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UnReal: Birth Escape Walkthrough

UnReal: Birth Escape

[REPLAY] [Web, Android, iOS] Factory112 - UnReal:Birth Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Factory.112. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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This is a nice one!

Brilliant...took a long time but worth it

Now this is a game.

I am just not seeing the pattern for the 3 button light panel next to the door.

That was one of the best I've played in a while. I'd put in on about the same level as Tesshie-E.

Erika - I had trouble with that as well. Use the three three-digit number clues that you've already used for other puzzles. The place of each digit will correspond with the place of that same digit in the final code.

Oh, gotcha...I see that hint now. Thank you :)

Hmmm, I've got three dial setting but don't see a clue on how to turn them into numbers....

Oh, I started on extreme and there was no book on the desk. Should make progress now.


I still don't get the last one. The order is wall, drawer and door, but can't figure which digit of each code to use. Do I need to recalculate something from the book code? Argh!

CatCat, there are all 9 digits represented in the three 3-digit numbers. Click the position of 1 in the number that contains a 1, then click the position of 2 in its number, etc. It is a tough one.

Tiquer - Thanks. Of course, it's so obvious haha (sarcasm...). I interpreted the graphic as each code applying to an individual button in a specific order... Great game, though.

Went back and did the extreme version. Wow- same game but the clue for the numbers is certainly pretty obscure. The "hard" was the better, more logical game

I am doing the easy game, I got that the first dial is 641, the middle one is 385 and the last one is 729. I click the buttons from 1 to 9 and nothing happens, what am I doing wrong?

Never mind, I got it.

can someone please tell me where is the clue for first 3 digit code (TV)?
I must miss something very obviously, but where is it???

I kept turning the three dials on the TV to get the clearest picture. Then starting with #1 where #1` was indicated on each dial I counted to come up with a number for the dial. Of course, that's where I'm stuck now.

Oho, what a game! So far played only the easiest version, that went good, no help needed, although it took some time to understand the final puzzle. 641 is not for the left button, you have to see "the other left".

thanks laotzu!!! I will try this..

laotzu, there is more than 1 combination/clearest picture on TV...

@Hotzenplotz, there are 3 combinations, the pic on the tv shows where to use what combination.

I've done the end puzzle with using all 3 codes and that made the right light above the door lit up, but where's the puzzle for the left light?

Nvm, forgot to put one fuse in.
Great game.
Gona try the extreme version now.

The dials are different in the extreme version but there's no book on the table. So how to know what the start positions of the dials is?

I give up, can't find the clue.
@enzed already posted, the clue for the numbers is certainly pretty obscure.
Wish he/she had given away a bit more than that.


The lamp has a lever on its pivot. It (sorr of) points towards 4 oclock. That is the "1" for all the numbers.

I told you it was obscure and the hard was more logical

Obtw, I'm a he

Ok, thank you for explaining. That's very obscure indeed. I can hardly see that lever, for all we know it could have been any other thing and for the 4 o'clock it could have been the yellow/black diagonal stripes on the fusebox as well.

I think that's the logic but maybe your stripes is just as good an answer. I loved the "hard" but the extreme was a bridge too far for me to enjoy

       Anonymous  8/3/17, 2:20 AM  

started with the normal version

to get SD



great game so far, thx F112 ☺

       Anonymous  8/3/17, 2:37 AM  

asking myself, if you dunno yet how to play, how to figure out that there are 3 clear views at TV without the book hint...

       Anonymous  8/3/17, 2:47 AM  

found a VWT for the extreme version - there you can zoom on the lamp for the dial hint...!

how to do the three dials in final swich? i have641,385,729

Tahsina. Think of them in 3 groups of 3. 1st button to press is 1. That is on the right of its group, so press the right button. 2nd to press is 2. That is in the middle of its group. And so on.


I'm going to have to play more of these games, got out by everyone's hints, otherwise didn't know what I was doing, need more practice. Thanks for the help :)

Anybody still around? I have dial on the fan. I focused the tv to the door, but I enter the 739 and nothing happens. I also tried 729 as well as different combinations in case number was wrong and still nothing works. What am I missing?

ok I got the SD now.

ok i am stuck on the first dial. i have the book got the motor running. when i turn the 1st dial it clears up on 2, 6 , 7 so i input that on the buttons the book points to but nothing happens. any help here?

i mean i get 3,6,7
that doesn't work either

omg! just found a video walkthrough! holy crap! the easy one is already so hard for me.... thank god for you tube!

ok so i am confused. watched and followed the youtube vid.... everything went as it should.... until i got to the last code. i know i should go 1 though 9 but according to the book the first button is the box code, the second button is the drawer code and the last button is the door code.... however which i got (video too) is 641, 385, 729 but in the video they pushed the buttons with these codes ... 367,248,159..... HUH? can anyone explain it I

oh my god! i just figured it out! had to stare at the two codes for a long time to see the pattern!

What an excellent game! If only I could give it 6 stars...

The lamp detail clue in the extreme version is perhaps available only for smartphone players? I checked also two video walkthroughs, one for the computer did not allow to zoom to the lamp (same as here), but the other WT with a vertical lay-out (which seems like it's for smartphones) allowed that. For the PC it's a very poor clue, unfortunately. Likewise any other line in that room could be a clue, not only the lamp detail in the dark corner.

Otherwise an excellent game, a good example for all other game developers. Of course, there are players who prefer just quantity and excessive blinking ads instead of quality, so, something for everyone.

Punnivinn. I've just realised that I didn't fully explain my thought process earlier about the lamp lever.

The wall lights aren't essential to the game but they do indicate that you have the fuses correct. Why does the desk lamp light up? You don't need it to read anything (even in the easier versions with the book) so it should mean something if the logic holds true.
Also you can trace the cable around the room from the coil by the tv to the lamp. It seems either an unnecessary bit of artwork or says that the lamp is the clue for the tv.

The lever is the only thing I could see on the lamp that was likely and it worked.

I believe my logic is correct but still preferred the hard version instead

This comment has been removed by the author.

Just solved the extreme by some logic, knowing that the 9 dials should point to 9 different numbers.

I don't see any thing that points me to the hint that 4-o'clock position is 1...

Man, this was the best escape game I've played in quite a while.

That was indeed the best game in a while.
Played on Expert Mode obviously. Out with no help. Just took me a while to figure out the last puzzle. It was really ingenious. Keep them comming!

use hammer on door

door spoilerRMLMRLLMRspoiler

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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