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Real World Escape 202 - Summer Walkthrough

Real World Escape 202 - Summer

SniffMouse - Real World Escape 202: Summer Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Sniff Mouse. You are locked in some room with some man who is still waiting for the summer. He is asking for your help. Try to find 12 sniffmouse icons in this room by solving some puzzles and you will be able to unlock the exit and escape from the room. Good luck and have fun!

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So happy I caught a live Sniffmouse : )

Waiting for game to load ...

Black key hiding in vase

Hmm - key disappeared from inventory. Or did it dtop into vase?

Also, check tops of shelves/cupboards

Zuleika - drop

Ty Sniffmouse : )

Guess we need a string on the fish hook to get the key out of the vase.

I'm stuck on the color clue. I've tried it forwards and backwards and neither work, so obviously I'm missing something. I see the arrow above the fishbowl, but it's not helping me.

Yep. Also triangle clue doesn't seem to work on green sliders.

Feel like either "HUB" from the shelf or the tabs on the picture are the next step.

Ok, I'm way behind both of you.

HUB is clue for sliders. H 1st, U, B.

HUB looks like it might be related to the BUSH logo on the radio - but ned missing part for that.

whooohoooo thank you Guntars!!!

Oh ok Maggie - just saw your post : )

Just realized the water drops were for the arrows. Moving along.

Did you use the water droplets for the left/right puzzle. Not sure if I got the radio button there. Scissors are used where you'd NEVER expect to use them.

Lol, Maggie, just when I was cursing the unsolvable puzzle! I'm up to the colors. Did you figure that out?

Nope. Still trying combos. Nothing works.

OMG Guntars...by far one of the best ever clever Sniffmouse Games i've ever played!!! Thank you so much!!!

Maggie....look at ascending order :-D

Yay!! I was just thinking today that I could use a good Sniffy game! Thank you thank you Guntars!! Gonna wait a bit and have a glass of wine and play!!

Blue, yellow, black red. Fin to nose. Doesn't work.

Aha, alphabetical order! Look at the scene's caption when you click on the bowl.

Finally out!! And I know where the super-sneaky sniff is, if anyone's missing one.

I still don't get it Lurker. Just a FISH.

And if you put FISH in alphabetical order, where do the colors fall?

Nope still not working. I'm done. Not trying anymore. wasted too much time already.

I can't get past the stick and hook. Any hints?

Coach, go bash everything that's been annoying you in this game until you find what the stick breaks.

Stick is used elsewhere, not for hook. 'red' has 3 letters.

Thank you, Lurker! Finally moving on.

Great game as always, Sniffmouse!

Wonderfully clever and fun game. Thank you very much

Lurker can't find the last sniffmouse? a hint would be nice? thanks

Ah got it, the silhouette of a mouse hidden in the lovely plant. Very sneaky. Good game

Got stuck on mirror not realizing I had to click to the right of the comic books and I kept clicking the between the log in the wall and the cabinet. lol Great Great game!!

How is HUB a clue for sliders??

Look at the letter levels on the radio Codeman.

Aw, sneaky! Thanks Austen!

HUB will be apparent when you find the radio knob

Thanks Tiquer!

Very clever and fun game! Thanks Guntars!

This one was lame.I have put out fires many times with scissors NOT.Had no logic to it at all.

@Phin Phan When you click on the fire it says it's just a picture of a fire, hence the scissors

Phin Phan yap, like Cindy told ... it's just a fire picture


You start off facing the door and can’t resist bagging Sniff1 even before you check out the handle (which turns out to be utterly useless).
After a quick poke around the fireplace you decide that one fishing hook and a bunch of incomprehensible hints are not enough reason to hang about so you scoot off to investigate what Guntars has concocted this time.
Heading left you spot an easy Black Key on top of the vase.
You swipe it and.........
Now how are you going to get that back you clumsy eejit?
You find diddly squat to assist you in any of the zooms in that scene so you head left again to discover nothing except a poor guy with a heating problem which is not going to be solved by the fake fire.
This is rapidly becoming more of a challenge than you were expecting but surely Sniff2 awaits you somewhere along the fourth wall.
Or maybe not.
During a more diligent search of the shelves you spot a well suntanned rodent in the flowerpot and your Sniffcount rises to two.
You struggle mightily to figure out the order in which to press the three orange panels to release the picture but to no avail and disconsolately resume your scouring of the room.
On top of the shelves you spot a three letter word and note it down for later use once you have figured out what the Hell it means.
Four walls searched and only two mice found?
What’s going on here?
Eventually you notice that when you so clumsily knocked the key into the vase some drops of water splattered up the wall and you convert this pattern into a code to open the L/R arrows by the door.
With a huge sigh of relief you snaffle Sniff3 and mend the radio.
Twiddling the button doesn’t appear to help you much until you notice the letters moving on the radio and combine that fact with the word you saw earlier to open the slider cupboard.
Sniff4 and some scissors are your reward for that excellent piece of lateral thinking and after a few abortive attempts to trim the plants you slash the fire picture thereby gaining Sniff5 and a stick.
You whack everything in sight with the stick until it jams in the picture (hope you don’t get into trouble for that) and allows you access to Sniff6 and a newspaper cutting.
The glasses near the radio reveal a cunningly hidden number on the paper which in turn leads you to Sniff7 and some fish food.
Feeding the guy’s pet furnishes you with the colour code to open the panel below the glasses.
Oh no it doesn’t!
Combining the sloping line of colours with the hint by the goldfish bowl opens the panel under the glasses.
Damn that doesn’t work either!
Assigning the letters of the word FISH to the four colours then using them in ascending alphabetical order as per the obscure hint finally opens the perfidious puzzle and you pocket Sniff8 along with some rope.
Threading the rope through the hook allows you to retrieve the Black Key from the vase and this in turn grants you access to Sniff9 and the ever popular lipstick.
One piece of mirror graffiti later you realise that you’re never going to get to read the comic book but there’s a handy secret panel in the floor containing Sniff10 and a light bulb.
With Mr. Chilly basking under his new sunlamp you take Sniff11 and unpick the logo from his shorts.
As you well know after 201 other mouse hunts ffing the wall gets you Sniff12 and an unlocked door and you gleefully exit pausing only to thank Guntars for yet another great game and hit the five star button.

Too tired to get the logic so I looked at WT
Color Spoiler:


great game as always
thanks for the brilliant walkthrough Austen x
thank you Guntars x

not my day today, it seems...
as usual, I missed a view, this time even 2 (top of shelf & under table) - black sniffie in plant was super sneaky

hence thx ppl for the hints & Austen for the WT

& thx Guntars for yet another premium quality game ☺

Wonderful Walkthrough Austen!! Great job!

I thought the colour order small to large was number of letters, ie red, blue, black, yellow - I never thought of the alphabet

color , smal to big
red, blue ...

New things are interesting, but the Fish clue, I don't know.....

Thanks sniffmouse, good game

Enjoyable puzzles and funny as always, thanks for the game! Didn't find the last sniff until realized that the beautiful flower isn't there just for beauty.

Very good game, Sniffmouse, thank you!
And a little riddling here : from small to big can mean a lot of things, in this case :
- first letters in alph. order (my first try)
- number of letters per words (second try).
Very nice, thanks Sniffmouse.

It was 109 here yesterday. This man can have all of my summer.

Hey, Sniffmouse! Any idea why this won't load for me? This has never happened before. Please help! Thanks! I have played every single Sniffy and Butterfly. Love them all! (Also tried your site)

Thank you so much, Austen. I was going nuts trying to work out HUB/Bush not realizing we needed the radio knob first.

Restarted and did some cleanup..no problem with Sniffie. It was me. Super game! Loved it...ohhh, that color code! "Red has three letters". Thanks for the game!

Thanks Austen64. I needed that first clue for the left right arrows. Just wasnt thinking about the water drops as a clue. Once I got that the rest went smoothly.

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