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Yonashi Cats Escape Walkthrough

Yonashi Cats Escape

Yonashi Escape 027 - Cats Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Yonashi. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Janet]

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Lovely game - but already stuck on the door code

the door code corresponds to the color of the cats and the shape that is found on them

I am stuck in the 2nd room

You can place the 4 dolls (use paperdoor / fish hint) to open a third room.

Thanks Bob. Just had a pop too .. moving on

Bob, can you help with the floor safe (?) with the three buttons? Must correspond with the I, II, II picture on the wall, perhaps in combo with the newspaper

Thanks Enjoy, Stuck on the second room as well. Clearly wall picture is relevant to the three buttons on the floor - but how...

All I did in the 2nd room is open the door to the 3rd room.
No idea about the floor safe. No idea what to do with hammer, tooth, newspaper and still have blower.

Same place as you then Bob

Newspaper is telling you where to use the hammer.

You can go back to first room and take a cat from the rug. I think you may use that in the third room

Use toy mouse on cat on couch.

paw prints by rug in first room gives clue for bath tub

Taking that cat away shows the hint for the shower taps. Shower works now, but what to place there?

Lol, you wash the cat there.

I've brushed the gray cat and now have a basket

use basket with rope ...

I don't understand the brushing instructions. There are 2 stripes and 3 stripes on that cat, but where to brush the 1?

The circled numbers are the step. numbers above cats head on top, below cats head on bottom. I've got the safe in the floor open.

feeding cats - > key

Fantastic game - for cats lovers. I am one!

Above the cats head, that's the trick, thank you @EnJoy.

I'm out, I will come back in a bit and see if you need any more hints

That's an odd way to make a robot cat.
Great game.
Saved it, but doesn't seem to be a second ending.

Great game. Thanks for the help Bob

hahaha! Very nice! Thanks, Yonashi!

The trick in this game is to go back and check the cats after you do something, and check items in "about". Loved the number clue on the kittens!

Number clue on the nursing kittens in the box, that is, to be clearer.

anyone still here? sorry to be dumb but i got everything but the paws clue... what am I missing? it just looks like LRLR to me??

Paws clue is a bit later (after you took a cat away) and on another spot (in the first room, not the second).

thanks... just discovered hair on brush. that should do it

wow difficult this one but good game !
thanks a lot for great help here

I still don't understand how you get the first door code from the cat.

NotYou: Yellow cat has a shape, diamond? That's four, etc.

After you have done some things the cats are on different spots.

The brown/gold one is sitting in front of the four fish on the wall and has a diamond/rhombus shape on its back. So gold number is 4
Grey one is in the cirle of light (from opening the high window) and has a shape too, etc.

ROFL. I've just got to the meowing cat, and my own cat, who is sitting on my desk, has all her fur on end and is looking suspiciously around.

what a lovely, lovely, funny & clever game - that's what I call premium quality!

thx Yonashi for this fantastic creation, it was such a joy to play this game (esp. for a cat lover like me)! ☺

& thx FireFly for the kitten number hint

btw, (re food/water bowls in the game)
cats never drink at the same spot where they eat

wow! i am super frustrated. all i found was a blow dryer. can't do anything with it. don't seem and numbers or shapes to use for the door or anything else..... wow.... feel so dumb today and i have had enough!

well that kind of makes me mad.... used the blow dryer on the paper ball under the couch several times before and nothing ..... now it blows it out.... was it supposed to take several times for it to work?

Well, that was different.

Cuteness overload! :-D

I needed the vid w/t for half of the game but I didn't mind (and everything was logical after all). Could have brushed that cat for ages.

Yonashi games are always great.

Floor safe?

NVM, found it

That was extremely good! And funny. Thanks!

paw prints by tub? If it's the blue rug, you can't zoom and I can't tell what they are! I also don't know what shapes are on the kitties for the door puzzle? They all look the same except for their color.

Found w/t but still don't understand how some of the puzzles are done. For instance how the "russian" dolls are placed in the bookcase.

Can't see how to put dolls to get into third room???

The Russian dolls - look at the paneled door that the one cat scratched. See where the holes are? Then notice next to it on the wall are the four fish from largest to smallest going up. Put the dolls in the wooden cupboard according to that i.e. largest doll in hole on bottom, etc.

ok thanks Janet but cat hasn't scratched door yet, I'm not very far in. I have dolls and whisker.

what do I do with whisker please?

And yep I replayed (and goofed!). You put the dolls where the holes are NOT! Also to get the door, look at the papers on the floor by the blue books- they show you where to look for the door.

Whisker, claw and fur are used at very end

I protest! The last code for the 3 buttons was wrong. You would think it was each side of each kitten but it randomly takes two sides on the first kitten and then only one side on the following kittens. How stupid is that?!

Couldn't find a WT and couldn't finish without more hints. Only found a hair dryer and on/off button. Don't see symbols on cats - where is the diamond shape on the yellow cat? There is a black and white cat in a sink - what number would that one be? Frustrated....and done.

Zoe, to start, use hairdryer under couch - chases cat off and you get an on/off switch to place high up on a wall.

That opens a skylight and things start moving from there


(This walkthrough is for my friend Zoe who has shared many laughs and much help during my time here)

Go Right 3 times - look in basket. Get hairdryer.

Go Left 4 times. Click under pink couch and use hairdryer on piece of paper. Cat leaves couch and you find a remote On/Off switch.

Go right 2 times. Click on the half circle up high on the wall. Click on circle to place remote switch and open skylight.

Go down and click on pink mat to get a hammer and a newspaper.

Go Left once. Click on papers on the floor to find a hint telling you to look at the side of the bookcase.

Go Left once. Click on side of bookcase to get the paneled screen. Notice it has a fish on the bottom.

Go Left once. Put screen in front of basket and close it.

Make a circle around the room and come back to see cat has scratched holes in "most" of the panels. See a twinkle by brown and white cat and pick up a claw.

Now for the 2nd room. Look at brown and white cat - see he has a diamond on him. Open paneled door and see that cat has a triangle around his mouth.

Go Left 2 times. Click on sunbeam at bottom of screen. See gray cat has a pentagon on his side.

Click on code box by blue door. Enter the numbers for each cat. (eg pentagon for gray cat is 5). Open door.

Go Left once. Click on cat by potting soil. he's dirty and leaving footprints.

Go back to 1st room and click on sunbeam. Take the dirty cat and notice the Red/Blue footprint order.

Go Right once, open bathroom curtain and put cat in tub. Turn on faucets using B/R clue starting from bottom. Wash cat (yeah right!) (Spoiler BRRBBR)

Dry cat off with hairdryer. See the gleam and pick up a cat whisker.

Go back to 2nd room and go Left 3 times. Get Russian nesting dolls from cupboard and take each one out.

Go back and look at the paneled door that the one cat scratched. See where the white panels with no holes are? Then notice next to it on the wall are the four fish from largest to smallest going up. Put the dolls in the wooden cupboard according to that i.e. largest doll in bottom, etc. This opens the 3rd room but you can't do anything there yet.

Come back in and go Left 2 times. Look at newspaper in Inventory and see the clue on where to use the hammer. Zoom in on I,II,III picture and use hammer on wall to get a mouse and a cat brush.

Go back to 1st room to cat on pink couch. Give cat the mouse and take paper wad. Get a key and instructions on how to brush a cat.

Go Right once. Use key on Safe to get a rope. Open red book to see you need to put a claw, a whisker and some cat fur in a Robot cat. Also notice a Robot cat does not eat cat food.

Part 2

Go back to 2nd room to gray cat in basket. Brush him as per directions. Three times on head, twice on belly, once on head. Get the basket. Also click on brush in Inventory and get Cat fur.

Attach rope to basket to make a rescue basket. Go Left once. Click on hole on floor and use rope and basket to rescue kitten.

Go Left once. Click on boxes to see Mama and kittens reunited. Look at kittens' backs and see the stripes - five sets in all.

Go Right 3 times. Click on floor safe at bottom of screen. Combine the I, II, III picture with the sets of stripes on the kittens' backs to open safe. Also notice on picture that the dot/nail is above the #I. That corresponds to the blue open dot on the safe. (Spoiler - stripes were 1,2,3,2,3 and on safe I is Right, III is top left and II is bottom left)

Get and open cat food. Put opened cat food in bowls and walk around the room. Come back to find (most) cats eating.

Click on black cat in the back - he was the little rascal up the cat tree with a key around his neck. Take key.

Go back to 1st room. There's cat on the pink couch who isn't eating - he's the Robot cat. Take him.

Go back to third room. Click on view Robot cat to bring him up. Use key to open stomach and put whisker, cat claw and cat fur inside. Close stomach box.

Put cat on machine and press the red On button. Looks like you've been transformed into a cat! Do as all cats do and click the cat door to go outside and play with your buddies. Lol, and notice you now have super-powers - see how big you can make that fish!

Awwww, Janet! Thanks for the "dedication" as well as the hint to take away my frustrations :-D

Yes, my friend, we've shared many years of laughter and helpful hints and tips - both "here" and "not here"...

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