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Avm Fresh House Escape Walkthrough

Avm Fresh House Escape

AvmGames - Avm Fresh House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. In this escape game, assume that you are all alone in a house. You feel so lonely to be there all by yourself. Therefore, you have decided to go out of the house. But you are not able to do so because the door has been locked and you don’t know how to unlock the door. If you want to escape from the house, you must find a way to unlock the door of the house. Look for clues and hints and solve puzzles to escape from the fresh house. Good luck and have fun!

Play Avm Fresh House Escape


totally stuck! only have a flower and no idea where to put that.

Will try later

The colour number board doesn't need a clue, just line up the numbers. Pay attention to those grey squares on the right or you'll have to rearrange again like I did!

Hi, you have to use all clue papers 2 or 3 times and combine some clues...

I am stuck with 1 to 6R-paper (not used) and direction-number paper (ES-2 NW-3...)(used 3 times)

Hi Trig, you got back in to play I see :)

what I haven't solved yet: 4x4-grid in S1, #code in S8 and I am missing 2 stars for S3.
any help please.

Hi Hotz :) I've used the no's and maths signs on 1st paper, where do I use the r,g,p,b clue from that paper please

I've used colour code and no's from 2nd paper

9486 table

hi yvonne, you have to combine this paper with another to make some math. then use the color order of second paper...

by processing 7394 scene4

sema, my comment @9:17AM...

3214 scene

Has anyone found a use for the key?

rbgp scene3

Trig, first key is used in S4...

Trig I've used 2 keys S4,S8

Hotz, thanks for help, slowly making progress :)

There maybe a bug as the first key will not work any were?

yvonne, so hurry up and help me please. I am still stuck as described above... ;)

Hi bandy, use mine :)

LOL Yvonne I find 3 key holes and it dose not work any one of them?

Hotz, love it that you have faith in me :) but you will probably be in bed by the time I come up with the answer LOL

Well I am out of here. This game is all most unplayable. GL EV 1

I'm not at s8 yet, so that's where the key from the color ball puzzle is probably used. It doesn't work in s4, s5 or s6 spots.

I've used the clue papers 3 times so far, the straight colors 9486, the straight RBGP color order, and a math.

Can't figure out how to use the colors/ numbers for the pie puzzle in s7. Tried the number of times for each color in the 1st paper in the order shown (disregarding math signs), tried once each in RBGP number order as shown on 2nd clue paper, and each color the number of times as shown on 2nd clue paper. None of those worked. What am I missing?

Also used 3214 from 2nd clue paper on TV buttons in s1.

Hi Sugarcrush, you need paper with compass signs

(RE)HI all ☺

as per comments, it seems to be a toughie
(just starting...)

thx for this game, AVM ☺

I've got compass points paper only in inventory, other clue papers have gone, 1 star, 1 bear, 2 deer

Don't have that yet yvonne. All I have in inventory is the key that doesn't work until you get to s8, 2 red flowers and the 2 clue papers. Have not yet found clues for the 4x4 grid in s1, directional buttons in s7, the vertical color buttons in s6, the 3x3 under the starts in s3, the letter puzzle in s4, or any of the 3 keys I mentioned earlier. I'm way behind you guys, ready to give up without cheating by looking at a video WT.

Hi AO, yep it's a tough one. Have fun. :)

3rd key used S8 also

pie puzzle S7 gives another color clue...

Sugarcrush, if you can't use the key, you wont be able to continue, sorry :(

hi everyone, how did you use 3214 on the TV buttons?

This comment has been removed by the author.

sugarcrush, for 3x3 under the stars in s3: use the paper with number, math signs!! and colors...

Hotz, I checked the WT for the 3x3 grid, did exactly what the player did, and it didn't work. Cannot use the key at all. This game not worth the time and frustration, see you guys in another game...moving on.

ah, maths signs for s3 - thx Hotz

& the colours for s3 are from G3 paper

Hi Ivan, look at the order of the no's on paper and press buttons in that order 1-4

going slow here...

another tricky stuff:
for colour wheel in s7, use

hover here & look bottom left of screen or
click & look in URL bar

I've used the compass paper twice, on the pie, and arrows, where else? please

Hi AO :) where are those colours used is it for the letters S4?

yvonne, for letters in S4 you will get an extra paper...
third use of compass paper: combine paper with pie puzzle in S7 to get another color clue.

for letters, you get a paper from placing the 3 reindeers

ah, thx Hotz, never thought of that...!

Hotz, thank you :)

got lucky at 4x4 grid in s1 using 1-6-R-paper

start bottom left

right click to open link in a new tab

good find AO, thank you!!

and finally out :D

thanks AVM for this nice and tricky game!!!

ah, & then grid is hint for s8

phew, finally out - the compass directions paper stayed in inventory till the end (misleading, thought that we have to use it again)...!

Thank you for your help :) made it out

This comment has been removed by the author.

can't get # combo from green grid...3124? or 2314...neither works

Ginner, 2431 in back bedroom on mirrow (from green buttons). I used the video from crazygames. I'm sure I'd try that...

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