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Wow Heaven Fantasy Escape Walkthrough

Wow Heaven Fantasy Escape

WowEscape - Wow Heaven Fantasy Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, you happened to come to a heaven fantasy through some magic. After few hours you decided to go back. But unfortunately you missed the way out. You have to find the way to escape by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Wow Heaven Fantasy Escape
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Beautiful graphics in this game, WOW!

Angel wings for wand, use on white tablets.

Wine goblet for trapped birds.

Game will load automatically after 30 seconds...

After disabling the Ad Blocker please refresh the page once...

Few ads can be skippable. Please scroll up to play the game..

We are working on this issue and will rectify it ASAP....

After placing gold bell (in scenes past bird door), click on it for a cat.

Game opens now from EG24 link, thanks WOW.

Played this earlier. Nice game WOW.
If you are missing items, don't forget to check down your inventory. That held me up for a while.

Sneaky clue on large right spire of castle in the clouds.

From there on, it's a logical game, nothing difficult, a lot of collecting items to place somewhere else.

Thanks for the game, WOW.

Thank you WOW.

Just going in. This is gorgeous!

       Anonymous  7/7/17, 7:16 AM  

THIS IS MY ARTWORK AND IT WAS STOLEN!!! The creator used it without my permission. One of my escape games lover friend has just noticed me about it. Where can I write to the site owner? This is a crime!

       Anonymous  7/7/17, 7:23 AM  

I have checked other games by this "Wow Escape" and they are not only stealing my images and monetizing them. After some reverse image search, I see that almost every game is made of stolen images from different artists. I am contacting them, hopefully we can sue more successfully together. I can't believe this is happening! I am hardly making enough from my art to live and someone is just stealing it and making money from my hard work :((

Downfall of the internet, anything can be stolen...it's beautiful though...good luck to you;)

Johannisart does not make you busy, WOW has done a lot of fun for me and many others.

       Anonymous  7/7/17, 7:33 AM  

Thank you ver much, Kimbo, I am glad you like it.

I don't see a contact form in the menu, is there an administrator here? This site doesn't look like some piracy or illegal website, so I am sure they don't know that this is happening. Hopefully the other artists will stand for their intellectual properties and we can stop this illegal activity :( Why doesn't Wow Escape making own graphics or buying licenses from the people who made them? I am sure these games are making lots of money with the ads and I know that most of indie artist like me are selling commercial licenses for a few bucks.

       Anonymous  7/7/17, 7:36 AM  

lotjemar, it is good that they are making fun stuff, but it's still illegal. Pirated movies are also as fun as the original ones, but they are also illegal. I don't want to start a DMCA takedown notice before I could talk with the site owner, because I am sure that he/she doesn't know about it.

I honestly wouldn't have a clue on where to direct you. Maybe someone will chime in.

This is in contact info for the page. Best wishes.

       Anonymous  7/7/17, 7:41 AM  

Thank you so much, Kimbo, I am making a try there!

There are way more escape sites publicing wow games and wow has its own site.

Since a few months the contact button here is gone, but sometimes the admin @escapist responds to posts made in games he/she posts.

I have no Facebook, but it seems this site has a Facebook page too, maybe you're lucky there.

Nice game but very difficult to play because of the white on white things... 5 stars + 3 stars

There is a "contact us" at the very bottom of this page. It's always been there.

I have a gold key left in inventory. Have three cats, need one more. Stuck!

Johannisart: This site - EscageGames24 - has been here for more than 10 years. If one of the developers is stealing art, I believe it is on that developer and not the owners of this site. I doubt the owners of EG24 would know if the graphics in a game that was submitted for play were stolen or not. Your issue is with WOW games or other game developers, not with EscapeGames 24.

thx WOW for this nice game with a very pretty scenery ☺

@ Johannisart Such great graphics J love them!
I would love to see more of your work, can I find it on a website? Can I have the URL please?

I'm stuck too with a key and need one more cat.

And I've wondered too about the graphics in some of the games. I have recognized some from Hidden Object Games I have paid for and played in the past. I'm really sorry to hear they have stolen your art work Johannisart.

Stunning artwork Johannisart. I am sorry too... but I appreciate the opportunity to see your work. It is awe inspiring.

love it!!!!

Johannisart: As a photographer, I understand your concern. Unfortunately, as most of these games are sourced in foreign countries there is very little we can do except go through the process of letting the developer (in this case wowescape.com) that the images are being used illegally and to either take them down or give you credit in the game. If they don't, then file a DMCA complaint (which won't do any good), and then go to the places that the games are hosted and explain to the owners of those sites that the material is being used illegally, and by hosting the game they are liable for illegally distributing copyrighted material and ask them to take it down. Some will, some won't. For every one that doesn't, file another DCMA.
The problem with this process is that it is time consuming and ineffective as the laws are not enforced unless a lawyer smells money. Meaning that unless you are a huge movie studio or multi-million dollar entertainment entity, we are on our own. That is why you see so many people stealing copyrighted work openly and shamelessly. And it isn't even just developers from other countries, either. Heck, I have seen many, MANY copyrighted images used in SelfDefiant's games illegally and in violation of copyright law, and he is a regular participant here.

The bottom line is that yes, it is illegal, and yes technically the developers and host sites (including this site) could be prosecuted for it. But with so many people behaving as if they are above the law, this issue is not very high on the enforcement priority list and what I have found is that my time is too valuable to spend filling out paperwork that never accomplishes anything. So when I see my work where it shouldn't be, I notify the site owner and ask them to take it down or give me credit. Over 90% of the time they will do it. When they don't I just let it go and hope that at some point they become the new Facebook, because if they end up becoming a big financially profitable entity finding a lawyer to take my case will be easy.

Wow can be contacted at play.wowescape@gmail.com
Best of luck!

I would like to add my request that EG24 pull this game on the grounds of copyright violation, just for the record.

Wow! I think that was the most beautiful game I've ever played :)


We tried to contact you in johannisart@livejournal.com but it was failed. Can you please mail us in play.wowescape@gmail.com

This artwork is by Jim Warren, one of my all time favorite artists. http://jimwarren.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/allcatsgotoheaven.jpg

Sometime things like this happens with all games not just wow, Escaper used to boycott the games site when he sees things like this and stops posting their games here, but since he's no longer here, or this game would've been removed.
I'm very sorry about this Johan

beautiful artwork

There's a locked box in the scene with closed gate and angels on either side. That's where you use the key

wowescape: Kudos to you for being willing to reach out and address this issue! Hopefully now that someone has posted the artists name and website, you will be able to contact him and resolve it. Thank you for being willing to do the right thing!

Rather than take the games down, I would like to see a link on the game page (beside the logo on the actual game, for example), linking to the artist's page. I doubt the games make much money to be able to pay, but it's free advertising.
I would never find the artwork on my own, but through the games I've ended up visiting places in real life I would never have heard of!

Jonderson you are full of it. I get permission for the photos I use. You need to check your facts before accusing me of anything.

Jonderson.....you are kidding right? Never ever accuse SD of stealing art!!! Most of his is self drawn and never ever taken illegally!! You best get your facts straight!!!

Jonderson SD uses public domain images in his games or obtains permission from the copyright owners before publishing.
Why did you bring him into this discussion which was between WoW and Johannisart?
I wonder if your unfounded and inaccurate accusation is itself actionable as defamation of character.

for the people suggesting that Wow should just put a link to the artist's work as it gives them exposure, no! It is 100% up to the artist. These blatant thieves can not be allowed to use something they have no right to and then allow to profit from it. This is why so many of us who post art have to put big fat copyright stamps right in the middle of everything because self-entitled idiots steal it. This game should be removed from this site immediately as the site owners now know the game is using stolen images. Wow should also remove the game completely from its catalog and make it very plain that they will not deal with thieves. These people are all profiting from someone else's hard work and creativity. It's disgusting.

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