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Ciitt Escape 001 Walkthrough

Ciitt Escape 001

Ciitt - Ciitt Escape 001 is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by Ciitt. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Looks not bad but navigation is horrible.

Just an in-between check: Opened a door and some boxes (clues around the scenes and quite clear), put a fish into the pie and got a key from that.

Going on. That navigation is horrible. Did I mention that?

(RE)HI merit & all other players ☺

you can change language in options

thx for this game, Ciitt ☺
let's see, what we have here...

as for me, I ♥ this 360° view!

Oh hi, didn't come back earlier! Good that one of us likes that view.

Done some more things (and forgot to tell about the language option). Just got a cog and a diamond key (only have seen a spades lock by now). Let's see where to use them.

You need all four triangles until you can set them into the box. And you can even move the items when zoomed in!

Ah, the eight numbers are for the LR cupboard! That got me stuck for some time.

Whoa, in the basement now! I think you all saw that trapdoor outside.

there's an item behind clubs door

oh, I could open box in fountain scene without putting in the correct code...!?


I picked up the spades key in the basement but my inventory seemed to be full. Thought I couldn't go on playing but finally found out that it works if you click the pixel between the bottom left item (for me the 4 letter paper) and the SAVE button.

This might help you too.

Well, don't know as I had the correct code! ;-D

Spades door is exit so I'm out. So if that item problem I mentioned can't be solved you might consider yourself out too.

Great game with nice puzzles but sorry, that navigation almost got me, I feel quite dizzy now. To make things worse the scenery moved in the "wrong" direction for me.

that's the only point that I had to get used to, the «wrong» direction

Are you out now or still inside?

where to use hammer?

You might have something in your inventory which looks precious but is called trash. ;-)

If I hadn't seen that "trash" I would never had tried to break it.

oh, didn't think of smashing a precious diamond, that isn't one actually - thx

already too tired to think properly, I think ☻
struggling a bit with this one, although I like it - a welcome change among all the daily routine creations

what to do with duck & where's the cog?

Excellent game! I also enjoyed the click & drag viewing, although I agree that the orientation was the opposite of what I expected. Took quite a bit of getting used to.

ah, finally moved on - poor chick

indeed - plz more of these!

Saw your question too late, glad you made it on your own.

Very nice game - looking forward to the next

Wonderful game. I got used to the navigation pretty quickly - ended up liking it!

Eraser under the blanket in bedroom for dirty picture

Really like this one. Great day for some new games that aren't like the daily ones.

Really good game, but the inversed navigation made it almost unplayable.

That navigation makes me laugh, it's one of the most uncomfortable I've ever experienced. Reminded the shooting games we used to play in the 90's, but there you did navigate with the arrow keys, not the mouse.

The inverse navigation again reminded a variant of Tetris, where at some level the arrow keys changed direction, i.e. if you pushed the left arrow, the puzzle piece moved right. I got used with it quickly, much harder was getting used back to the normal variant some levels later. And after I was a week in Tokyo, back in Europe I walked two weeks at the left side of the pavement and collided with the people. I hope that when I want to go to the kitchen after playing this game here, I take the correct turn to get out of the door, not the window.

Lovely graphics. The navigation is not that bad at all (although I get a bit dizzy from the cam movements).
Keep them coming Cliitt!

Badly stuck. Don't know where to use diamond key. Don't know 3 letter puzzle or the 6 level desk drawer or where to use chick.

@Phaedrus - Check the ground outside. Also, there's a strange book on the shelf ;)

Thanks Nini. Outside I was aware of but I must have clicked that bookshelf a hundred times and missed it.

Out now. Book was key for me. Much appreciated Nini.

Be sure to look to right of colored flower pots

That is not pizza on the dining table, it is the soup (aka ppie). Find the 360 movement much better than pixel hunting!! So far this is fantastic!

This navigation is so much better than reliance on navigation arrows like Tsure. Never got lost and the view logically went to clicked areas even when zoomed into an object. Really slick. And nice logical puzzles. Probably the best Unity 3D escape game yet.

Very nice! I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge. The navigation did make me a bit dizzy but worked better on touch screen. Thanks for this game! colors on the wall in kitchen is clue for numbers and colors of fruit on plates for one box.....Letters on Yellow book for another box... numbers in book upstairs is the L/R clue...Took forever to lift the blanket, but you will find something under it. Thanks, Ciitt! More please!

I am not able to play, 5 minutes into it and getting motion sickness...

same here feel like hurling after 2 minutes.

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