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Avm Modern Grey House Escape Walkthrough

Avm Modern Grey House Escape

AvmGames - Avm Modern Grey House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. This house is the best house in the village. As an architect, this something that you really proud of. Despite of its good looks, you want to make sure that everything in this modern house is all good. So, you roamed around to check everything. The design is very slick but there is something that you noticed about this house. There is an issue about the door. It won't open properly so you called the engineer for this. However, he is out of town so he can't answer your call. You can't sell the house if the door is like that. But the bigger problem is, you can't get out from this mansion because of that. Even if you are not an engineer, you have to use your logic to fix the door so you can escape. Good luck and have fun!

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(RE)HI all ☺

oh, this number grid looks dangerous...!

thx for this game, AVM ☺

can't be bothered atm with this grid...!
(will come back to this later)

I hate AVM games.

Snaggy of the number grid


But now I've got to go for a few minutes


14 46 39 1
36 4 11 49
5 37 10 48
45 13 40 2

Hi, for math grid in S1:

stuck with color and fruit clue, doesn't work with fruit :)

The star is clickable, I pressed it a few times and got something from it

keep a look on paper with date: it's 2 clues...

Thank you for maths solution

did the grid wasn't too bad got bottom results first pic not working going back to that not looked at hint yet AO lol

axe is used in S7, knife in S6...

I have 2 eyes, flower, gem, star don't know where they go. Do not have any clues.

Hi all pic worked 2nd time trying to figure out date clue used colours off other paper but numerals not yet

Carm place star in Sc 10 then click it again

back & already worked on the grid for a bit, getting more & more frustrated, & there you are - thx guys for the solution(s)

numbers from first paper work sc 6

This comment has been removed by the author.

Carm, green gems go in S9

I'm in s9 now, Hotz. Do you have to do the color puzzle first before you can place gems? They don't go anywhere else. Need clue for that puzzle, as well as clues for most of those brown-button puzzles!

Found place for gems, spot on door is very hard to see.

flowers go in s8

coloured numbers on X paper didn't match colours in s9, it's not purple & brown, but



duh figured out date paper word seperate

nothing in inventory & still loads of puzzles to solve

were there 2 hints on the X paper?
(it disappeared for me, after doing colours in s9...)

I'm wandering around with lots to do too. Anyone remember what I have to do to get to scene 6?

3 colored numbers in S6 are the clue for 7x5 grid in same scene!!!

I still have the X paper after using it on the colours AO. Do you need a snaggy of it?

s7, s3 & s6 are reachable after placing the 3 green gems on door in s9

meth, to get to S6: go through green gem door and right

oh, that would be great, meth, thx ☺
(hopefully it works like this...)

Thanks guys. Missing a green gem - and clearly missing something to do that you all have found.

Could it be Augest? I've done the numbers from that paper.

can't find to use axe in sc 7

Snaggy of the x paper


AO, I did colors from x paper in s9 and still have it, so the numbers must need to be used somewhere else.

Also, I tried 1978 from the date paper on 2 of the 4-digit puzzles as well as a wall slider...didn't work.

I need tons of clues for button puzzles, have no tools or keys so there must be some solutions through that locked door in s10. Have x and date cluepapers in inventory, as well as 2 blue eyeballs and 1 pink one.

just if I needed a reason not to play avm games anymore..

fruit paper is combined with another paper (for both codes (fruits and colors))

joycy, axe for sofa...

Sugarcrush. Did you press the star again after placing it. Somehow I've picked up a green eye that you don't seem to have. Or it could have come from a clickable picture.

AO date paper 6 digits

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hotz that axe will not entertain sofa

The date doesn't seem to work on the number puzzle in s8. Tried 780820, 782008, 082078, 200878. Still trying to find where it works...probably past that locked door I still can't get through, lol!

see my 2nd comment above...

Sugar crush, ignore augest for the 6#s

take the numbers as they are without the month

zickzack clue is used on 1-9 numbers in S3

meth, I did push that star again, got stuff a 2nd time (got a red bug and something else, forgot what..maybe a gem). Kept pushing it again afterwards...nothing more.

201978....worked, thanks meth. Got a green eyeball.

Where were the axe and the knife?

I know I took a long break in the middle of this game. Still 86 minutes is ridiculous ;-) Still looking for that 3rd green gem.

4 persons clue is used on 4 buttons in S1 too...

thanks alpha!

did you see my hint about date 11.45

I saw that Joycy, but I haven't even reached s6 yet. Feeling very dumb.

yellow flowers in S8 are the clue for lions heads (last code).

nice and challenging game, thank you AVM!!!

joycy, I can't get to s6 or s3 yet, if they're past the locked door in s10.

does anyone have a solution to the circle math puzzle?

eventually got axe to work by sliding it like a knife

Oliveya iv vii and xxx for that maths.

Sugarcrush, it seems we're both missing something obvious. I've used x paper and date paper once each only.

Aha. A VWT to the rescue.

thanks methanwy!

OK, it seems that locked door might be the escape door, and s3 and s6 are past the green gem door. Also missing a green gem.

This game is driving me nutzo. I'm starting to agree with Anna's comment at @10:59.

now stabbed everywhere in sc6 no joy yet lol

where do the eyeballs go and the gems and star go?

have trouble with the navigation in this one
(always take the wrong passage...!)

3 green gems:
- picture in S10
- pressing star 4 times (clue from math in S5)
- 4# code in S4 (X-clue up to down)

DOH, Double Doh use the x paper for 4#s in s4. I was SURE I'd tried that.

cut the pillow

BF'd the numbers in the x paper for the 4 digits in s4, finally got the last green gem...lucked out!

eyes for s6
there are different kind of gems, which ones do you need?
star for s10

Thanks Hotz for taking the trouble.

oh, I already solved the 4# code in s4...!
(that's why my paper disappeared after using the colours in s9 - doh)

where does 20 August 1978 go?

Found eyeball puzzle, did colored dot slider, still no axe or knife. August spelled wrong works in s7 ::rolling eyes:: :P

it's 2 hints 1 for letter puzzle (with the typo) & the numbers for 6# puzzle

btw, it's all already in the comments above, search with Ctrl+F & keyword for what you need

This comment has been removed by the author.

axe from eyball puzzle, Sugar

thanks AO, that eyeball slider was a pain.

do the numbers for the August paper used for anything else because i still have the paper?

oliveya22, this paper is used for 6# code and 6 letter code...

Phew finally out. Really enjoyed that challenge AVM even though I got held up by my own stupidity.

Thanks for the hints, especially Hotz.

Finally a WT, been playing this game almost 1-1/2 hours and haven't got all day. Thanks for the hints, everyone, much appreciated. I think I'll avoid AVM games for a while, lately they've been way too long even by my standards and I'm pretty slow, lol!

thanks Hotzenplotz

123 clue from knife cut used twice.

thanks AO tried to cut several tomes before it worked

now fruits won't work tried different ways think I'll leave of for now keep losing places navigation all over

the fruit paper (also the colours on it) has to be combined with the 4# paper for order

don't have a problem with game just too many attempts before things work

thanks Alpha but still opted out for now

wow, more than 90 comments - it's been a while I saw a game with so many posts...!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Use colours under the fruits to order them the way they are on the tv. Pink is first so grape, then blue so pineapple...

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