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Escape Challenge 40: Room with a Finance Walkthrough

Escape Challenge 40: Room with a Finance

TomoLaSiDo - Escape Challenge 40: Room with a Finance Escape is another Japanese point and click type escape game developed by TomoLaSiDo. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Нетёса Ирина]

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Why can't I Pick up the weights?

I don't get any clue...

There's an easy clue on the tweezers Urban.
I'm not making much progress either though.
Got to go. Hope there'll be some hints when I get back.

Thanks, didn't think of looking on them...

And BTW, why is dustbin in tomalasido games always ampty? I want to find something in there :)

There's also clues on the extra weights in inventory, but I don't know what they mean. lol

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Tweezer has more than one purpose

POP, take a closer look at the clock...

I don't understand Urban.

I see the missing #s, I see that the 6 is out of order. I don't get what it means.

SMH, nevermind I got it. lol I forgot about that drawer.

Something I did changed the color of the top of the 1000kg weight to turn from red to blue, but I don't know what it was.

I don't understand the color clue, or the clues on the bottoms of the weights. Anyone still here?

Have I been abandoned?

I'm still here , stuck in the same place, but have to go to watch the basketball finals...

What does the "21" on the toilet mean?

Clues on weight bottoms tell you which squares to enter the numbers for one of the drawers.

Also stuck with 21 and the color clue

Okay, finally figured out the color code. I feel stupid. lol

aitch, the color numbers. Top number is the number of | lines to use (look at the 8) bottom number is number of - lines to use.

Good find Maggie

I was messing around with the left right buttons trying to use the 21 as a clue and it opened. Was alternating between the two sides. Think I started on the right.

Thought I'd tried that for the coloured buttons Maggie. Wouldn't it give 622?

Do you mean the numbers on the weights go in the slots? Is that the #3 number drawer? Still need the #4 clue in bathroom area and yeah, I have no idea what the 21 means either. The 3 corners of the 1000kg weight can be clicked, but for what purpose I don't know.

This comment has been removed by the author.

methanwy, it's 074

I think I've just used the weights that can be picked up from the inventory to open the 3# drawer.

Thanks Maggie. I'll use that, then think about why later!

I still don't get what numbers to use from the weights and I only have 2 sizes. I don't think I've ever been so confused by one of TomoLaSiDo's games. LOL

The tweezers weigh 20g

I must be losing my mind. Finally got the #3 drawer. Now need the #4 cabinet.

Yey. I shifted the ball in the box using weights then poked it out.

I got out without getting the 4# cabinet or the huge weight. Woefully short of the full complement of weights. Going back to try again.

Oh. I finally understand the 3 colour number. Thanks again Maggie.

No problem,methanwy. I was tempted to leave w/out #4 cabinet and large weight, but still sticking it out. I just can't find anymore clues. Oh, and the l/r clue comes from the windows by the front door.

Need extra help with the three number drawer...

Any, the 50 g weight has the left square xed out, so the right two numbers are 50. Do the same with the other weight for the drawer #

AmyElvis look at the weights in your inventory. Click on them when they are zoomed in. You'll see 3 boxes on the bottom of each. The boxes with the \ are the numbers (from how much each weighs) you don't use. Hope that helps.

This is one of the most obscure Tomola's ever!

I'm about ready to give up on the #4 cabinet and the big weight.

I agree with you aitch. I can't remember the last time I've had this much trouble solving one of their games. I just can't find anymore clues. Still don't know what I did to get the big weight's top to go from red to blue.

I'm going to take a risk and go outside to see if there is anything there.

Well, that didn't work! There is a gift package outside with 720g / 1450g written on it.

aitch Don't do that! I did ... nada

The color on top of the big weight changes when you use the 170g scale.
There's a view underneath the table with the scale, but there doesn't seem to be anything in it or any use for it.

Yeah, I left too, missing the extra 730g to make it a perfect end. I'm done with this game. I'll check back later to see, if anyone found the #4 number clue or what the 21 meant or why the dots on the 1000kg weight can be clicked.

I feel dense but I still don't get the coloured numbers. Maggie's explanation didn't help. How is first number zero?

Phaedrus you draw a shape which has 4 down strokes and 2 across strokes. Only a zero can be made that way.

This comment has been removed by the author.

And I've got 1450! Yay.

@methanwy, you are a genius! Thank you so much for getting me out of there.

Welcome Zoz. And thanks tomolasido for a much harder game than normal!

Thanks Methanwy

what's the clue for the two half circles?

The clock hands divide the clock in half. 5 numbers on right side and 3 numbers on left side

still not getting the color clue. I'm counting 7 vertical lines on top and 3 horizontal lines on bottom. Where does the 074 come from?

Robin Rob
0 = 4 verticals and 2 horizontal lines and so on

count the number of strokes and figure out a digital number that matches it.

thank you

Do the half circles before you place the weights on big weight or you will lose your tweezers and can pick that last 50kg up

Can't get back the tweezers once it is returned. So it is better to use it before.

Of course! The #4 number. Thank you methanwy!

I'm stuck with all the 1450 weights and missing the piece of key in the ball inside the clear box. I kept putting weights into before but it did nothing, and now I have nothing to put into it...

now this is a toughie for me (too - still playing)

I think for l/r, it's the windows next to door

thx for this game, Tomo ☺

& of course thx ppl for your hints ☺

I used tweezers to move the ball in the box

(but it seems that you have to do all puzzles first, before you put all in the big weight...)

This comment has been removed by the author.

had to replay, as I didn't solve 3#code before placing all in big weight & now I can see the whole clock in zoom (before I didn't see the 1 & the dots on 10/11/12 position...!) & also the whole big weight (didn't see the top with the blue light before)

seems to be a bit buggy, I presume...

RATS! forgot to take the weight on toilet (3rd time restarting)

& it seems to be a warning in Japanese inside the big weight (I suppose, not to put the stuff inside before finishing all actions in the room...!)

The Japanese means "Props recycle". The tweezers will be gone if being put there.

Wow, that was good! Made me think, and also made me very satisfied when I figured the puzzles out. Still a bit frustrated, because I couldn't figure out myself the four number puzzle. Thanks for the mirrored toilet hint! That was too obscure for me, thought that 21 is a clue for the huge weight.

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