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Youtubers Saw Game 2 Walkthrough

Youtubers Saw Game 2

InkaGames - Youtubers Saw Game 2 is another point and click type adventure game developed by Inka Games. The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped the well known youtubers Lyna, Moonkase, Lili Cross, ManoloTEVE, Town, Rovi23 and German to force them play his twisted game and that way take revenge for having upload lots of videos solving several saw games. Help them escape safe and sound! Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Нетёса Ирина]

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OMG, My day has been made! Thank you thank you thank you Inka! Going in!

First off play as all the characters and pick up as much stuff as possible. To defeat spider use perfume then throw lit match at it.

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i am not even close to that. I just used the mouse against Arleigh Quin.

To defeat the goblin use saw.

Anyone get Jason yet?

I haven't completely figured out Jason yet. Here's what I have.

Put Samuel and his dog down on the X outside Jason's room. Give Samuel the smartphone and the pen.

Use the drone to take a picture of Jason, which goes to the smartphone Samuel has. This is as far as I've gotten.

Use the pic on Samuel and he will write Jason's name in the book. But then Moonkase dies.

Stuck on the Teddy, Jason, Ganon, Zombies and Octopus

I can't do anything once the photo is taken. Nothing seems to work in my inventory, and I have no idea what book you're referring to.

Lyna gets the apple from Carlos Gardel. Lili gives apple to demon for book.

Aha, strong termite eats book after it returns to demon.

Almost got German past the ghost, just need to figure out what to do with the painting.

Aha, don't just try to use the match to burn it -- light an actual fire.

       Anonymous  9/13/17, 12:14 PM  

bug - can't place mechanical arm :(

Place dummy on coat rack, Place arm behind bomb and hide behind piece of wood

Uf, skateboard and cradle for first part of the ghost, then make a fire... Now stuck with most of the characters

...stuck with all the guys and Lyna...

How do you stop the wind? How do you get by the teddy bear?

Where is the dummy?

To stop the wind jump off the left bottom of the cliff and you will hold on to the side. For teddy pair use the 6 blocks you got at the grave and the helium balloon once you have made steps.

how to grab the mechanical hand? the zombies catch me all the time

Good noon everyone. Did you solve it? Rope and fishhook at Town's tree

Need a dance floor

Can take dance floor back

Tiny perfume bottle in bedroom with heart bed.

Notice gravestone has music notes on it

Seed goes in scene with 4 graves.

Shine flashlight on sign a second time (after using perfume & match on bug) to get galactic code.

In German scene with girl on wlal. Notice she has something in her hands.

For German girl you'll need skateboard (from space) and cradle. Then walk over line.

For German girl you'll then need to press skateboard remote. Not done yet. Next light fire under painting on far right (that is not a window). Unfortunately, the spot to light the fire is very specific. Use firewood, then lit match. All this is short-timed.

Need to combine ring and hammer before using on island

For German graveyard, put a seed, use water bucket, then beaver, but i'm still wonder how to prevent other 2 zombies to get out of graves

Roger rabbit:
throw carrot to the left side of giant bunny bear, throw vegetable enlarger, talk to roger rabbit

Last to zombies: grab the mechanical hand, use pogo stick and than you can use crossbow with plunger on the wall, but i'm still missing something

POP, first you need to use showel under the wall

Very obscure puzzles at the end. You'll need a walkthrough. First half of game was very very enjoyable. That nut you find near the beginning is used at the very end, don't waste time with it (no, it can't be used in slingshot).

Can't place the arm beside the dummy... bug?

Yay, waited a long time for the next Inka game!

oh, this one is huge - thankfully saved it for today when I have more time
moving on very slow here, using everything on everything/-one (that's not so much fun...)

catch eel at well with net & gloves to have power for gramophone at Carlos grave - ♥ the dance intermezzo with the tango music

use flash on pic to get spider

usually there's (flammable) alcohol in perfumes

didn't know that monsters like fruits

btw, nice touch with the vids in intro
& shortly peeked into the YouTubers vids - not my cuppa at all

This comment has been removed by the author.

climb tree to fix rope with hook

load slingshot with cherry & provoke cloud

you actually jump in front of the island (click the brown wall)

she must be very skinny - one single helium balloon helped...!

also combining everything with everything in inventory to get e.g.

crossbow loaded with unclogger on rope or

blowgun loaded with pebble

at bomb

place hand, coat rack, ravi doll, hide behind wood, use remote, cut cloak

missing door

melted butter for chair to move, place ignited bomb, hide it in gift box, go in other room & use loaded blowgun on slenderman

wall arrow is for number order

btw, loads of trial & error to find out the correct action order

at pentagram

climb box, throw ball, climb down, place skateboard, place wooden board

at pentagram

wear Sammy costume (incl. shirt), go right, talk with Alice, when she steps on pentagram, use sword

wet Boris to wake him up

at machine

place gear, place nut, use wrench, place dynamite, Alice on 45, Boris on 70, plug in machine, go to pentagram, use remote, when monster standing on pentagram

liked the potshot at T.Rump ☻
looking forward to playing that next one

thx for this cool game, Inka ☺
& thx ppl for your hints

Does anyone else find these Inka games to be getting increasingly more difficult to decipher? Some puzzle solutions are logical, such as using perfume and lighter to burn a spider, but many others are just so illogical, you could spend hours trying to figure out what to do and never get anywhere. I love Inka games because they are longer than most games and you get your satisfaction's worth, but I wish more of these puzzles would be a little easier to figure out.

someone make a full walkthorogh in text and post it here

how do i find perfume

how do i complete the zombie part

the drone remote wont appear for me

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