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Japanese Style Room Escape Walkthrough

Japanese Style Room Escape

Shiesuta - Japanese Style Room Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Shiesuta. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


use hammer on metal cylinder (from bottom of wall hanging), then use now hexagonal metal to open left bottom drawer (undo bolt on left side of bookshelf). Now have a SD.
Has anyone made sense out of the number/star grids or the paper with the numbers and the 3 fish?

worked out the code on the top drawer of 3 drawer cabinet. Look at the number of pears, candles, text books on the shelving and translate each number into a letter from the item (e.g., 2 pEars, so first letter of code is E)

That is where I am stuck. I have two number boxes and the word box on the small table to open. I'm sure one of them will give the key to the left panel.

@jkeerie, Have you placed the lightbulb in the fixture by the wall hanging? I'm trying to figure out where/how to use that clue.

Yes. That is for the small round box near the computer. Click the arrow directions from start (left, down, etc.) There is a total of 7 clicks as I recall.

damn, that's the first thing I tried. I must have done in wrong. Thank you!

The window above that computer has the same colors at the corners of the center grid as are above the 4 star/number grids on the wall hanging. I'm thinking the colors are a guide to learning the value of the stars but I'm not getting it.

I think I understand the Star grid. All the stars equal the same number. If you use the colors (Green + Yellow) + (red + blue) equals the number indicated (7, 3 and 0). That fish paper also coincidentally is missing that same number (minus X).

brilliant! Now I've got 2, 7, 0, 8 for the four corners of the number grid. Tried entering them as G, Y, R, B on the four digit box, but didn't work.

I'm stuck using what I think I learned to decipher the 4 digit boxes. My mind's a wall. Guess I'll quit for the night and hope someone more brilliant than I figures it out from here.

oh noz, I was depending on you! This is a good game, but I may have to wait 'til tomorrow as well.
I did like the penguins btw.

The star value that I came up with is a negative number. Unfortunately, when I plug it into the paper grid with the star, no matter how I add the numbers, one of the rows, columns, grids etc comes up with a two digit number. So...I'm just not getting it. I liked the penguins, too!

OMG...I got one of the boxes! The 4 digit box near the left/right box. I plugged in my negative number into the stars grid and worked out each of the 4 grid corners. Then I ordered the numbers Green, Yellow, Red and blue according to the window corners and the clue from the poster. I bf'd the last number and it worked. I got a scissors!

Oh...I missed your earlier post, Zoz. My math was wrong on the 4th corner (or the game's math was wrong). Anyway use the order of upper right (green), lower left (yellow), upper left (red) and lower right (blue) that will open the one box. Still stuck on the fish box.


looks like I'm coming on behind you. Don't understand the thing about the stars grid though. I have a neg number for the star but don't see where to go from there

jkeerie, you're wonderful! Now we just need the PET bottle.

Hi Enzed...plug that same negative number into your star grid paper and do the math in each of the 4 corners. Zoz's post at 10 pm gives the numbers and my post at 10:18 gives the order for the box.

Hi Zoz...I think the fish box is critical here, but I'm clueless as to the 4 digit number. The missing number in the apparent clue is 3...but all 3's doesn't work. There are 3 fish surrounding the last digit "5" in that clue, could 5 be the 3rd digit?

Star grid paper! That's must be the thing I haven't yet found

@enzed, did you get the 4x4 paper grid with stars and numbers? Plug in the negative star number and divide the grid into four 2x2 grids. The bottom right number is a one that looks like a seven.

Oh, Zoz...that's why my math didn't work! I thought it was a 7 and kept coming up with 14! Dang!

I tried the calendar numbers (4,7,28) and go no where, but I seem to be striking out on my first try on everything, lol.

I'm ready to use the hammer and smash the heck out of that box!

Just found the paper- I had tried the cupbaord but didn't realise the hotspots were only at the ends!

aha! subtract the calendar numbers from the fish paper and you're left with four numbers, which open the fish box!

Brilliant, Zoz!

very nice game- i enjoyed that

And just when we were ready to give up...we collectively solved the puzzles. The last word clue was quite appropriate! Thanks for your kind assistance, Zoz!

Well ____ springs eternal. The microscope gave a word to open the box by the tea and get the door key.
Enjoyed your help jkeerie and it was great playing with you both!

Thanks both of you. Great to see a different game. We don't get too many of them

Enjoyed the company. Glad we all got out. Now those that follow can benefit from our collective wisdom and hair pulling...if they need it. Nice game, Zoz and Enzed!

Fish box give star key. But where to use?

Find the cupboard view and get the pet bottle. Out finally.

       Anonymous  7/15/17, 2:10 AM  

ball right of CB leads you to hammer

thx Shiesuta for this cool & tricky game ☺

& thx zoz & jkeerie for your helpful hints

yay, friends, thank you.
I just openend and already know that I need your hints!

Hi all, I can not understand the R/L code of the Penguins. I have tried many times, but I can not open the box. I am stuck. Help me please. TYVM

Penguins L/R the direction they're facing...

Thanks Dimwit, my brain is out of use... I try later, now I can not solve. I feel idiotic. LOL

Code 7028 in box near the white lamp

Penguins code in box with green knobs

The bottom right number of the big star grid is a ONE, not a seven.

Pretend the calendar has pictures of fish on it.

I really take my hat off to you clever math people, even with the explanations it took me a GOOD while to get my head around it!

Just to clarify the (abomiable) star puzzle...
Use algebra on the wall scroll to deduce that each digit of the four squares, when added together, produces the result indicated on the left. (All of the stars on the scroll equal the same number.)

Use this number on the four 2x2 groups of squares on the paper. Simply add all digits of the squares together, including the star variable.

The circular window will give colors to each of the four corners of the grid paper. The order on top of the scroll is the order to enter the number for the box.

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