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Big Spooky Land Escape Walkthrough

Big Spooky Land Escape

BigEscapeGames - BEG Big Spooky Land Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Big Escape Games. In this game, you came deep inside a big spooky land in Halloween holidays. But unfortunately, you missed the way out from the Halloween spooky land. This place looks very scary. You have to find the way to escape by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Love these, hopefully someone will join me soon!

am with you Kimbo:) I love these spooky games too

Hi Dazz, oooh sudoku math isn’t for me!

Wow. I actually got, can’t give hint since it opened too fast.

I got it but solution faded quickly, I remember I put 9,2,4 in the middle

every time I click music shuts down

knife for hanging cat

Use two clues for monster face puzzle

Going in now, these BIG games usually take all afternoon, lol! Hi guys. :)

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the yellow clue of brooms is on tree trunk above the skulls

the 3x3 grid with 1,2,3, behind the scarecrow is the other clue for monster grid

In second set, cauldron used on green pile to right

Hi sugar

red potion for skeleton

Looks like this 3x3 sudoku will take more than 1 solution. I put 4 9 2 on the bottom.

hiyo sugar

Missing yellow spider

where's the second clue for the heads???

LNS near scarecrow, cats scene

Have to pay close attention to details on the 5x4 color puzzle with skeleton heads, coffins etc..

ty - nice to be back - changed computer and forgot how and what with to log in!

Trying to figure out 6 skeletons with missing limbs

Oops clue for skeletons in next set

Green stuff on cauldrons after placing ghosts

For those who don't want to scamper around trying to get the skulls, coffins right, here is a screenshot:

I need to open chest in cat scene...stuck, also need clue to 9levers in scene with purple candle and I have 3-4 unused clues

I totally missed an entire scene. Oops. Moving on

Okay, I'm stuck at the 4x4 grid with the cats, skulls, spiders and candles where one of each is highlighted in cyan. It's in the same room where you place three jack-o-lanterns with witches hats. Anyone else there yet? I can't find a clue for it anywhere and it doesn't look like it could be a picture sudoku, and I've already tried matching the columns, rows, etc.

shoot! i accidentally came upon the solution to the grid i was talking about (trial and error) but it opened before i knew what i was doing. I know I put a different symbol in each row, but always in the same sequence. but the start of the sequence in each row depended on where the highlighted symbol was. I think the sequence, candle, skull, spider? that might be wrong...

Totally stuck, next one more skull to get to next set, only have green powder and clue scroll (used early on). Help would be very much appreciated

Beatnik, that’s exactly where I’m stuck now!

yay! out! that last puzzle was the worst though. I wonder if there was a clue for it that i missed?

Spider cat skull candle, I think!
Escaped, where are you? Have anything to use?

God 4 head and bone things, stuck with everything else, missing a bird, skeletons clue, grey skull for portal and hint for circle of crosses early on, oh and up and down pumpkins!

Up and down pumpkins clue comes in next set of scenes escaper. I have to admit I BFd the circle of crosses. Couldn't find the clue. They light up when you enter consecutive ones in the correct order.

Good lord, how many sets of "new" scenes are there in this game? It goes on forever, lol!

Circle of crosses clue was numbers 1-8 with arrows underneath them. Up down pumpkins and skeletons clues comes in next scenes

This one is ginormous!

I need a break, I’ll come back soon to all your wonderful hints;)

Ah. Thanks Kimbo. I can stop trying to find a use for those arrows now!

If the coloured cats were a clue for the 4x4 grid with 4 cyan buttons, then it was a bit confusing: the top at should have been blue, not cyan. But perhaps I have missed another clue.

For the circle with 8 crosses starting at top, number them 1 to 8 going clockwise, now press 3-7-1-5-6-2-8-OK.

Out with no helps. Can't believe it.

I have a greenish-gray thing that looks like a cylinder, or a salt shaker, a hand (not the one I already put in a doorway, this one is bloody), 3 cutters, and 3 skulls (not the same ones that go in the 5x3 connected grid)...all this stuff I haven't found a place for. Video WT at BIG's site doesn't play, and there isn't a WT on youtube yet. Help, please.

Been playing for almost 2-1/2 hours, ready to give up. Though I hate to do that, having already invested the time.

I'm where you are sugarcrush and wondering if these games have autosave. Do you know?

A visitor has arrived to save me from this spooky place. I'll take my chance on autosave. Leave good hints and good luck!

This comment has been removed by the author.

I don't know, meth, but I'm not taking the chance just in case there's no autosave.

I emailed BIG to let them know their WT isn't working. Does anyone know where there's a working WT for this game in the meantime?

Just checked no autosave. :-( Really with a game this large there should be. That's me done.

Need one last skull. And I've solved all the puzzles except for a 3x5 grid of witch faces.

And Big Escape Games, if you are reading this as much as I enjoy your games I won't be playing them very often. I don't have the time to play them thru to the end in one sitting. Auto save would fix this problem for me and others. I notice there is a load option but it didn't work on this game.

I’m back, seem to be stuck in same place as Meth and sugar. Sigh

Oh and colored cats were for color circles on ground in front of big pumpkin. Not sure if there was a clue for that cyan highlighted puzzle

Mac, there's a 3x5 witch hat clue with dark and light hats, located at the top left of the scene where you place 3 lollipops. Is that the clue you need? I don't think I've reached that puzzle yet.

Sneaky panel in scene where you place candy, near floor gives me last bag

Kimbo, I don't think I saw the clue for the symbol puzzle with some cyan. Beatnik Mary was probably right, it's trial and error and with some intuition.

...which gives last bear, then a rooms

Thanks Kimbo, I was looking for that last bag!

Bag gave me key for the door, now I know what to do with the salt shaker. :)

That was it, Sugarcrush! Many thanks!! I've been looking at every wall, since that's where a lot of clues are, but missed that one.

The witches gave me the last skull, out now. Let me know how I can help you in this one.

This was an exceptionally long one. I've been at it for almost four hours, and my wife is not very happy :). Glad it's over - whew!

5 digit number for spear, 1=bottom

Missing one skull for placement puzzle, not sure if there’s a clue on how to write happy Halloween word scramble, nothing else to do

POP, clue on piano

Finally out...yay! Thanks again Kimbo, your hint got me moving along again.

Good game, BIG. Because your games are so long and involved, it might be a good idea to have a working WT available when you release a game, in case people really get stuck. Thanks.

And that clue didn’t work for me, hmmm

A little over 3 hours...whew! Glad we were all able to help each other in some way. :)

Kimbo, make sure you start 2017 in the right spot. I did the same thing you did.

No problem sugar, how to write Halloween scramble, clue not getting it for me

You might have to switch the letter O with the number 0.

Out! Kimbo have you got the 0 and the O the wrong way round?

Yes 2017 with 3 spots in front and 2 behind like clue not working

Hahha. I sure did, thank you both! Face palm!

Snap Sugarcrush! Thanks for the game BIG. I really like your games, but would like autosave.

And Kimbo, thanks for that bag - I was well stuck there.

Out. Nice long game, working wt would’ve helped. Thank you everyone!

lol meth, great minds think alike. ;)

This comment has been removed by the author.

I almost used to walkthrough to figure out what numbers to use under Happy Halloween...almost.

I didn't understand the sudoku. I started out making it like sudoku and suddenly it opened. I replayed and same thing.

Use green powder on ghosts after placing them.

A few clues were in the background quite dark and I missed zooming in on them at first. I had to sit up not slouch!

I am still missing a ghost Trig!

I'm pixel hunting and getting nowhere :-/

Gwenyth I can’t recall where I got all three ghosts, but once you place them use green stuff. What do you need to solve? Anything in inventory?

One ghost from 5 pumpkins on ropes, one ghost from 6 skeletons in order, and one ghost from 5 broomsticks in arrow order.
If you have 2 pumpkins in your inventory, use them above the 6 skeletons (the five above the doorway are found later) for your (probably) last skull to open the new room where you get the skeletons clue and where the broomstick buttons are. Does that help?

Replayed it - there is a glitch with the skeletons - I don't get a ghost! No wonder I can't continue

They shouldn't have numbered those 8 arrows

Finally, the hint for 9 switches in the scene where candelabras go is above where teddy bears go. This game is too big, and dark clues on dark backgrounds are horrible.

Use hammer on green thing on the ground in castle scene.

And back to nearly beginning to use the 5 green symbols on that chest. huff, puff....

Sorry, switch hint is in room where 5 teddy bears go, not the room with the 3 of them.

12131 clue is used near the end.

The hint for the 4x4 grid in the colored checkerboard hint room is at the very end.

Beatnik is correct above, there is no clue for the 4x4 symbol grid with cyan highlights. It is not a sudoku (but may have supposed to be). Just putting one of each symbol in the 4 rows worked for me. This is not fair.

2nd candelabra is last item before end.

Gwenyth, did you make sure the arms were all correct on the skeletons? It looks like the pattern is headless/headed, but they all have differing number of arms too!

Cruelty to animals gets an automatic 1 star rating. Get used to it.

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