant to be black??

I think I need a lighter or matches on 17. Can't find them.

Okay, found another orb and through

Light switch is on left middle - wait for cursor to change

This comment has been removed by the author.

TY found it..

duh. Thanks coach. I didn't look close enough

Tab key works ;)

for 4 look above door 1

Kitty - 4 uses the red and pink clue from level one

Lighter in left drawer by bed

Nvm, was looking in previous stages (and found a token I forgot on 14), but the lighter is in 17.

Bob - use SD on drawer for lighter in 17

Excellent game!

Thank you all, but already found the lighter.
Don't know the answer for 20 and I see I need 5 tokens and only got 4.

You'll get your 5th when you answer questions. What black animal is bad luck?

I'm missing one token - arrghh!

stuck in 8 with SD and skull token..

Janet - did you use SD on lower left panel in 14?

Let me play again Leroy and I'll see if I can help.

Nvm step back LOL

Thank you very much @Coach B. I'm out now, very good, different kind of game.

@Janet. I missed the one in a panel on 14 and I remember one behind another window/panel in an early stage and one in a globe.

Thank you! That was the one I missed - out now. great game.

This comment has been removed by the author.

(the panel in 14)

Count again @Carm C. If T=9 then S=8 etc.

So stuck on 4:/

Kimbo - use the blue and red clue from over door in level one. I had to leave room and come back in for it to work

For 4, look above the door in Level 1

Oh, for crying out loud…use caps in 6.

Thanks but I don't see where to enter a clue lol. Pink and blue crystal balls, something behind blinds, locked door and I have a crowbar.

Cannot figure out level 6, any help appreciated!

Kimbo - click the red and blue crystal balls

Callie - what do you mail a letter in?

Coach I have been, I'll refresh because nothing is clickable there. Thanks

Callie think letter box !

Stumped on 9. Tried numbering the red letters using P=9, but that doesn't work.

T = 9

Mrs. Mom - Clue is T=9 in my game

Oh. omg **headdesk**

By the way SD, thanks for an excellent game. I really enjoyed this and appreciate you making it.

My crystal balls are broken even on refresh. Lol

Do you have your sound on? mine didn't look different when clicking them, just heard a sound

Kimbo, maybe try going back a level and then back to 4 to reset them?

will say SD if the sentence persisted in 8 make it easier to count LOL

Looking for number clue for 12. Tried number out of book.

Kimbo click according colors order (you don't see the "clicks" but it works)

Mrs Mom get a pillow for desk LOL

Really enjoyed this game SD. Had trouble finding my last orb, but other than that I thought the level of difficulty was perfect.

Thanks for the game!

Look at bike license plate

Lurker, look at license plate

thanks for panel in 14

Coach thank you, it worked!!

Glad to hear it Kimbo!

I have to say, this is the old Escapegame24 feel I miss. Asking for hints when needed and no outright answers to spoil for others.

Thanks guys! Thought that was another orb.

Excellent game thanks !
and great help here thanks all !

yeap Coach I miss some mighty old games..
Used to write WT for the better ones..

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm never this stuck on these games, I'm not understanding the hints to letter clue in 8...t=9, but I'm lost. Use sentence on door or red star letters?

For sentence on door, which letter is the 9th? 14th? No anagram. The T=9 comes later for a 3-digit clue.

I'm stuck on the last question. Pretty sure "cat" is the answer, but it's not working.

Thanks Lurker!!

Mrs Mom good answer

Thanks bbb. Now stuck on piano clue. Need last token. Found 2 clues in drawer but is there an H in clue?

seb But it's telling me it's not the right answer. Tried all caps, plural, "a cat", "a black cat"....

only "cat "

Piano clue was the red drawing in Level 7

Thank you Janet so much I am out.

Groan. Thanks so much, Coach!

On a hunt for one last orb

Had a call, sorry!

Great game, always love these, but must quit unless someone wants to lend me an orb. Hahaha. Thanks everyone for the help.

stuck on 11

gerrit - use the color order found in book on level 10.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Kimbo - I had trouble finding the orb on the lower right hand side in level 12. Maybe that's the one you need?

In 10 there is a color clue for arrows in 11

oh. i didnt see the box...

Thanks coach but I think I have that one

Stuck on 16...seems fairly easy but I lined up the colored dials with the correct colors and nothing???

Luckily the TAB key works to find pixel hunts. it worked after doing it again...weird.

I didn't realize the tab key works. Kimbo, maybe that's your solution to finding the last orb.

Level 1 - 2 Level 5 - 2 Level 10 - 1 Level 12 - 5

missing 1 token and I got the one in 14

On my iPad, maybe that's the problem. Haha. Thanks Janet, still looking. Hate giving up

For level 9 you only need to know that T=9. The red letters is the hint for the 3 numbers (T=9).

Level 1, upper left of door (cornerstone shaped piece), right window, lower left edge.

Level 5 Very top left almost on a straight line from the top of the A, right side along ledge on straight line from answer box

Level 10 lower right corner of stained glass window on left side

Level 12 by bike kickstand, on left floor near bottom of white painting, another one directly above that almost to ceiling, on far right side of floor, one directly above that on top of brown barred window

Janet, thanks for orbs :)

How about the 5 skull tokens? Gonna have to quit since I can't find the last one. I have used tab in all the rooms. Oh well...

Graham, did you find the token in the globe in 16 or the wooden slats in 4?

Skull tokens, Level 4, use sd on window, level 9 play piano, Level 14 - behind panel, Level 16 in globe on desk, Level 20 put in answer and get last token

4 was the one I missed. I thought I had already used the crowbar there. Thanks Coach and Janet!

level 6? please

Level 6 from Coach "Callie - what do you mail a letter in?"

Thanks Janet, I gave up. Ugh

Aww too bad but I've seen here that other folks have had trouble distinguishing slight color variations with macs and ipads.

Maybe Alpha will come by later and do snaggy pics for them.

Thanks Janet
I did not make it

Yeah bummer, I even went step by step with your advice clicking randomly just hoping to catch it. Lol. I appreciate it:)

Sorry you had give up Kimbo. Ester, the word is 8 letters long.

Thanks but....Giving up

the word is envelope

Kimbo - In case you check back, Here are the links to pictures showing where the orbs are.

Level 1 -

Level 5 -

Level 10 -

Level 12 -

Coach B - you're a very kind person. That was really nice of you.

Coach that is amazingly nice of you. Thanks so much...maybe soon I'll try again on my computer. Much appreciated.

:) This was fun!!! Thanks SD!

:) This was fun!!! Thanks SD!

:) This was fun!!! Thanks SD!

:) This was fun!!! Thanks SD!

Great game! Would never have finished without all the great hints!!

Thanks for the great game, SD!!!

Can't even get thru the 2nd door lol. I miss when people wrote WTs in order! That's why I seldom ever come here anymore.

level 6 "Mail a letter" I'm not getting it today.

Tried envelope, also using caps but not right

Get Real - that is the correct answer. Don't understand why it's not working for you. I just replayed and it worked for me...

I just tried again but nothing. Must be a glitch, but thanks anyway Zoe.

Tried again on my sixth attempt and it worked this time??

I typed it using all small letters and it worked for me Get REal.

I caet that word in 8

Get Real...very strange :)

but now you can move on...yay!

Yes it was a bit strange, but as you say moving on now thanks folks

Wonderful game 5 stars from me. Thanks

Any clue or spoiler for word in 8?

K Stevens, click on red letters above roman numerals then combine those numbers with the letters in that sentence: 9=d; 14=e, etc...

I thought the second roman numeral said XIVI but zoomed in and realized the second I was a crack in the building. lol

That was amazing. It took me 6 hours of on and off play lol. Click top right of globe as I kept looking for a hammer that I didnt need.

couldn't play it live yesterday, so I took my time today - awesome game, even more wonderful for me as I just ♥ door games very much!

thx a bunch SD for creating such a premium quality game ☺

& thx ppl for all the helpful hints - so many comments, it reminded me of the good old days here on EG24...

Nope. Not playing any SD games ever again.
I'm out

Collected 10 orbs, but it still won't let me pass level 12. Anyone experience this?

Shame... Could not continue

Thanks everyone! :)

Where is the crowbar for 10?

Loved this game, although I got stuck a couple of times! I was grateful for all the great hints!
Thanks SD, you are fantastic!

crowbar is bottom right on floor in one of the previous scenes

Could someone please spoil the word. The letters I have are T E A D L S. I have tried all anagrams of they letters but it's not working? Are they letters correct? The anagrams I have tried are:

I'm about to give up.

Get Real....the "T" should be a "Y"...and I don't think you need to anagram (don't remember)

Thanks for yet another very fine game, SD.

Zoe to the rescue again, thanks Zoe much appreciated.

I can't find the orbs even with the pics, they are not there, at least one which I'm missing.

AWESOME GAME! Thanks SD! That pry bar... never would have found it without the clue. Couple others too. Thanks for the help all!

1. Key on left window sill
2. Light switch left-of-center; loose brick on right
3. Click door, then line up darker parts of the puzzle.
4. Blue-red code from Level 1
5. key pad lower right of door. In put alphabetically, as per window.
6. envelope
7. screwdriver in center drawer. Back up and use SD on center door.
8. Until the day break and the shadows flee away: delays
9. 3-digit box number is 349 for some unexplainable reason. T=9 clue from level 3 only doesn’t explain 3-4 digits.
10. Go back to 3 and pick up crowbar lower right (black on black image). Back on 10, lift center trap door.
11. Combine color order on bible in previous scene with arrows on bookshelves to open box (ENWSW)
12. License plate number (0807) for locked motorcycle compartment.
13. Orbs on 2, 8, 10, and 12 give 10 orbs. 12 needed.

At this point I give up.

Great game SD, love it...but, collected all orbs, checked Kimbo's and Janet's info and still can't get past 12...any ideas? I will replay cause I really like the game, thanx..

David: play piano using order from star in level 7. Writing appears with three letters picked out in red, one of them T. If T=9, the inexplicable reason is explained.

Got skull tokens for everything but playing piano, so I'm stuck. Abandoning this.

Loved the three numbered doors near the end. We Pavlovian escapers try a door, are told it's locked and quit. Hee hee!

piano does not work. I even watched the wlkthrough :(

and I know ım pressing right because after I press the correct keys, the hand disappears into an arrow.

Sorry but clues are far too abstract, probably me going nuts but this isn't my type of logic. For example piano clue - how do you know where to start?? The word clue???

When it becomes illogical there's not much point carrying on.

It's like a clickfest in your brain.

Vic, if you took the time you could figure it out, otherwise you could look for help here or the walkthrough. Don't give up, it is solvable, a lot of people completed it. :)

such a very nice and interesting game,thx Selfdefiant and thx players for all the hints

Okay, so had another go and spotted the break in the star for piano clue - eyesight must be failing. And I must be rubbish at roman numerals. But yes I was alright after that. Thanks for the encouragement SD. I have played most of your games but I rarely complete them on my own but I still love trying, must have been in an uncharacteristically defeatist mood. x

Glad you got it! :)

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