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November 25, 2017

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K's Villa Room Escape Walkthrough

K's Villa Room Escape

Tesshie - K's Villa Room Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Tesshi-e for MildEscape. In this game, you are in trapped in a room and you need to escape the room by finding and using items with solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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well alright

(RE)HI all ☺

a Tesshi-e...!!! \☺/\☻/\☺/ - LTNS!

bummer can't play right now live, will have to come back later...

anyway, thx for this game Tesshi-e ☺
I'm sure, it will be great

took me some minutes: use coin as SD...

Got sd handle, drawer pull, bottle A, other bottle and (useless) key. Stuck.

I combined the number with the other plant, which I can't use anywhere. I thought the three number cupboard might be the from the corked bottle, but no.

Ah! Use key under the trumpet, have corkscrew now.

for coin: just shake left chair a little bit...

Now have long pole, but need a hook (?) to get plant.

Poured liquid A into other bottle. Big whoop.

Anybody found something for the small hole in the clock?

for happy coin: check digital numbers again...

Two bottles, long pole, corkscrew, sd handle, drawer pull and stuck. No idea what to do. Any help?

Thank you Hotz.

I have tried the phone using the grid + heart and moving the "4" in different locations, but cannot figure it out. Also, I have not used the clock or got the hippo ball.

POP the markings on the other bottle *was* the three digit number? Have SD now.

Karen, click like the pattern but the heart must be the 4th click.

An excellent Tesshi-e game will bring happiness to you!

Just out w/ happy coin. Melody, Red Snapper, you out too?

karen, the heart is the 4th button to press on. so you know, on which end you should start...

heart grid behind picture use window clue for starting point

Yes, I'm out. I just needed one nudge from Hotz. Great game, thank you Tesshi-e.

How to get the ball from the hippo?

Use the phone and click on the hippo, Red.

I'll say that the phone and click the image of the hippo. Don't try to use the phone on the wooden hippo.

My God, there's a phone? Where?

POP found it

Melody54, I am just not getting it. Sorry. I tried turning the clue paper so that heart is on the 4th number (row2, dot 1) and other combinations. I must be thick headed today.

@karen, just enter the pattern exactly as you see it, but start at upper right, so the heart is the 4th click.

Karen imagine the grid


the first number is 3, the second is 6 the third is 9 and the fourth is 8. 8 corresponds to the heart on the grid

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As above click 3 6 9 8 7 4 5 2 1

Finally! I tried that a dozen times! Maybe I was clicking too fast. Thank you, Melody54, Just1, and Red Snapper.

Team work! Yay :-)

Meody54 - :) Agree, great teamwork!

Weeeee! Got my heart key and out. I kept trying to glue the handle onto the pole and then realized it goes on the left drawer under potted plant. lol Thank you for game, it was awesome!

Been waiting for a decent escape game for ages then 3 come along at once. Yay!

One of my favourite developers. Yay! Thanks Tesshi-e

Oh..played this one the other day!
Great game! (I thought it was an IOS version only lol)

Loved it, but...
is it just me, or did this one seem a little easier than usual? I'm used to spending at least one point in Tesshie-e's game tearing my hair out before I get it. This time went pretty smoothly.

I found it a bit easier, too comparing to some of Tesshi-e's previous creations, but that's great, we can feel smart now ☻

where is happy coin? checked digital numbers again?

POP - got it now

cannotopen number box in 'bell inn' scene. help

Another web gl that I can't play. I'm sad.

Ios -- did you check under both plants?

Hello, unfortunately, this is a Unity game, and it doesn't work on any of my browsers : the game doesn't even load and returns a Javascript error. This is the same on Vivaldi (Chrome-like browser, with a specific Unity extension) and on Firefox.
Is there anywhere a working version of the game ?

Just tested it and it works fine on Firefox, Chrome and Edge. I suspect it's a problem with your set-up, not the game, pdgph.

It works with the latest version of Firefox, but I already had the Unity driver that you might have to install.

       Anonymous  11/25/17, 2:35 PM  

@TrubbleBubble, thank you... but it seems that I'm not the only one who can't play this Unity game. Bluepeahen says the same thing.
Some of these games work, but this one seems to have real problems.
I'm using Vivaldi 1.13 and Firefox 57.0. I've changed nothing on my set-ups, just made the proposed updates of the browsers.

       Anonymous  11/25/17, 2:37 PM  

@ Elmo, please, what is this Unity driver ? I have a Unity extension on Vivaldi that usually works but doesn't for this game. I have nothing specific on FF.

@pdgph - Sorry, bud. Maybe it's because I am a Unity developer myself, I have all the necessary drivers stuffed into all the browsers on my PC.

If you have an Android phone, I know the game is available on the Play store - I played it there first a couple of weeks ago.

Good luck!

       Anonymous  11/25/17, 2:55 PM  

@ TrubbleBubble, I'm playing (well, trying to play...) not on a phone but on a computer (Windows 7). My Firefox is a 64bits version and I've read somewhere that Unity required a 32bits version. For Chrome and Chromium browsers, I've not found any solution except obsolete ones that don't work anymore. This is very disappointing. Thank you for having tried to help me. It's so frustrating to be unable to play a Tesshie game.

My heart goes out to you, pdgph. Tesshi-e's are, by far my favourite games.

I'm running Firefox in 64-bit and apart from an error on start-up about ninja-...something not being defined, it works fine, so it's not that. Although, I'm on Windows 10 so there may be some problem with older versions of Windows I'm not afflicted by.

Anyway, I'm glad you got there in the end. There's so few really good games released (though the star ratings on this site would have us believe otherwise(!)) that it would be a pity of you had to miss out on a Teshi-e!

@TrubbleBubble, I totally agree with the star ratings would have you believe otherwise. I find it difficult to understand how any escape fan would waste their time playing some of the utter crap on this site. EG has went way downhill from what it used to be, in saying that, there are worse out there. Tesshie's fantastic games really do put some of them to shame.

What's the second ending?

@noel the two endings are whether you exit having found the 'happy coin' or not.

Thanks Trubble. Saw a WT. I think when there's a second ending there should be some type of clue. Otherwise, you just have to go on a click-hunt through everything in the rooms. No brains there. Of course, great game.

@noel - you get used to the 'happy coin' ending. Usually, if, for example, you open something with a 4-digit code and then, when you return to the box/cupboard/drawer/whatever, you can still change the code, that's likely to be the place where you enter a different code for the happy coin and the clues for it will be in the same place as the clues were for the first time you opened it.

Hope that's of use in the future, although there only Tesshi-e games only pop-up every 6 months or so, so you'll probably have forgotten all this by then ;o)

^ Strike out the 'there only' in the second paragraph. I started writing one thing then changed it without deleting the bit that makes me look like I can't speak English ;o)

What to do with the small hole in the clock and where is the happy coin? I read something about checking digital numbers again but I dont get it...maybe I will after posting this.

I get it, I had to check the numbers under the right plant, they changed.

       Anonymous  11/26/17, 1:41 AM  

I think that FF returns the same error you mentioned in your comment:
"An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:
ReferenceError: ninja_analyze is not defined"
The problem is that the game doesn't load... What a pity, Tesshie's games are so good, I totally agree with you.

Wonderful game as always. Thank you Tesshie!

To those who can not play Unity games:
You need to disable all of your security protocols, including allowing javascript, as well as download the Unity plug in (software that runs on your computer/device whether you are playing the game or not) in order to play Unity games. I love Tesshie's games, and miss them terribly, but am simply not willing to do that. It isn't that I don't trust Tesshie, but Tesshie is only in charge of their game and what their game does, not what the Unity software does apart from rendering the game. Nor am I saying that Unity's software is being used as spyware, I don't know whether it is or isn't. All I am saying is that it *could be* used that way, and very easily. To me (someone who has had their identity stolen) it is not worth the risk.
FWIW, all HTML5 games carry similar risk, especially on mobile devices.

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  11/26/17, 9:22 AM  

@ Esmerelda Pumphandle,
Hello, I've launched a research of a Unity plugin for Firefox, and it returns only 2 plugins, "NZB Unity" and "Assassin's Creed: Unity New Tab"...
On VIvaldi (Chromium engine), the only relevant result of the research is called "GameLoad". I already have it, but it doesn't work in this specific case.
Javascript is enabled on all my browsers.
Thank you for the warning on security issues.

Thank you very much Tesshi-e for your great games!

Unity games don't work on Firefox for me, but they work in Chrome. Windows 10.

Nice game! My kid, who never plays escape games, gave me the hint about starting the phone code from the right side. She didn't know why that worked compared to before until I told her, but I didn't get it until she told me!

I played it twice, second time with background music on, and second time the clicking was quite laggy at times. Is this a normal unity thing?

Tesshie!!!! Yay! Thanks for the early Christmas present. I enjoyed this game so very much. You never disappoint. Always worth the wait. Thanks for making beautiful, challenging games!

How to create glue I wonder ... two bottles, both hold liquid A.

AAaaahhhh !!
The three elements go on the box behind the painting! sigh, I was trying to get screws and ... I don't know, lol.
Moving on.

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