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Wangs' Heritage Escape Walkthrough

Wangs' Heritage Escape

Gensouset - Wangs' Heritage Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape games by Gensouset. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Major language issues.

No language issues here since I'm stuck before these issues probably begin. Don't understand the hint from the three grandfather clocks, presumably these are for the sequence for opening boxes?

Hint: objects in inventory can be combined. Seems like a good game, want to play it through, but some hints are needed.

Found a weapon which broke the glass and now am looking for 10 minutes to these 8 letters in different positions and can't figure it out. Have to wait for smarter people.

(Sorry, 7 letters.)

It can be anagram of the word "shields" but don't know how to use it, the letters are rotated and mirrored in different ways and some are upper case and some are lower case.

I'm stuck in the first scene. Where's the hint for the three dials?

laotzu, three little arrows below the main door.

lautzu, after doing the dials, there is a switch on the right

got axe, hatchet, vine, some stick fro golden statue, attached the hatchet with stick using vine, used the weapon against the vine on top door, climbed up and found sword

went in and found nunchuckoos? under the rocks, used them to break glass last left behind

Nice, Dazz, that's where I was stuck, now waiting eagerly.

Hi ! used hint broken glass on 3 boxes
read "letters" upside down for numbers (ie first line is 3 1 2 )

but stuck with the 3 big clocks !

Wow! Seb, you're a genius!

certainly not LOL ! and very stuck now
not used broken sword

Jackpot!! these letters are numbers 1-7!! for the 3 chests up

blue key under a broken glass


the large hands of the clock are for the 3 dials outside, then return to the middle clock and open the case to get keys

Yeah, seb also discovered that these are numbers, so you are two geniuses. But now what? Tried to use every item everywhere and take photographs of every view, but nothing.

I think I used the broken sword to open a hole on the ground in the new room

Wow, Dazz, you're the superior genius, never thought about connecting dials and clock hands.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks punniven, but I needed your hints to get started

Great Dazz ! thanks

give scepter to the gold statue

OK, then you get the picture from the little house and when you backing up with it from the big house's door, is the end. Now it would be good some translation to know what's the story about.

A good game, thanks for the hints!

Never used the axe?

after giving sceptre to statue, check behind thrones

now that was a toughie for me, had also some difficulties with the orientation

thx ppl for your helpful hints & Gen for this cool game ☺

1 star for impossible game

Cool game. Wish I knew what was going on. Made it through with all the hints, but maybe (Bob says) tricky to follow still, so here's a Walkthrough:
Click on they guy with the newspaper to start, and then click the left word when you have a choice (start vs continue??)
You see a moat and a raised drawbridge. Look at the tiles on the moat (not zoomed) for a 3 arrow hint.
See Spoiler 1 below.
Click on the left side of the screen to bricks with a handle. Pull up the handle, and enter the arrow hint on the dials, then push the button.
Go back, click on the right side of the screen (trees to right) and pull the lever.
Go back. The drawbridge is down.
Go forwards. Click to door to go forwards again.
You can go forward, to the thrones, left or right.
If you go left or right, you can go either forwards or back.
If you go left forward right (or right forward left, you get to yet a different place.
From the entrance, go left, forward, and take the scythe from the suit of armor.
From the entrance, go right and back to get to the golden statue.
Take the stick/sheath from the statue.
Go back outside to the doorway, and use the scythe to cut down a vine (this is not the first scene, this is forward from the first scene).
Look at the scythe (magnifying glass icon), then add the stick/sheath and the vine to make a longer scythe.
Look up from the door. Use the long scythe on the vines to make one drop down.
Zoom back out to the doorway view, and you can go up the vine. (click on the bottom of the vine)
Take the broken sword and go forward through the gate
Ahead is a door to the broken room. Click on rocks until you find the nunchucks.
Back out and go right and open the door to see 3 clocks, Note the directions of the long (minute) hand.
Go back out and down the vine to the door entrance.
Go in the door. Go left and back to a window.
Break the window with the Nunchucks.
Click on pieces of broken glass until you find a blue key.
Make note of the letters behind the broken window. Think of them as numbers (not letters). See spoiler 2.
Go back outside to the first scene, click on the tree to the left and lift the handle to get the dials. Set the dials by the clock hands (see spoiler 3). Press the button below the dials.
Go back up the vines, and go to the clocks room. The middle clock is now open and you can take a bunch of keys.
While still upstairs, open the other door you haven't used yet, to get to a room with crossed swords and 3 chests.
Click on the chests using the order given by the broken window hint (see spoiler 4) to get a gold key.
Go back downstairs, and go inside.
Go right, forward, down, forward to get to the dungeon. Open it with the key ring. Go inside.
Move the bed, and dig with the broken sword.
Look in the hole for the silver key.
Go up out of the hole, and back out of the dungeon (where you see suits of armor), and then go left and forward to see the broken room from this side. Take the axe.
Go back and left to the front left corner of the room, where you can see a door with 3 keyholes.
Use your 3 keys on the keyholes (color coded) and click on the green door icon to unlock the door.
Back out and click on the door to go through it.
More gold statues and a scepter. Take the scepter and give it to the gold statue in the opposite corner of the room.
Go find the thrones (forward from entrance) and look behind them. Go through the door.
Use the axe to cut down the trees.
Go in the house.
Remove the white dustcloth, and take the picture of the couple with baby.
Go back many times, and you get an end sequence with an old lady. Click on her to talk and show her the picture.
Click some more. That's the end! (cooler if I knew what they were saying).

Spoiler1: right up left
Spoiler 2:
3 1 2
6 5 4
Spoiler 3:
down, left, right
Spoiler 4:
Middle, right, left (all open), right, middle left (all closed), middle

Excellent walkthrough, Lsquared!

One thing I was wondering -- what was the camera for? Thought that maybe it will copy the view to clipboard, so you can see the hint in some image viewer or editor, but it wasn't.

>>One thing I was wondering -- what was the camera for?
It's the save game function :P

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