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Asylum VII Walkthrough

Asylum VII

Melting-Mindz - Asylum Escape 7 is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting Mindz. You went into the old asylum all alone. You weren't prepared for what lies ahead. Now, you are in a place that not many would be able to escape, maybe you will be lucky. Good luck and have fun!

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Left, up to get a tool you need to get the jar that is left, left and all the way up.

You need a hammer to be able to get the jar for the orbs!

You can buy a map, a dagger and a cross in the basement rooms, between the two busses.

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purple key from toilet, need rubber glove first

Hi bandy, my inventory is left side of screen

Face Palm!!! TY Yvonne I been up for a few hours LOL

Screwdriver in N (do the math for the 3 digit code).

bandy, lol now hurry and catch up :)

Found store only if I can find orb holder

Number clue used in N - simple maths ;-)

Hi Kimbo Bobs 1st comment

Hi thanks still hunting. Lol

Got it. Great clue. Thanks

Orb jar is behind a glass window - you need the hammer.

Found the word juste on a bus - but can't work out the word for the book.

is the domino clue in W for the puzzle in U?

what's the word combo. i tried both trang and juste

Oh where is the book? Haven't found it. There is another letter clue in W.

Lighter in ad

Torch in J - you need batteries!

lee x 06 ????

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How do you get to W?

What does a sword do? I purchased it. Ha

type a 2032 or ecole. Nothing works on this book

Need a tool in X to retrieve a coin

The only word clue I have found so far is in AM
juste and ecole on the bus.

@Gwenyth you need the silver key to get to W. I can't remember where I got it though.

Where is the book?

book is in S

i think you need something for the empty bottle to get the coin off

fill the empty bottle with acid for the coin

check the walls carefully in the dark tunnel - I found a blood stone behind a marked brick.

So the book is past the door with the gold key?

Silver key in ac

thanks jo ann, if only i could find the acid

Jo Ann I'm at the same place don't see S on map?

Acid in drum in F need bottle

also, has anyone been able to get into room P there's no direction arrow

hi dimsum, I haven't found the store yet, the acid is in a barrel scene with broken bottles and wheelchair and crutches, if that helps

to get to P you go up from H

thanks brandy. It's so obvious.

Yvonne you need the flashlight and batterys to get to store.

oh right. wierd (the map lies, so i didn't even notice)

@Bandy I think S is past the gold key (beside U) I am guessing it will show up when we open the door

need hammer?

LOL The hunt is on!

So I need the gold key...

thanks yvonne.

Bates left from start then up Tiny on window sill

bandy, I have torch with batteries, used in dark place.

Green key in K Now to find the dang green door LOL

@Yvonne, explore the dark passages. One will take you to the store (past the buses)

Teh keep going up in dark place till a weird dude shows up you get stuff from him

* Then

only missing gold key. Only puzzle to solve right now is the one in U.

OH!!!! It's a jumble of Tarng. The other clue i used was LEE

lol haven't come across any buses, thanks, I'll keep looking :)

Gold key from lighting candels hint is Mole in holes Light needs fluid first thogh

Yvonne dark places to use flashlight keep going up

Where are the candles? I have lighter fluid in my lighter and have seen the clue

Where is the empty bottle?

POP didn't see the candles til now!

the open book doesn't help! I've got the orb and 6 gems and stuck

You buy bottle at the store I think?

At last found it, no sense of direction, LOL

Try Grant on book

Now were to use clue from book??

I only have 5 red gems. Still haven't solved the puzzle in U.

Have a clue in W. Not sure what that is for.

Someone was looking for the candles....and then found them. Where?

has anyone done anything with the skull. i was hoping the book clue would be that, but no luck

The clue from W is the word to use on book, And very sneaky use clue from book on map!!

Finally got the marble puzzle in U.

6 gems now

Hi Zoe, in i

Candles in I (start screen)

The initials in the book are the clues for the map. Gives another red gem.
Still haven't found room W.

Hi yvonne - thank you! And Jo-Ann. Was looking everywhere but right in front of my nose!

W is past the silver key

How to use the book clue on the map?

bandy, I did that, nothing?

I can't click on the candles in start scene...

POP use it on the compass rose

This marble puzzle is tough!

Out but that was a tough one! My last gem came from the map clue

@Gwenyth, do you have the lighter AND lighter fluid?

ok, so I have 7 gems...now what?

Hi Gwenyth, have you filled the lighter? the clue is the picture with rabbits

POP now there are places for them on the walls

I missed a room!!! That is why W didn't show up on my map :-)

It would have helped, if I had turned the page lol

thank you bandy. finally!

Yes, I have filled the lighter and can see the candles, which are already lit.

I'm sure I've forgotten something, but where do I use the quarter?

Zoe soda machine.

@Zoe, there is a vending machine, sorry I closed the game so not sure the letter, but it is left past the barrel of acid.

SD that was a fantastic game. Thank you!

Good grief just finding the places to put gems is a pain! LOL

The empty bottle was in V, btw.

And out That was a good game Thanks ST

Ok - found the slots for the gems, so I must have done something correctly without realizing it! Thanks SD for a cool game :-)

Jo-Ann - thanks for the vending machine! I saw the Snickers and Twix signs, but didn't realize it was a vending machine!

vending machine in E

SD, excellent game, thank you for taking the time to make for us all to enjoy :)

Scores you on Seconds in game boy did I blow that one LOL

How to get the gem in V? the one that I can't reach

bandy, bet you beat me, lol :)

mel...there's a chair you can take, but not sure, was it in S or T...someone remember?

Check the mask in AB at the end...

Excellent game, SD - sneaky twist with the invisible rooms on the map. As always, you twist things up!!

Ugh!!!! Every time I walk away for a bit my browser refreshes and starts over! Have fun guys I'm out.

Thanks for great game !

and thanks all for help

totally lost in this one. can't find anything but lighter and batteries. looked everywhere that was suggested in clues above but can't find anything else. so bummed!

okay so i finally found the hammer.... so tiny i would have never found it if i hadn't watched the youtube walkthrough..... very frustrating getting old and the eyes can't see as well!

I don't know why, but for some reason I never get to play these games on the day they're released...

gem slots in


then check skull in AB

great game, enjoyed it very much - thx SD ☺
& thx ppl for your hints

Cyber, it was just released today! Thanks everyone!!!

so can't find last gem..... there is 7 right? have no idea where it is..... sigh

Thanks for this game. Love the Asylum games. Hoping for many more.

brin3m dd you do the map? that was my last one

A really good old-fashioned Asylum, Selfdefiant! Compliments and thank you.

how do you get the gem from room Y? haven't found a ladder or anything useful...

nevermind. found chair.

missing one placement for gems. Have c g j n p ad

aa over mirror

Wow, SD, that game was fantastic! I loved how complicated it was. I couldn't have completed every puzzle without some help from other players. The puzzles were interesting and I love the dramatic and suspenseful piano! Fun, fun, fun!

I can't finish the game!! My candles are already lit, have been since I first started. I've done everything else I can do. Help?

Really good game SD! I totally missed the empty bottle the first time through so I got a little stuck at that point, but a thorough search finally turned up what I needed (in Room V for anyone else who couldn't find it).

Great to see one of your more complex games, SD! Thanks!

Mrs. Mom, I don't think I ever used the clue on the painting with pop-up moles. I can't remember what the lighter was used for.
I don't have time to replay now, sorry.
Just commenting to let you know I've read it. Will check back after work to see if you found it (game autosaves). If not, I'll replay.
Have a nice day!

Thanks for the book/map clue bandy. I knew what the book clue meant but couldn't figure where to apply it! 5/5 from me SD, one of your great games.

Arrie, the mole picture was clue to light the candles that gave golden key, bandy 9:25

I finally found the picture with rabbits (U), but managed to light the candles without having seen it before.
SD, flashlight, lighter, green cross, book and … only 6 red gems …

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It's not for me, Dazz, I'm out already.
It's Mrs Mom who's having problems with those candles.
Like with you, Mrs Mom, the candles were lit already when I played. It didn't matter to get me out though.

Go up and right.
Take the glove out of the bowl.
Go left and all the way up.
Take the lighter.
Go to ground floor.

Go left corridor and up.
Take the hammer at the window.
Go to ground floor, left hall and up.
Read numbers on the wall, do the math.

Go all the way up.
Use hammer on the stained glass = jar.
Go to ground floor and left into the toilet.
Use the glove = purple key.

Collect as many orbs as you can to buy the map.

On ground floor, go to large wooden door, go up and right.
Take the batteries on the right.
Go back and up, click the grass on the painting, note the order of rabbits popping up.
Down to ground floor.

Use purple key all the way to the right.
Take the torch.
Click batteries and torch.
Go left 6 times and down.

Click torch, go down.
Up left = blue key.
Click up arrow and go forward to shopkeeper.
Buy the map, cross and dagger.
Go back in the cellar, there's an arrow to the left, follow that path.
Use cross on the spirit = gem.

Go to ground floor.

O : go left, use blue key.
Number goes on the safe = screwdriver.
AC : use sd on the wall = silver key.

Go to ground floor.
U : go right, use silver key.
Take the empty bottle on the left.
Go right, see 5 letters, anagram.
Write down the domino-game.

Go to ground floor.
F : use bottle on the acid in the barrel.
X : use acid on the rusty table = coin.

Go to ground floor.
E : use coin on the candybar-machine = gem.

U : use domino-game on the boardgame at the table. Black will fill first, then white = gem.

K : use sd on the panel = green key.
To ground floor.
AB : go left, use green key.
Take lighter fluid, fill the lighter.

Go to ground floor.
I : light the candles = gold key.
If candles are on already, perhaps click them anyway for the key? (not sure, I got the key while candles were on already).

U : go left and use the gold key.
Take the chair.
Go left, take the book.

Open the book with the anagram (grant) = note the capital letters, note the symbol.

Z : use dagger = gem

Go to ground floor.
Y : use the chair to get the gem.

Go into the cellar again, using the torch.
In the cellar, click up arrow to go forward.
Note symbol on the right, click sd, click symbol = gem.

Click the map. Click the compass letters as found in the book = gem.

Place all 7 gems :
C, G, N, AA, P, AD, J.

AB : click the skull = exit door key.

Arrie NL to the rescue, as always :)
I have one problem - I can't find Z and so I can't use the dagger so I can't get the seventh gem... any hints will be greatly appreciated!

POP! Just found Z, (above T) so I'm good now. Very sneaky when the rooms don't appear on the map until you go there!

Arrie. Thanks for posting a walkthrough!!! I started this the other day until my browser crashed. Now I can replay. Yay.

Arrie. Thanks for posting a walkthrough!!! I started this the other day until my browser crashed. Now I can replay. Yay.

your both welcome :).

Nice game.
Cross says dagger, dagger says cross. What was the crystal ball for? Candles needed close-up.

I know it's not you arrie, but I commented since you said you don't think you used the picture clue and can't remember the lighter's role, great at that is

Wt I mean

the crystal ball enables you to jump to any room on the map.

Great game, thanks! I love the larger asylum-style games that take longer to play.

So I'm late to play the game. Saved it for yesterday (the weekend). Thanks SD. I always appreciate your longer, more complicated games. Though I understand your Mouse City games are sponsored and that helps you take care of your family, I do love your riddle, Sneaky and Asylum games. Takes me back.

Thank you SD and MM

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