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Big Snowman Land Escape Walkthrough

Big Snowman Land Escape

BigEscapeGames - BEG Big Snowman Land Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Big Escape Games. In this game, you came to see the beauty of snow man land. But unfortunately, you noticed that someone trapped Santa in this snowland. You have to find the way to rescue Santa from here by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Just plain annoying the way everything you click on goes black and then reverts back to somewhere else. Bug? or just bad design?

In I go!

I have had enough, out a here.

Not sure what you mean bondslave. I'm not having any issues.

I swear my math solution for the green/white/red symbols is correct, but nothing is happening. Too hard for me, I guess.

Hi Marnie! What have you got?

I am stuck there too. If anyone figures it out. please post in plain english for me.

I can't find the IVY symbol. anyone remember where it is?

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Thanks Mystery283!

If you mean the holly, it's in the starting scene where you place the ornaments.

I had it all just had the snowmen mixed up. Thanks again.

Jenny, the holly, look to left of the tree where you place baubles

OH - my solution didn't work. Did you have another one Jenny?

I can't take the third santa hat.

Someone who can add please hook me up with the green, red, white puzzle.

Hi yvonne! Were you able to solve the math with my solution? I didn't get anything with it.

I mean, isn't the red 34 part already done for us as the games showed us the red addition?

hi mystery :) no, I haven't :(

You're right Anna! Back to the drawing board :(

34 is shown.
20 + 9 + 7 = 36
14 + 12 + 4 = 30

YAY Melody!


Do you need to place all yellow hearts in order to take the third santa hat?

Sorry, I was playing ahead. Symbols, are gone for me Remind what colour had what total #?

oh good Melody.

You need a lighter you find further on to melt the ice around the santa hat. Clownspike.

Thanks Jenny. I had the lighter but it didn't cross my mind to use it on the hat!!

lighter on santa hat on ground

I am stuck in the next scenes. need one more santa hat too.

and one more yellow heart.

and one more candy. lol.

omg that snowman puzzle looks brutal.

ah, I forgot to do the puzzle with the colours from the deer.
got the hat and the last heart now.

Anyone remember where the middle hat came from please?

clue with 1-4 dots go to purple square puzzle.

Hi Jacky, I got a hat from placing the snowmen symbols

I am stuck again. have a brown hat and a pink hat and water still in inventory. need another tree etc.

Where is 1-4 dots clue??

I'm a bit dim today, where is the clue with 1-4 dots please, I think it's this one I'm missing.

Water goes on snowman, scene where you place sweets

Stuck with a blue snowman.

and on snowman, scene where you change red and yellow lights

A hint to 4 points in the scene where the Christmas trees are placed

water also snowman were you place red flowers.

still need the 1-4 dot hint please??

Oh, just click the big hole for the 1-4 dots hint.

Thanks Olmy!

jenny, you're further on than me, can't help you at the moment

I have a purple and a brown hat in inventory. Can anyone tell me where those go?

I need a heart and sweet, any ideas please?

There's a sweet between the three snowmen I think, but I can't take it. Can't remember where all the hearts are.

I have three of the four clues needed for the snowmen at the exit door. Can anyone remember where they were

need a colored hat and have one blue snowman

Found the last clue for the snowmen. On to the next set of scenes.

I have 2 coloured snowmen, brown hat, still have water and lighter, have done all puzzles as far as I can see, stuck!

The hats I mentioned are placed in the new scenes.

I got the last heart or sweet from the 3x3 grid that you use the 1-4 dot hint on. that gave the other missing item, either sweet or heart.

I am stuck same place as Anna, need one more coloured hat and have 1 blue snowman

You need to use water on 3 blue snowmen scattered around and then place the three coloured ones you get and arrange them according to hint on roof where Trees are placed

Out finally. The C1 snowflake clue is the same for all four columns.

Got the 4th coloured hat. The snowflake grid only needs 1 clue make all the columns the same.

Out! Wow that really was a big game.
Thanks for all the fun!

Morning all, joining late...this snowman placement is driving me mad

Hi Kimbo! I'm still here. If it helps, and if it's the snowmen at the door - the snowman with the red bucket hat goes to the top right. The one with the black hat goes bottom left, and the one with the red hat and scarf goes bottom right.

Thanks mystery, I finally got it!


I left for a bit, can't find this hole to click for 1-4 hint

Hi yvonne. The hole was just past the candy placement scene.

mystery, if that's the brown hole It doesn't open for me

Are you asking for the 3X3 grid clue?

yes, that's the only puzzle I haven't done (Ive done the coloured no. one)

I think I had to place the four trees - past the candies. Are you through the candy scene?

No, need a heart or sweet or both, only the puzzle with the purple square that moves to do

Yvonne big hole nest to snowmen where you place Christmas trees

**NEXT to snowmen

Kimbo, I'm still in 2nd scenes

OH! Will try to remember where I found them

I think I bf’ed 5736 colors, I had only two clues

Oh I’m sorry, that clue for purple squares comes in next set...hmm trying to think of where I got last candy or heart, when you get one I believe it gives you the other

mystery, kimbo, thank you for taking the time to help, think I will leave this now.

Sorry to see you go yvonne! Kimbo - have you solved the two symbols puzzle in the candy cane scene? I can't seem to get them right?

Ah Yvonne I’m sorry I couldn’t be more help!
Mystery, do you have both clues? The one with triangle goes to left side...

I’m out, but will stay close if help is needed

I must have had one of those moments, Kimbo :) Out now! What a good game! Thank you for that last nudge!

It was a nice game...thank you!

Nice game, but the two symbols
puzzle at the end was BOGUS!
It is necessary to "flip" the
symbols to the "wrong" side!
Opposite of the clues.

Actually did a BIG game without help...rare for me, lol! Thanks BIG for a fun game.

big hole must be in next scene after candies...
can't find candy, hat

I got my last heart from the first set of scenes: there's a set of 4 colored poles that looks like it's just a clue, but it's actually a puzzle.

sneaky hint top right in scene where you place the sleds

Help, I have a key, a purple hat and a brown hat. I don[t see anymore puzzles to solve anywheres.
What can I do with these three items?

Forget lost it all....

After playing a big part of the game I must begin again. I cannot activate the loadfunction. In the last game I had the same problem. Are there more with this problem.

TY Lsquared, your hint was what I needed to become unstuck

I got really far, but trying to the wreath/holly/tree/mistletoe(?) dot maze kept losing the highlight and so this game gets a red X and zero stars. It's been two months, fix your glitches.

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