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December 1, 2017

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Escape from Old Temples Walkthrough

Escape from Old Temples

RiddleEscape - Escape from the Old Temple is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Riddle Escape. In this game, you try to escape the old temple by finding items and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Going in.

Three tops give clue to long box. Gives a sword

Note the eyes on the 3 little men. You'll need it later.

Clue for the four corner boxes is the lanterns on the floor. Just pay attention to the corner with no lanterns. That is your starting point.

Count the birdies. Note their colours.

Birdies give clue that leads to clue to open the box with the figurehead. Gives key (I think)

I've placed 2 candles. I have sword, matches and the paper clue to place on the floor (gives candle). There are screws on the back of that paper clue. Now I'm stuck


Aha! Check the handle of the sword.

Diamond box gives final candle.

Key opens the big closet. More clues. Stuck again.

same, stuck after I opened white sliding doors closet

Unknown - did you figure out the Birdies?

Still have matches, sword and the corner paper clue. Need that hanging screwdriver. Tried chopping it with the sword.

Once areas are done they are no longer accessible. But the candles are and the birds are. Maybe I'm overthinking this.

I'm all but out. Stuck on final door with 4 symbols puzzle. Not seen a clue anywhere. Epic game so far though.

Clownspike, any help for what to do after the large white closet is opened?

I think I am stuck where you are Maroonclown - any idea about the 4 button box, eggs in bowls or the pillows with the snowflakes?

use map on hanging screwdriver

and WHY can't I cut the string/wire on the cabinet with my katana! :-)

THANK you roundabout

hi, I am missing 1 candle. any idea for a sneaky one?

Clownspike, I guess it has something to do with the Kanji symbols found around the place... They are for fire, mountain, wind and tree? But I don't understand how I would know the order...

POP, doll eyes give the clue for red/black squares...

Hotz, did you get the one from the floor?

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Screwdriver can undo screws on back of corner clue paper while still hanging.

Really nice game.

Ah... Found it, it's in the order in where they are found.. The highest (on the wall) Kanji is 'Tree', the one below (near the moon) is fire.. Spoiler

Gerr, sver, jvaq, zbhagnva

I can't solve last door because I think the clues are the Japanese letters/words for the pictures.

Thanks Eltonno, that's the hint I needed. Out now.

where to use the clue from pink balls on dishes?

POP, after trying to use the sword EVERYWHERE I have found the spot: moon picture is the clue...

Pink ball clue will be used in second area

Does anyone understand the yin yang clue please?

Yin yang clue (2 of them) will be used in second area. I actually used it on daisy box to get hanging yin yang bell then used it again on the 3 yin yang bells

vic, I guess, we have to find the third hanging symbol first.

Does anyone have the flower pattern from the water? It's going far too fast for me to follow.

       Anonymous  12/1/17, 7:44 AM  

take the red bird

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Hotenplotz I have it but still can't do it, sorry can't remember where I found it, lol, these games are long and I am old.

Hotzenplotz - don't have it.

Annaby see my comment 7:41. I didn't see flowers but somehow yin yangs turned sideways worked. Try TBTMBM

flowers are in water to the left of bridge. you have to wait some seconds. I missed that the first 5 time I looked into water...

Thanks Stryboh

Ahh I see I only had one clue. next step you can get the srewdriver with the snippers, (well next step for me)

I saw the water but didn't wait for flowers (like escape men!!). Maybe game developer used same piece of code for both puzzles

Shame about language barrier at the end but brilliant game as ever.

Does anybody know the sequence of the 3 lanterns please?

Stupid me! Got it!

And out! Beautiful game! Love it!

most awesome game, thank you.

For the Japanese words:

林 - forest
火 - fire
風 - wind
山 - mountain

I don't understand the three ying yangs hanging, although I saw the clue. I also don't understand the three buttons with the globes that seem to correspond with the shelves (all outside).

The clue behind the screwed panel shows 1 ying yang, 6 ying yangs, and 3 ying yangs. I tried tapping them that many times in order, but it didn't work of course.

cyndee - did you see both yin/yang clues? The number of symbols tells you the order to click. For the globes, follow the order on the shelves. So you click left, then right, then click the left globe off and so on.

I think you get the 2nd yin/yang clue with the screwdriver (go back to the cabinet and use the snippers to get it)

No I hadn't seen the other clue, so now I've got that done lol. Thanks for your help! Trying to get past the last door now. Beautiful game and brilliantly done!!

I got the second yin/yang (1-6-2) where is the first.

And can someone explain the globes a little more?

Ahh, got the globe clue figured out. Still having trouble with yin/yang and order of hanging things.

Also, the dice box?

I guess everyone is gone. :(

OK, I forgot to snip the door open with the snippers!!! Moving again.

       Anonymous  12/1/17, 10:16 AM  

cant get color box to work

Good that the pictograms on the final lock were so straightforward that Google translate found me three of the four symbols (for fire, mountain and wind) allowing me to beat the final puzzle, because it would have been a shame if such a great game ended with a language barrier puzzle.

Great game, as usual from the developer.

what was the color box again?

       Anonymous  12/1/17, 10:21 AM  

the four colors box from the white closet

eka - I'm not sure now, but that may have been the one where you have to rotate the 4 color clue so that the symbol is on the same side as the one on the box (the right side?)

       Anonymous  12/1/17, 10:33 AM  

that did it! thank you

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Perfection in escape games! Thank you!

Awesome as ever. Just the right degree of difficulty and nothing too obscure. Thank you. Great start to the month!

Any clue for the candles? i put where the moon and catana but idk how to solve

searching for the hanging screwdriver.... It is always a pixel hunt that trips me up, miss the days when the TAB key worked.

Oh, that was a screwdriver hanging in the cupboard? Thought it was a crack in the back of the cabinet. Moving on after using map on it (uh?)....

Superb game! Love the work out for my brain. I love "logic" problems- Thank you!!!! Your games are always worth the wait and I get so excited when you post them.

Great game. Lost in translation at end.

Tiquer, behind map is box with screws.

Now, that's what I call a game!

oh, no, my tab crashed & I have to restart from scratch - but this game is worth it!

thx for this excellent game, RE ☺
& thx for your hints, ppl

oh, great - could load it & continue where I was before ☻

Thank you for a wonderful game, and thanks to the POP folks.

Love these games, but could not figure out the Yin/Yan puzzle at all, even with both clues. Saw the video walkthrough, still do not understand it.

LORdesigns: pictures with Yin-Yang puzzle gives you order for hanging things: first you should pull the first thing, then you pull the 3 thing...
order for Yin-Young

1-3-1-2-3-2 it comes from 1-6-2 and 3-4-5

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