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Finding Fifi Walkthrough

Finding Fifi

AndHalfAFish - Finding Fifi Escape is another point and click escape game developed by And Half A Fish. In this game, there are in a house full of cats. Where could poor Fifi be hiding? Can you able to find Fifi? Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Нетёса Ирина]

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looks like a very nice game
do not know this developer

give fishbones to the kitten in the red box

if you put candle on the banco next to the green things, then the snowglobe projects #s 0-9 on the wall (only when snowing)

I've done various things but not sure if I'm moving forwards or not. I think I can safely say looks great but so far very confusing!

I'm with you enzed, stuck for now

I put 2 out of 3 cat silhouettes on the fireplace screen (?) but haven't found the 3rd

still have button, key, bone, book, snowglobe and 4/9 cards

Found 3rd cat in middle cabinet! Each of the fireplace cats gives different clue now

I've got all 3 silouettes. One was on the tree base, one in the middle cupbaord. Can't remember th eother. If you put them all on you can hit their buitton and the red brings up spooky pawprints

The key opens the locked book

What different clue- the red gives pawprints but the others don't do a lot!

12-5-15 is hint for RIGHT side of left cabinet doors
3 color cats I find many patterns but stumped
dot goes in a pic
and I have 6/9 cat blocks
whew - yes - confusing but like it

pawprints open the RH direction cupboard

pawprints are for directions on cabinet - full/half circles, clockwise or counter.
The other two are giving sound clues, you have to have yr sound on

wher do you use 12 5 15? I cant make it work
Button on picture face looks like it should open 2nd cupboard but doesn't work for me

i assume pawprints were for the rotation side of right cabinet, but thot it was the pic above it :)

enzed, trial and error
ended up being 12-5-15 was either left right or center and I clicked the 'enter' button after each
so maybe 1 was left 2 right and 5 center, guessing since dint write down

The L cat makes noises from santas; click those in order and get another card on the tree

RH cat audio clue gives the 2 digit number

finally got that cb; 12.5.15 plus eyes on pic


That spoiler didn't work very well ~


I'm at 8/9 cards and haven't opened the 5 digit cupboard yet

I guess we need to translae the numbers from the lights for that, maybe using the other book

had 12 5 15 in the lest side, dint realize both clues opened only right hand cabinet. been trying to open left side for nuthin haha

7/9 tiles
where does bone go?

Still got the bone- I guess we use it at the end but what do I know?

lots of #s in that locked book but I don't understand them

I think the bone's for Fifi

@enzed, how do you get the 2-digit from that cat? I tried 55, 32 and 64, no go

if they are the same for each of us it was LLLHH LLLHH (low /High sound)
it worked out to be 88 I think

I really don't see anything in the book

forced the 88
loved the sounds clues the fireplace cat=the snowman ornaments
very original
i was 8/9 so still trying 5 digit cabinet since all I see other than cat ghost and the ones around the game

Ah, so low=2 and high=1. I guess the clue for that is in the alcove w/ the #s and dots

I guess we're all stumped on the book now. From the 4 pages I get:

the 5-digit doesn't open the cabinet. I'm looking for patterns but don't see anything yet

well I was wondering about those dash/dot numbers
still am :)
was trying to get a 5 digit # from them

I dont get those numbers My first one could be 911144

Sue- the dot dash combined with the cat meiows are for the 88

2 hours in this luv it
too bad I see low star rating for such an origial stumer
MORE PLEASE ..And A Half Fish.

oops stumper

you're right enzed my #s were off by one

Most pople on here want to be spoon fed. Spoilers which they call hints and finish in 5 minutes after reading all the spoilers. Brains and deduction don't come into it I'm afraid. It's not everyone I might add but so many mark games down when they simply can't do it which is a shame really, especially when the game is as good as this

Voila! with my #s corrected, the last page works from L-R.

It's not the last tile, though, it's a clue.

I can't help but wonder about the lines in the book. They look too deliberate just to be artwork

maybe a reminder from E24 that star votes really matter now
trying to see where your #s work out with my notes. Am way off and 3 a.m. so hope someone gets it soon

Whoever rates a game low because they don't understand it is flat-out a jerk. It's an insult to fine game-making such as this. Why spit on it because you can't finish it? Sorry, but that's pathetic, plus it might discourage these wonderfully creative people from sharing their free games with us.

I can't get the last page to work- it looks like 26635 but that does nothing


yet hi ratings continuously go to the every-day-a-game color-code bores that I never play.
Seems the great game makers are all off in apps now

ah- L-R


Well I don't even see where we would use the clue, never mind solve it!

Ty so much for 5 digits
reloading hint page and was afraid of reloading game instead

If they refer to cats, my white cat (dream cat?) isn't appearing any more

mine either. bad clue but went around the room clicking the other cats and got my last tile

that's actually a very good point- neither are the black ones from the fireplace or the dot dash corner

and out
thanks for the teamwork!

Me too Sue- WD

My order was books, xmas tree, white, black

on the deveopers site, 2 yrs in the making, what a gift for us!

and there is auto save per the developers page, would be nice to know that ahead in the game description :)

Nice waggy tail- I'm out too.

Thank you both for all your help, as you say Sue, Great teamwork

and if andhalfafish is reading


Hope you have a merry christmas

Wow I took a wee break and you're out! I('ll be right behind you ~ thanks for the teamwork! A real pleasure!


this was one of the best games on here for quite some time. Could you please ensure it ends up in the best games section as it seems to have been (unfairly) scored badly by those unable to cope with its difficulty

Thank you

ah, a new dev? let's see...

thx for creating this game, AHAF ☺

needed patience till it loaded...

Yalçin, I'm totally in agreement w/ enzed on that

Thank you AndHalfAFish for a very good game ! There are not many of this quality around these days. I enjoyed every minute of it !

going slow here - like the different sounds
having some difficulties to see whether an item is highlighted or not...

purr-fect game
well deserves best games category

ok, place candle above the arrow puzzle & the snowball goes right of it

button for 3rd eye of the Buddha pic

thx for the hints ppl
but still can't see connection between the dots/dashes & the low/high meows...

@AO it's in morse (long meow or short)

LLLSS = 8 and you can hear that 2 times ==> 88

and yes thanks a lot for game and help here

but ... I don't understand where you find the hint for 12 5 15, why 1 is middle ... ?
(I understand that pic eyes gives order but)

to see cat down christmas tree, click on white ornament on tree to get another view ;)

original game !

for 5# code ==>hint on last page on book(count 5 objets) and combine with snowball (ie choose tree on snowball and put on candle to see a number, do same with star ...)

ah, thx Seb - was completely thinking in another direction

the lenght of the meows was almost the same for me though...

Sounds like an interesting game but it won't even load for me. Just a black screen.

People give games bad ratings for legitimate reasons as well as illegitimate ones. In this case, judging by the comments a low rating seems to be justified not because of hard puzzles, which I agree should not result in low ratings, but because of vague and/or ambiguous clues. It also does not help that the developer included no indication that certain platforms would not be able to play the game, and that the game required certain device configurations (sound on) in order to be played. These are small things, and understandable for a new developer, but it is reasonable to expect them to lower the rating nonetheless, even if it is otherwise a really good game.

This *is* a really good game, but it failed to load in 3 of my platforms, and when I finally did get it to play (on my mobile, yuck!) I was unable to figure out why I couldn't get anywhere until I read here that sound was required. Any game, I repeat *any* game, that you have to rely on technical troubleshooting assistance simply in order to play it as intended, should receive low ratings no matter how good it is otherwise.

Have 8/9 cards now I'm lost. Thought I'd opened everything. Still have bone. What next?

Have you touch the "hint" cats?

where is the locked book? I have 8/9 cards and have solved everything but the number code. Also place the snow globe and see numbers but ... stuck

Book is in the shelf with all the books bottom row

Thank you.

I can't get the "eye" cabinet to open. It indicates that I've entered the clue correctly, but then it doesn't open. Anyone thoughts?

This comment has been removed by the author.

How do I get out of the scene with the two wooden plaques??? One is an eye with 12-5-15 and the other below it is swirls, but there is no down arrow to go back??

Hopefully you found the white heart arrow at the bottom, Cindy.

My snow globe and candle disappeared--I think I need to restart

as I had to clean cache & cookies, I had to restart from scratch, but the game is worth it

ah, there's another book in shelf

now I get it - the other book gives hint for candle & snowball

or better snow globe ☻

the stuff in it 0-9

cube, fish, tree, Santa, cat, reindeer, snowman, star, kinda kidneys (?), sun

last book page in combo with snow globe for 5#code



books, mystery, dreams cat

for mystery, I clicked cat under xmas tree & the mystery cat appeared in piano scene for me (dunno if I managed to click it before it disappeared)

dreams is for the sleeping cat

no matter how many times i refresh the page, the game doesn't load.

I agree with everyone - this game is right up there with Tesshie-e and Robamimi games. Excellent!!! Hope this developer gives us more of these! 2,000 stars from me!

I never did understand the 12-5-15 clue.

@willis pate, I had the same problem trying to load the game in Safari, but when I switched to Firefox it worked fine.

I'm afraid I'm one of those spoilsports who gave this game only four stars. I thought it was overall a great game and I encourage the maker to bring us many more. Still, there were a couple of tricks that made no sense to me. For example:
- the clue for the left cabinet (5 digits) could have been from any page in the book, so why the last one?
-for the "books-mystery-dream" clue, my "mystery cat" on the fireplace mantle no longer appeared, and the "books cat, Xmas tree cat, purring cat" wouldn't work until I added the "cat in the box" as the third click (between Xmas tree and purring cat). This makes no sense to me!
Maybe I missed something, in which case I owe the maker an apology.
Having said all that, I don't mind that the game was difficult; In fact, that only makes it better imo. I could easily have given 5 stars if it weren't for what I saw as outright errors.

@Colin, the 12-5-15 clue went with the eye position clue for the second cabinet (the one with the slider). While the eyes in the picture moved "middle-right-middle-right-left" the order for the cabinet was "M-R-L-M-L" which corresponds to the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 1st, 5th positions (12-5-15)

@Zoz, Thanks a lot for code explanation, appreciate to understand "the why" ;)

Thank you for that explanation, zoz!

Excellent! Challenging and new concepts. Thanks for this fun game. I look forward to more! Merry Christmas! :D

Strange... I finished with the key still in inventory. So I ctrl-f'd these comments and discovered there was a book I'd never found. But I was 'out' without opening the 5-digit door.

too many too far fetched clues; all in all this game is way too long to call it a fun

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