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November 13, 2017

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Balloon Room Escape Walkthrough

Balloon Room Escape

Balloon Room Escape is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Shiesuta. In this game, your aim is to escape the room by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!
[Submitted by Нетёса Ирина]

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I can't resist, just a few minutes...

Them graphics look good at first sight.

This will be a toughie. Went around once and found dozens of clues. Got a clue paper with animals, a paper clip, a cloth, and a screwdriver.

Hi Merit I am stuck with a S/D, paper clip,ball and 3 papers I don't know what they want?

Yes it seems to be a tough one!

Screwdriver can be used for all kind of screws.

Got a remote from box on coffee table ( hint is apples )

Not sure how to play game on TV ?

Oh, hi bandy! :-D

Got only two paper, forgot the ball.

OK use L/R arrows on keyboard to not get hit by snow flakes ( Not easy though )

Eh - what box for the remote? There's only one table (with cup of coffee, front of sofa), and I got a key from there, clue were the shelves.

bandy use z to shoot at them! Hit 10 & you're done :)

I cant get passed tv game ??

Hi just. Seems I'm on a completely different road. LOL!

Thanks Just 1

Got liquid soap from using key. Wet the cloth and used it on left side of sofa for a ghostleg puzzle.

Merit My bad the one on the couch sorry.

Hi meritneith! I'm trying to open your box on table but SP5OI8LE3R isn't working? Are my @s wrong?

Box w/ remote is on sofa behind table (bandy was sitting on it)

LOL Just1 :)

Ah, thanks. And this relates to the apples? Must check that.

Ghostleg is for the wobbly picture. Start with central line on top and go to goal. Cutter and another box.

Merit were was cloth ?

oops I meant *#s*

Thanks for the apples. Didn't see it as no down button was used.

Merit look at the leafs on top of apples

Cloth... somewhere in plain sight? Give me a second.

Did you guys hang up the Good Night pic and turn out lights? I can't make that clue work either.

Oh, for the box with the shelf hints: Order is book - bird - house. That got me too.

Just1 I turned out the lights but see nothing??

Cloth is in drawer at left side of cupboard. Above the snow (?) puzzle drawer. No key or so needed.

And yes, I have seen the lights out clue.

Got it thanks merit

I think the lights out clue relates to the card symbols of the TV game.

Hearts could be H, diamonds 3, spades E, and clubs 0 or O.

thanks meritneith! Got key now

@bandy you see clue after hanging picture - already forgot where I got that picture

Bandy, there's a scroll I think from the box right of sofa (use sd). Hang this on the hook above sofa, then turn out lights.

Oh I think it was in the white box, open w/ SD

OOOOHH Thanks I have pic.

I was trying to unscrew the hook LOL

H3O H3 3EO H3E makes no sense at all.

But merit there is no #'s in the puzzle??

Ah, use cutter on ball we've got at the beginning for a deflated balloon.

*staring at the screen with no ideas*

And I forgot about the paper with counting the squares. I'm not good at those but maybe it will get us going.

Well this one is tough I must get some work done. Thanks for the help and GL

Assemble the lines from the pic in the dark with the symbols from tv. Gives a 4 letter word.

Emmes, thanks! Feeling completely dumb now.

Beautiful Emmes, thanks! What a clever clue!

Holy moly, what a blond day! I googled the paws of a megabat after colouring the animals on the note and didn't realize there are no orange and and lavender buttons in the puzzle.

According to clue in the book, we need to know what that red funny thing with the two legs is. What's that called in English ?

Where is S/D please??

Combined book hint (paws) with coloured animals and opened the round box on the shelf. Got that LED thingy (?) now we need for balloon and paper clip.

Found S/D, never mind.

Orsy, don't remember exactly but maybe in cupboard in that clock drawer.

Emmes, I don't even know what it is in German!

Oh, suddenly I got it - WE color the animals, with our new pen set.

Something with LED light, but do we really need the word?

Did anyone already count the squares on that clue paper?

I would say 8 4 6 5 but I'm so awfully bad at those. I'll try the math and see how far I get.

Don't know that word in German either ! Tried "lamp" on the box with the key but it doesn't work. Been blowing at my screen to get the balloon inflated, doesn't work either......

The squares add up to 948 I think.

If that would have been correct and the math would have been 8 x 4 x 33 + 6 x 5 and if I had calculated properly (32 x 33 + 30 = 1116) and this would have been the solution for the box behind the wobbly picture... FAIL

@merit SP1OI0L8E6R works

I'd rather think we have to put the three things together than getting a solution from just the words.

combined LED w/ battery but then...?

Oh just... maths fail, thanks. Maybe I hit the wrong key on my keypad.

Thanks for the number just 1 !

At least I counted properly! :-D

Led with battery and then balloon.

combine w/ balloon!

Fix it with paperclip.

Just, do as described in book. Zoom into balloon, insert LED with battery, fix it with clip.

Put balloon above exit door and turn out light. Voila!

balloon above door, turn off lights get code, Out!

What a great game ! Thank you ! And thx everyone for the teamwork, see you in the next one !

And out, would have liked to go on further together with you...

Enjoyed that one. Thanks team!

What a GREAT GREAT GREAT game! Hard but absolutely logical, perfect for that teamwork we had, thank you for that.

Don't know why it's only rated 3.5 stars by now (maybe those who can't get out within three minutes). I would put it in a row with those outstanding games we have only once in a blue moon.

oh, no, missed it live :-(
(esp. because merit was here for a change...!) as I was playing the other games first posted today (so many!)

oh, alas, so let's dive in...

thx for the game, Shiesuta ☺
I have the strong feeling, that this will be a great one...!

oh, there's another hint in the book you need to see before assembling the stuff

thx ppl for your hints, bummer I missed the fun of playing together...

ONLY PIXEL HUNT: Left side of sofa

Now, this is what an escape game should be!!! All of the hidden objects (find and drop) are NOT escape games. They have their own category: hidden objects. Just because hidden object games put in a little math, they are not overall escape games. Please, developers - especially this on - make more games like this. I know they take much longer to create because you have to create actual, logical puzzles for us to solve. In fact, I would be willing to pay for games like this one. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for an enjoyable morning of escaping!!!!!

Amazing, fantastic game! Thanks for this challenging and FUN game!!! I wish I could give ten stars.....

Wow nice game for a change!
Lacked a bit on the visuals but overcame that with great puzzles :D
(Btw, I've been sooo caught up with the rest of my life that I miss so very much the good ol' times when I used to catch live games and play with everyone else.. at least I can enjoy good quality games every once in a while ;) )

awesome game - nice and logical, thanks :)

Somehow I escaped without turning on the TV...... and many other puzzles unsolved... -_-

definitely 5 stars from me. As usual, I got some help from just1, but made it out mostly on my own. I hope to see many more from this developer!

That is a beautiful game!

Absolutely superb!!! Loved this game so much. Thanks, Shiesuta, for a fabulous, fun challenge. Can't wait for more from you. So nice to see some players from way back! Thanks for hints!

       Anonymous  11/26/17, 8:05 PM  

i think the problem with the "squares" counting puzzle is that you actually need to count RECTANGLES. probably a translation issue.

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