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September 5, 2017

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Celebrity Rescue Escape Walkthrough

Celebrity Rescue Escape

Games4King - G4K Celebrity Rescue Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games 4 King. There was a dark house in darkness. The house is designed to intimidate the viewers. The places in the area show the scene of living in ancient times. The puzzles in which it is difficult to find, however, makes it interesting to find somehow. All the clues in this intelligence should be intended to save this man in the mansion. Good luck and have fun!

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Have a key. Have a keyhole. They don't fit. Great, two seconds in and I'm already stuck!


Ah I see. THis game doesn't work. Great.

my last fish was in sneaky panel above the bucket which had key

ladder for panel by the rabbit

crown for teddy

sword for coffin beside the rabbit

bone for round thing

blade for curtain in left house

good evening from germany. where to use vobd?

watercan for tree above rings

good evening Kerstin, how are you doing?..............fine?............good:)

VOBD will be used after opening fish door, see my comment 10:10

oh, I just found the third fish. it goes on, thank you

popsicles go in left house in pillow scene

well? what you're waiting for? get a move on)))

Where to use the knife?

knife will be used after using watering can

buzz off Huw!

Thanks for the help Dazz. These games are dark and sometimes it is hard to see.

Having trouble with 4 colors puzzle in room with rings. Tried combining two clues. Hmmm

found the colour button puzzle really hard until I realised that you can swap the buttons...!

thx for this fun game, G4K ☺
bearded guys are the height of fashion recently ☻

Pfft. Got it!

Not bad. Thank you.
How is Huw not banned? I don't get it.

Hi Bebop how are you?.......fine?.............great!...........I'm fine, thanks:)

I'm not banned because I don't do anything bad, and I don't call pathetic or any names against anyone,or post ugly comments that I myself do not like them for me like Siobhan long's sister or Huw do, I leave hints, yes I leave even if you think they are spoilers I leave, I don't say 'Hey folks! you must read my comments!' Plus when I read the first two comments of Anita I knew they are missing third fish, and that was all they needed to move on, so I left where I got it, and what I left are answers to where to use some objects anyone might not know where.
But whatever I post and whatever I do, that's me, so no matter how long you keep attacking me despite I never said anything bad to you it's not gonna work, I'm being attacked since 2015 but I will not stop leaving clues even if you think I'm spoiling the game, whoever doesn't like what I'm doing is free to do whatever he wants because I do not harrass anyone like you always do.

Plus, I believe you are doing the same sometimes, so how could you allow yourself to attack me for something you yourself do?

The 2-3-4-1 clue had me stumped. For those in my situation, I suggest you go to the room with the fireplace and fishbowl and see if there is a place with 4 squares to input in that order.

Should you find and solve it, those colors might be useful in the scene where the rings go.

Just my idea of a hint. But others choose a different pattern, and there is no right way or wrong way to help other members out.

There is also no excuse for attacking a member who chooses her way of posting over one that you may prefer personally. Very poor taste indeed.

missing another dark spot (I guess) for lemon clue..

Oh gotta find 3 flowers..

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you Dazz. Many games would get 1 star if it were not for these comments. They point to illogical/unidentifiable object use. Say nothing of silly pixel hunts where there is one rock that can be moved (i.e. find that last fish), or helping when artists have no idea on how to use contrasting colors.

I didn't mean to start an argument here. I enjoy hints and clues and prefer not to use rot13 but I have on occasion. I do try to do things on my own without reading comments, but I'm glad they're here when needed. I do prefer hints instead of spoilers but I try to just skim past it unless I absolutely don't get it. We have different ways I think, I just can't stand the name calling and bashing when it's not agreed on. I've just never seen Huw leave any hint or clue, encoded or not...only rude comments. I've had great help from Dazz and BBB. Thank you;)

derr me LOL flowers on the lemons..

This was a very difficult G4K, at least for me. Many places to use objects were obscure or at least not very logical. Many thanks to Dazz, Leroy, Kimbo and AO for your help, otherwise I would be figuring this one out well into next week... :)

Mac Carter

thanks to all who plain hints.
i could not finish a lot of these games without them.

I can't help but notice that although Huw complains about Dazz's comments (by the way thank you, Dazz), he keeps coming back here and reading them. I find them very helpful personally and think that people who don't want to read them don't have to. Some people just need something to complain about and should maybe should find important things to do it about.

Dazz Ley, I do NOT mind you leaving hints at all. I'm happy you do. I need hints sometimes. When I can do a game on my own, I DO NOT LOOK AT THE COMMENTS. Do not let the Flicking idiots bully you. I am old enough and smart enough to not read the comment section if I choose not to. How stupid of people to criticize you!! People here in the USA are dealing with floods in Texas and you suckers have the balls to critisize Dazz because she leaves hints !!!. Seriously?? Quit reading the flicking comments. Quit bullying. Just quit being ass holes ! STOP. There are much more important things in life than worrying about the comments Dazz leaves !!!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

agree with oldmaiden, she took the words right out of my mouth! @ Dazz Ley: THUMBS UP! Often I needed your hints; so let them coming!


I for one need to know where to use the razor...leave a hint, use rot.13, or a spoiler. Don't care. Thanks

Ginner, I believe I did leave a hint for that at 10: 24 am

I seldom leave a comment, but I want to add something this time. First, thank you Oldmaiden for your comment about the Texas floods. I am living the nightmare after affects, and so clear thinking is eluding me. This particular escape took me two days because of not thinking clearly.
Dazz, and all others who offer hints, clues, direction, etc., thank you. I am not forced to read the messages, but I have popped in a time or two to get the nudge to complete an escape. I totally agree with the need, at times, for those of us who are challenged in color sight(or just have crappy monitors that can't spot hidden fields) to have the ability to read someone else's comment because I can't see the screen clearly. Taking a clue as to where something is, or goes, does not take away from the enjoyment of the game. What does irk me is the school yard mentality of some who can't just keep a mean comment, or opinion, to themselves.

I don't play these games like I used to due to life issues. I've never been one to post much and so appreciate the helpful hints, spoilers and or etc. The only person who I have found to ruin these games is Huw. Speaking of arrogance, confrontational and possibly other issues of which I am not qualified to speak of. The insulting remarks above by some against others are very disturbing. Why not just play the game... if you don't like something ignore it and move on. These are games, not life altering issues in life. I wish well to all, happiness to all, mutual respect, and enjoyable games with those who enjoy others whether they prefer different comments, remarks, spoilers or not. Just play the game and think the best of people regardless as to your preferences. No one is perfect. Everyone is different. Insults get you no where with exception to those who are so blatantly rude it ruins the game for everyone.

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