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40 Escape

Sarameya - 40 Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Sarameya. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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6 to go. This is really hard.. at least we have a list and the list itself gives hints. See the empty spaces to know where the missing codes come from.

I'm missing 2 from the plants, 1 from the cards, 2 from the table and 1 3x3 grid.

2 to go lol.
1 3x3 grid and a 4-dig code from the plants.. I'm out of ideas xD

1 to go: The 4th grid on the list. I really wanted some help right now >_<

Nvm got it, just needed to pay attention to the doors :P.

I'm out! Phew

Missing two from the plants, a 3-digit code from the cards, and the 3x3 in the middle

Nice game thanks
but not understand what to do with the dot/arrow hint on Go game

count dots according hint color/and ? is OK (89...)
found 4 numbers by following black dots OK (17...)

already started some time ago & still have to find load of codes...

that's not a game for playing it all in one chunk it seems...

it's a toughie for sure, even Nini found it hard...!

struggling with the cards atm...

Hi Alpha :)
really hard but very interesting (for me !)

don't have all the cards but found 3# by thinking like a ghostleg on shelves (verticaly)

Hello everyone) I played yesterday. It's a pity that the game did not survive. I had 34 codes opened. It remained to open 1 grid (in the middle), 1 three-digit code on the rack with playing cards. And 4 four-digit code. Now all the new must be passed (((

there are a lot of hint to see ON 3 drawers cb and on drawers table

it seems that (almost) everything is a hint - even the plants on the book...!

Opened the last code of the grid. Open in the direction of the doors, starting at 1 (center), then right, bottom, left, etc.

I have 2 left to solve. The frustrating thing is that all answers are in plain sight, but you just have to notice it.

count number of sides of geometric shapes (wall and 3 drawers)

thx Nafanja
I knew that we have to do sth with the doors, but couldn't figure it out - that one was tricky

still missing 3x 3#code & 9x(!) 4#codes (esp. from cards)...

ah, another hint I saw but couldn't figure it out - thx seb

even the lines on the drawers are a hint...!

yes Alpha and on shelves too ;)

after playing Go, I can see black digits in 3rd & 4th drawer, but not in the first 2...

always stuck (but not only here) on hint/dot arrow on Go game

4# with cards with number from L to R

4# numbers of red cards by column

you need to know about Go rules it seems

for 2nd black number (after placing mentally the black stone) you need to turn all white stones in the column black, not only the neighbour ones
(at least that's what I did to figure out the number...)

That looks for me like 9884...but it doesn´t work, AlphaOmega? So I´m wrong...hmm...*sighs*
Can´t figure out the 3x3 grid...not at all. Middle door on the left gives a hint but I´m too blind to see what it wants to tell me.
And look closely on everything in/on the book...count everything....use all numbers...

Thanks Alpha (tried 8 for 2nd but now got it, don't touch the middle white !)

@ Pelznasen for grid you have hint on door (dots 1 to 9)
hint number inside doors (1 to 9)
count "toys' inside (1 to 9) ...

and on grid click from 1 to 9 according hints

your 3rd & 4th digits are correct

there are 7 different hints/solutions for the grid, e.g.


- number order inside & outside

- figure parts in order

- only red numbers inside & outside

oh, are there more than 5x 4#codes from plants...?

if so, I still need 3x 4#code from plants, 2x 3#codes from cards & 1x 4#code from drawers...

Thank you...got at least the Go number...
And some of the 3x3 grid.
Does anyone know what the hint on the lowest door on the left cupboard is for? Or o I see hints where are none? *g*

I had 6 from the plants...so far.Look very closely on the book and also the plant pots themself.
Wondering if the capital letters are a hint too...if yes, I don´t know where the H is for

there are also hints on the other CB doors, e.g.


shapes & keyholes

for plants, on pots count letters, count capitals place, count grey line
hint with book (combine plant with number of page)

yes, the caps are a hint too, think



The circle, triangle etc on the numbers at the wall form another set of numbers..

Aaaah! Thank you, Alpha! Typical case of overthinking! ;)

thx seb
missed to count letters & somehow didn't see the grey lines - doh

still 3x 3# from cards, 1x 4# from plants & drawers each to go...

Uh thank you seb! Didn´t counted letters and didn´t combined numbers+plants in book!
10 more to go...

ah, another 3#code



I still have one more lol I cheated a bit for the last one I solved and looked at a hint though :/

Finally out !

for 3# have you got one with ghostleg (com 2.23)

Ghostleg? I´m doomed *lol*

This comment has been removed by the author.

ghostleg - this word does not translate Google translator. I can not understand the code from 2-23

you need the same codes like me, Nafanja ☻

look at 3 shelves verticaly (imagine !)
and look at rules here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_Leg

Ja...I looked up the rules....but I need it in German to understand...
And I can´t find any (also not under the japanese name Amidakuji). *sighs*

Finally done, had to see the hint for this one as well. The last two were the trickiest for me. I was stuck on a plant one and the solve sheet for that one is kind of a lie since you need to consult the book...

seb, look in the book and see the figure))) I do not understand the ladder.

This comment has been removed by the author.

ghostleg visually (didn't have calm hands ☻)


now need only last code from drawers...

seb, thank you very much) Only I'm with the left top coming in 1))) But the code did) Maybe the screenshot would help to see how this code works? And on the table with the chips you can explain the four-digit code?

AlphaOmega ΑΩ, thank you very much) So it was necessary to look horizontally. Now I understand)

yes of course ! thanks for screenshot Alpha
not useful to read verticaly doh !

sorry Nafanja

btw, in drawers you have to count the corresponding stones (b/w/w/w) before playing

Hi everyone!
nafanja, could you give an explanation for 4#code from 4 drawers SP5OI5LER5SPO5ILER please? where is this clue?

do you remember, how did you come up with 5555 at the drawers?

In the drawers of the table to the left of the game there is an arrow that shows a different direction (top and bottom). Can it show the code? Only I do not understand.

LOL Hotz - great minds ☻

Hotz white line around grey bars on drawer "draws" a 5

At night I tried 1111,2222 and so on. )

thanks seb, I have seen these bars as 2222...

ah, thx seb - some of the hints are too easy to see them properly ☻

2222 are from shelves cards

There are 2222. No code from the table with chips ...

you have to place mentally that black stone where the arrow points & change the white stones black as per Go rules

Codes from the table - 6347,895,6,5555,1731, ....?

Thanks all...without you it would´ve been the big red cross for this game. Enjoyed it, but was too hard for me.
And thanks to Alpha´s drawing skills I think I might understand the ghost leg now...hopefully *lol*

I've never played such a game. I do not understand the rules (

all solutions

right click to open link in a new tab

mayhaps you can figure out some ways by seeing the result...

AlphaOmega ΑΩ,Thank you so much,)))

what an excellent game!! thank you Sarameya!!!

thanks Nafanja, for your list! I needed it to find my last 3 or 4 4#codes...
and thanks for ghost ladder hint!!

how I solved the Go game
(e.g. when placed black stone, the neighbour stones become black, too)

right click to open link in a new tab

yep, what a phat game - thx Sarameya ☺

Brilliant game! Needed some help, so thanks for the hints here.

Jeeeezuz. Way, way too much is going on for me in this game...

@Pelznasen https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amida-kuji

I can't play the game :( The "new game" button doesn't react.

alpha omega? how did you get the
for the 3x3 cube?

Brin3m. IIRC that order came from starting at one in the middle and following the directions in which the doors open.

methanw thanks i never even considered the door directions!

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