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Big Wasteland Escape Walkthrough

Big Wasteland Escape

BigEscapeGames - BEG Big Wasteland Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Big Escape Games. In this game, you came to came to do some research in Wasteland. But unfortunately, you missed the way out. There is no one to help you. You have to find the way to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Going in!

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I am stuck on the wheel with the animals. The lizard and the manatee have been given the same position.

The Narwhal goes top left but I can't find the hint for it so the wheel won't work. Where is it please?

Got it! put the lizard top left and the narwhal bottom right.

Jenny it's in the scene with the cacti - on the post under the coloured circles

I am stuck now with 2 red cymbals, a small cactus and 2 turtles. I need one more eye to get to the next scenes.

I've tried that Jenny but it doesn't work for me

Thanks Saqqara!

Saqqara - just a thought - are you noticing the direction of the arrows?

From top going clockwise, flying squirrel, emu, scorpion, narwhal, frog, possum Kangaroo and lizard.

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Have you solved the dial type puzzle? I can't seem to do it :(

Hi Mystery283, can you help with that last eye?

I did solve the dial type puzzle. there are 3 hints and they overlap each other.

Thank you so much Jenny..... far out, those clues were not how I read them to be lol. Opposite in fact.

Hi Jenny! I haven't found the last eye. I only found two of the hints for the dials. Do you remember where you found them?

omg. That animal wheel. anyone have a screen shot?

Found the eye, I had a cactus hiding in inventory. Moving on.

I have all the eyes now. Did you do the symbols that had to join up to each other, in colour?

Oops! Found it!

Thanks Jenny for your clue!!! It's not a narwhal, but a manatee.

Hints for dials, left of "eye" door, On sand dune behind Yellow symbol on tree, In large cactus scene on mountain between branches of cactus center/left.

Looks like we're all into the next scenes!

4X4 purple green brick red and light blue puzzle with differing cacti....Sudoku? or what?

Yes Anna. It's a sudoku.

Never going to get that sudoku. Can someone screen shot it for lil oh me?

is the sudoku based on color, too? I've never been a sudoku fan.

Got it everyone! I'll stop complaining :)

Anna, are we allowed to place a screen shot here? Or can I message it to you somehow?

The colours all go into their coloured rows. There is one symbol (or more) in each colour row that is fixed - then you need to place the others so that no symbol is in the same position in each column.

I lined up the colors in the matching rows and then played around with the placement. There are some already highlighted to let you know they're in the correct place. Hope that helps!.

Stuck now in the second set of scenes with a piece of grass, red gem and and a star.

Ok, I'm stuck in the second "world/scene." I have a plant, a red lemon shaped thing, and a gold star in inventory.

Ha, snap Jenny

6 red circle puzzle with symbols. Was there a clue for the placement?

nvm. on to third set of scenes, forgot I had a clue for the dials.

Anna, hint for red symbols is on the rock left of door to new scenes.

Found it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

pink blue green orange, the colored numbers for U shaped symbol puzzle for last cactus piece.

taking a break. see yall later. I love BIG escape games.

This game is huge! and I am stuck again.

I have 4 pieces of grass and 1 purple crystal

Jenny - I can try to help. Where are you?

Me too, Jenny! Going back to see if I've missed something.

In 2nd set of scenes with the big sand dune where 4 fat cacti are placed, I put the 8 dials in order according to the clue. Nothing happened. Is there a 2nd clue?

Missing a shell and a skull, and don't know what to do with the turtles.

Mystery283, I am stuck where you are.

Turtles are placed in 2nd set of scenes next to a tall barren tree.

Have star, red gem and clump of grass in inventory. Need 5th yellow thingy that goes in the scene with the hangman's noose.

Sugarcrush there is just the one clue for the dials. better recheck your positioning.

Further on in the 4th set of scenes there is a huge turtle/redX grid we can't figure out

What do you do with the green and red turtle puzzle anyone?

I placed the turtles Sugarcrush, but there's type of maze further along.

I am also missing one skull and cross bones.

jackfor the green and red x u just gotta find the fight path just click the turtle and click the squires that don't have the red x and make sure u remember which squares u are suppose to click on cause if u click on the wrong square u start over again.

Got the turtle grid! start moving green turtle from its start point down left and keep moving around grid to end on red turtle spot. It is trial and error to keep them all green. Took me a few tries.

I am still stuck, missing one star, one skull, one skull/crossbones etc. and left with lots of hints unused.

That maze was a pain!

Got the both the skulls. The #'s hint with arrows are for the red circle puzzle beside the skulls

Jenny, this is what I have for the dials. The positions match the clue. I've checked and double checked. Am I reading the clue wrong?


Finally got last star and now into next set of scenes! This game is huge!!!

I am finally out!

And out! WOW! That was a good one!

Sugarcrush do it exactly opposite of what you have.

This is a REALLY good game! Thanks BIG!

Never been more pleased to place 4 grasses, great game.

Totally stuck! Have a pink crystal and four grasses, missing one star

Thanks Jenny...that clue was confusing because it shows directions from the center outward, which is exactly what I did.

Now in 3rd set of scenes. :)

stuck with purple crystal, 4 grass..
need skull,star,shell,crossbones,
dunno where bird clue goes.

Could anyone tell me where is the clue for the set of switches? The ones in the scene with the 4 cactuses?

AAAARGGGG... I'm stick with the 4 x5 symbol puzzle where each 2 symbols should be connected by green, orange or pink lines. Only have yellow lines. Any help would be appreciated. Ty :)

and the huge colored animal puzzle, found scorpion clue, but no others

unknown..someone posted a screenshot earliesr, reverse them.

There is only one clue to the large board, that's the scorpion clue. Count how many of each tile there are and put them on the right lines.

ok,scorpion clue is only cluesneeded, count others for placement.

scorpion Clue got me out..

Thank you UNSquirrel!

Out! That game took forever. Good game though, thanks BIG.

I'm still stuck in Scene 1. I'm missing an eye for the door, a cactus, and the dial color code.

wow...i started this one on tuesday, went to bed and finished it on wednesday. one of my favorite games ever. clues were (well) hidden in plain sight or required some thought (not convoluted pretzel logic). not easy, but straightforward.

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