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Submachine Universe Walkthrough

Submachine Universe

MateuszSkutnik - Submachine Universe Escape is another downloadable point and click escape game developed by Mateusz Skutnik. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Нетёса Ирина]

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if anyone figures out how to play this in mac, please share, i'd be much obliged. tried troubleshooting by all methods described in text, but no luck, not with file or swf. :(

talk about a blast from the past! Did not know that dev was still tinkering with his creation. Pretty cool achievement all in all. Cheers!

       Anonymous  12/27/17, 12:32 PM  

Dammit! Can't open it with my Mac.

well, I didn't change anything with the folders, but still get a black screen... :-(

usually I don't download any games, but hey, this is Submachine...!

Is this not going to be an online game? Have to download. I don't have anything I can save it to that will open the game....Too bad.

My Mac tells me this can't be opened and should be moved to trash (I've never seen that message!)

If you have a Mac, try dragging the swf file from the download folder into a browser address bar. Works for me.

Yay! I found the unzip file, downloaded it and dragged the folder and the flash icon to my desktop and the game opened!! (Just went to Add-on's and searched for "unzip" and found it that way...)

if anyone figures out how to play this in mac, please share, i'd be much obliged. tried troubleshooting by all methods described in text, but no luck, not with file or swf. :(

@aitch, what browser did you use?

For Mac play: open System Preferences then go to Security and Privacy. In the General tab go to "Allow applications downloaded from:" and select Anywhere. You can restore your security preferences after running the flash game for the first time if you like.

There's a ton of info here: submachine dot wikia dot com slash wiki slash Submachine_Universe, but it's not updated for the latest version and it's driving me nuts!

@blooby...yeah, i tried that, but no go...and the weird thing is that i've downloaded other games of his on ichio, and haven't had a problem...only with this one.

@blooby, thank you for the efforts.

LOL skuknik a mean person LOL

well where did it download?

I have a mac and had some problems, too. But there's help!
If you download then open the download folder, you'll see several helpful text files - "a note from the author.txt" and "mac_troubleshooting.txt". It did take me a while, even with this information, but I was finally able to open the flash file "subnet_mac.swf" by control-clicking on it then selecting open. I could only get the game to open by doing this after doing what @blooby said here at 6:40.
Now, if only playing the game was this easy!

If you have the download folder and the flash download, just drag them together to your desktop. as long as they are side by side, as MS says in instructions, the game opens.

@zoz and @zoe...thank you both, but i've done all of the above and i'm i said earlier, i can open his other games...and, when i try with the swf, my opera browser opens(while i'm using firefox), but only "file not found" shows on its screen. again, i appreciate the effort. will reboot in windows and see what happens.

finally it worked for me - that will be a long journey of exploration

thx MS for all your phat creations ☺

@cate: I used Chrome. Just dragged the swf file into the address bar. According to my research any browser should be able to play a swf file.

good luck cate

I've been playing this thing for days and I'm stuck. I can't get the second dragon tongue to open the door in 103.

I closed my game and it didn't save :-( I hit "continue game" when I reopened it, not "new game", but all of the items I had collected were gone. So I had to start over. But still I love these games and am glad he's continued them.

I am on windows at did the unzip online I have the file but all that I get is the menu and all is black sream after i try to play.

silvac - go to wherever you downloaded it and see a folder and a red flash icon. Minimize (not close) that window so that you can drag both of them to your desktop. If you just drag one of them, you get the black screen...they have to be side by side on your desk top to work.

Blooby, I would help you but I can't even find the tongues. I have a weight stone, soap, valve, bell cube and 6 wisdom gems (2 from 185, 3 from 10 and I forgot to write down where I found the 6th one).

Found one tongue in 614

How did you guys learn about other rooms that were not listed on the computer screen in scene 000? For example, rooms 185 and 10 are not on the list on the computer screen in scene 000.

Oh, I see, there are little "plates" in some rooms with other coordinates on them...

I got most of them from the little plates. One number was in one of the notes. It had a slash between two of the number but I tried it and it worked. Now I'm sitting at the machine typing numbers in order until it takes me somewhere. lol. I'm also keeping notes on which numbers I've already been to. This game is huge.

HK - You're not kidding!! I've found 25 different scenes so far. And I've been "guessing" at some numbers and sometimes even that works. Like 100 and 800...

Scene 317 has two more numbers if you go down and look at each section of the "film strip"

I tried to weigh the weight stone in scene 806, but it didn't work.

I got totally lost in 461 (pipes), but finally found my way back to the teleporter, and found nothing to do in any of the pipe scenes...

The note in room 100 gives you coordinates for 328.

You can place a gem in the machine on the right side of 100, which opens a hatch in the left side (turn the round handle).

I don't know what I did but I can get through the door on the right side of room 001 now. Before it was blocked by a jail cell door. Still can't get through the door on the left side of room 001. Got a new number - 316.

The pipes (461) have one of those round blue portals you can go through. You have to go straight left for a while to reach it. Sorry my directions aren't better than that but I get so lost down there.

I found a propeller blade in 128. Only problem is I can't remember where the broken propeller is. I remember seeing it. It had only 3 blades. Room 104 has 2 portals.

There are 2 portals in 291. One of them leads to the side of a mountain, where there is a pipe that is blocked by a grate. I know there is way to open that grate but I can't figure it out. I think that pipe leads to the other dragon tongue.

The broken propeller is in 806, which has 2 portals.

HK, there is a portal in 987 that leads to a sort of sandy hillside. There is another portal in the hillside area that leads to the place where you use the fan blade.

Sorry, you're right HK - 806, not 987

So far, I've been to 81 locations by using the transporters, and an additional 45 locations by using the portals. There's a ton of stuff here!

my game didn't save either :(((, just like @HKGeorgia. So now to start over and hope against hope it will save? This is way too complex to play all the way through!
Oh, one thing I found that I remember: even though one of the notes (wordy things) said there is no 011, 022, 033, 044, etc. I did find that 011 is a working address. I didn't get a chance to try the others before quitting for the night.

Take good notes everyone!

btw, has anyone found a use for the soap from the start scene?

No, I still have the soap. lol! I did find the key for the door in room 001. The key is in room 277.

There are 2 soaps. I haven't found a use for either of them so far.

@HKGeorgia, did you find a way to make your game save? I really hate to quit at this point, but I've got to go to bed!

ok, what I have after visiting all rooms I found (putting in increasing numbers & only skimming thru all the written stuff)

2 soaps (000-875), 5 wisdom gems (185-010), propeller blade (128), bell cube (404?), lever handle (806), piece of chalk (966), weight companion stone (192)

oh, just realised in 806, that you can go further above teleporter, a bit more left, where the ledge is

oh, there's another lever handle, now I have 2 (1 is formed a bit like an ankh)

& the 1 I found in 806 goes also there in wall
(so, now I don't remember, where I found the other...)

& after that opened 2nd portal, you can find the broken propeller HK, you were asking for

oh, & I also only found 1 tongue so far (goes in 103)

Help! I have found a key to pick up and my inventory is full.

depending what do you have in inventory
e.g. weight stones you can place on rods in 523 & 728

I can't find a portal in 978 or a rod for a weight stone in 728...any clues?

oops, I mean I can't find a portal in 987...

Can't find chalk in 966 or weight companion stone in 192 (don't know how to open the hatch there)

Thanks AlphaOmega. I used a weight stone in 523 then picked up another one. Couldn't find rod in 728. Have 1 soap, I valve, 1 bell cube, 1 karma vial, 5 wisdom gems, 1 weight stone, 1 weight companion stone, 1 dragon tongue and a propeller blade. Noted positions of plasma vial, lab key & pyramid key that I can't pick up.

If your inventory is full: you can put back wisdom gems in 010 and 185. Also, don't pick up the notepad if you're not going to use it, and don't pick up the 2 soaps.

not 987, but 806 (blooby corrected his/her comment)

in 728, you need to place the green vial (523) to open device far right for a portal, there you'll find the rod

chalk is after the portal on statue in 966 - ladder up, then thru door & left to enter crevice

to open the hatch in 192, you go back to 006 (same signs - triumph), where you place valve (from 001 or 628) & turn it

weight companion stone is after the revealed portal

Have karmic vessel but no idea where to find karmic water. Any ideas?

where did you find the vessel?

Once you have placed the weight stone on the rod in 728 go back to 523 and a new ladder is available.

Thanks so much Alpha! Got the chalk and weight companion stone now. I need to draw a ladder somewhere?

Looks like Prince was once on this submachine!

AO: My notes are a mess- sorry! try 100 in portal machine. Crystal gem in thingie on right. Turn handle in left room. One of them will bring down a ladder left room; don't remember which (or both?). Up to new portal and thru; vessel is in those rooms.

I also need to turn off the primary security gate; any clues?

ah, those rooms are new for me - thx Alli

Need one last red tile (D) and I'm sure I'll find it when I either: find karmic water and use it, or turn off the primary security gate. But I'm stuck and cannot figure out either!

And np AO

314 has a loooong list of numbers. Nothing to do there.

Anyone know where the clue is for the sliders in 104?

NVM,,,figured it out - use the signs around the scene to open compartments behind the signs.

This comment has been removed by the author.

One of the signs gives a karma vial

This comment has been removed by the author.

it seems you found more stuff than me - e.g. I don't have any red tiles (where from & what for?), also where is the primary security gate?

555, 666 (Hell?), 777, and 888 all give nothing that I can see, although 888 has a different transporter...

Hi Allivymar,

Pick up the Karmic Vessel at 100, fill it at 966 and fill shallow bowl in 628.


in 777, note the panel under the bed
& in 888, you can read the 2 theories

Alli - is the primary security gate be the one in 291? The notes to return there...

The note under the bed (CCCLII) or 342, doesn't take me anywhere.

oops....I mean 352 doesn't take me anywhere

it's RI=352 as a code part

Figured out the karmic vessel by placing it on every water looking thing I could find. That led me to the last thing I needed to do to turn off the primary gate thing. Which led me to my last red tile. Placed and out. My brain is fried.

I'll stick around for a bit if anyone needs help (and I can decipher my notes, cause I sure cannot remember anything anymore).

well, if I should fill my vessel in 966, the only water I find is after the portal, but it d/w there...

Did you blow up the big metal ball AO? You get to it from 699 after using the ankh lever and pushing some buttons.

(rereads notes) After you draw the ladder

huh? big metal ball? where? & no connection for 699
where to use ankh lever?

& where do you draw a ladder?

Ahh ok. Remember someone mentions maybe they can draw a ladder somewhere in 966? You can. Need the chalk and it needs to be karma infused. Up the ladder is where this game blew my mind.

Its after the portals.

it's getting more & more complicated for me, as I haven't done some steps yet as it seems ☻
where to karma infuse the chalk?

oh, just discovered that you can go down behind teleporter in 552

My brain is definitely cooked; missed your question Zoe. Primary security gate isn't in 291, although you'll want to pop by there AO. To disable the primary gate you have to find 3 posts with 3 red lights in different places and push the levers, to light up the board in 355. And hang onto your soap, you'll need it.

thx Alli - still have a long road to go, as it seems...

place a gem in 291 (after right portal)
note slider positions on wall, back to 000 to adjust the sliders & now panel above bed is open

ah, chalk goes in 291 (device after left portal), but used all energy before by pulling slider down :-/

saved - you need to fill energy only from the gas bottle

found the place where you draw the ladder in 966

in scene with the lab coat (after portal, thru door, then go 1x right, thru door, thru right door)

finally I can use ankh lever

oops, I broke the machine, but have now red tile A

oops, my bad, go 2x right after 1st door

overtired here, must go to bed, but this is so exciting, when finding new rooms...!

OHH froze and I had to restart. "Continue" does not work...Although I really like this game, I'm not going to start over - already lost a whole day!!

Good Luck guys!

oh, bummer, Zoe...

Thanks. I never did find a way to save the game. I've just been keeping it minimized at the bottom of my screen when I'm not playing.

523 has a lot of stuff. There's a sneaky portal in the Purple Prince tribute area (lol, love that tribute). All the way to the left and way up high. Go through that portal and you can place one of your soaps in the upper left. I don't know what it accomplishes but yay! a use for one of the soaps.

Hrmm. Googled for the wiki cause I have some clues I never used. It's not incredibly accurate; says 291 is the end of the game. Fixed that, but now I don't trust it enough to know if I missed anything:

Double lever needed in 304?
"Denied exit" in 596; was that something else to figure out?
I'm assuming the companion cubes play the same role as in Portal? Never used them.

Oh Zoe. That sucks :(

And you turned off one of the securities HK (primary? secondary?) with the soap.

the levers above the bed in 000 are not opening the trap door above, no matter how I set them. The WGem is in place on 291 and the levers set to match the wall, but no go.
@HK, I've been keeping my game open, too!
Now, if someone could just tell me where to find the ankh key and how to fill the karmic vessel on 966, I'd be much obliged.
btw, there was a loooong note (84 pages!) on 859 and on one page there were lots of active numbers. I also found that "THIS - xxx" or "THIS + xxx" means to add or subtract xxx from or to the present level number for a new location. I still haven't figured out the "RI = 352".
So many questions, I know, but please help with ankh key and filling karmic vessel!

@zoe, I'm so so sorry you lost your game! That's AWFUL!

in 552, go behind transporter and use karmic vial in machine to get a new portal. go to that site and activate the prototype transporter to go to yet another site.

You put the crystal gem in the thingie by the grate in the 291 portal zoz? I know the hint says down up up, but I think I just hit all 3...not sure cause it was already open when I got back to 000

I think the pyramid/ankh key was in 378, and you have to go thru the portals in 966, draw the ladder and then go thru the ensuing portals to got to where you fill the vessel.

thank you Allivymar! but I see on the Skutnik SubUni website that someone else had the same problem with the bed/levers/door and had to start over. Like that person, I also think I may have a bug on 966 since I can't open any valves.
I hope I can at least find the ankh key before I have to start over (if I can even face that)!

My clue for those 3 button/levers wasn't in 966. It was in 291, right portal. Maybe that will help?

My clue in 291 says up, up, up. I tried that but no matter how I set the levers the little door above the bed in 000 won't open :-/

Zoz, I think I found the Ankh key in 378.

zoz, I had the same problem in the same 2 places. starting over fixed the issue, but it was a pain!

513: Get round "Stone Plate"

399: Use "Stone Plate" - get "Sigil" triangle

378: Use "Sigil" triangle - get red "B" tile

840: Like Sub#1 pull levers down and get "Sigil" oval. Don't miss the sneaky lever FAR top-right.


The "Pyramid Key" is in 378.

I think the "Ankh" thing is a lever that I can't find. I need IT for 966

If you found a "Copper Plate" with two holes,
you can place it at 051 to free up inventory space.
The only reward seems to be annoying harp music and horsey statues...

I'm sorry. I got those confused. Did you get the lever handle from 731?

Thank you HK_Georgia!
That 713 was just the push I needed!

I meant 731

Thanks! HK Georgia.
Use the red "Switch" at 731
Fill the "Karmik Bowl" at 628.
Maybe we need a third "Tongue" at 992?

I only used two tongues at 103. I had to restart the game to get the switches above the bed in 000 to work (sobbing). Then I used a video w/t to take me through the game because I could stand the thought of doing it all over again with my crummy notes. Good luck everyone.

Also, did you guys read all the notes throughout the game? I did at first but then started scanning for numbers. There were so many of them! I wonder if some of them were fan theories that he included in there? I also wish I hadn't gone to the "he11" areas (666 and 616, I think). They were super creepy and didn't have anything useful. Or at least I don't think they did. I got out of there pretty fast. They were mentioned in a note that referenced Biblical passages and numbers.

oh, thx a bunch, twhite - moving on again

HK Georgia

No probs. It's all fiction.
It's just a game.
Mateus just includes some fans for immersion.
Like Bunny whatshername...

aargh, I can find only 3 levers in 840...!


Go all the way up and right.
There's a little cubbyhole top right.
It's a red passage.

Tell zoz I said "Hi!"

going right from teleporter & then up brings me to the hole in ceiling & the panel with the lights...

going left from teleporter & then 2x up brings me to a (already pulled) lever, semotus & clock...


Go up and right as far as you can go.
There is a single chair. There is also a wire leading to a hole lined with bricks to the right.
Click on that black hole to the right.

thx for trying to help me out, twhite
unfortunately, in my game such room as you described doesn't seem to exist...
(I must be jinxed ☻)
I think that I have to activate sth first somewhere else to reach this room...

at 840 go RUURRR

went backwards thru the location numbers this time & found a new room I missed before...!
I had to place bell cube in 950, now I have a ladder from the ceiling hole in 840

still dunno where to fill karmic vessel...

btw, there's a 3rd dragon in 992
(without a tongue...)

still can't fill karmic vessel in 966 (as per Kathryn's comment)...
which step am I missing?

should the roman numeral buttons be lit there?

note in-between
1 lever with 3 lights in 452 (after 2nd portal)
& in 100 (revealed ladder up & thru portal)
now where is the 3rd?

& still no place where to use oval sigil either...

found place for oval sigil:

523 - place weight stone, see 277, ladder, portal left, let gem be, portal, place oval sigil

After placing oval sigil go to 438 and find other side of blue beam, get tile C. Now all I need is tile D (I think). Have not placed weight companion stone yet.

Fill karmic vessel where you broke open that big sphere with blue stuff in it.

*pops back in*
AO: After you go up the drawn ladder, go left to the portal and enter the dark gray rooms with the copper pipes. Far left will give you a place to put the ankh lever. Opens a portal to a space where you can fill the karmic vessel after pushing some buttons.

thx Penny & Alli - that got me much further

now need to find the 3rd lever pedestal with the 3 buttons & bottom right red tile...

ah, after filling bowl in 628, you get another portal there's the 3rd lever pedestal - cool

If Mateusz would fix the "Continue" button to work, I might try starting over. I was probably not near the end when I had to reboot my computer and close the game, but I believe I was at least half way through. Wouldn't want to go through that again...

Alas, I went ahead and closed the game because of the problems on 000 (levers and door above bed). I haven't started over yet, but there are so many GREAT hints, I can say "thank you!" in advance.

Too bad my game is bugged as well, can't open the latch above the bed (my hint says all up but nothing works), I also can't break the ball thingy for the karmic vessel, the hint says all --- but that's the default setting and it doesn't do anything, not sure I want to start all over again, too bad!

I remember that I looked at the small screen in scene right of the one where I have placed the gem on top of the device to activate the slider above bed. Mayhaps that's the trigger...

& my hint for breaking the big ball was I--

Norton keeps putting the file into Quarantine. Claims it contains WS.Reputation.1

If you start a game, 1st go to 291 and check the chalk marks for the levers over the bed at 000. If they are all in the "up" position, start over, b/c that's the bug.
Interesting, although I opened the portal over the bed early on, I only have a green light on the right side and it's done nothing for me!
Now I just need the D tile, a second dragons tongue, and maybe, MAYBE I'll be done!

btw, hello @twhite!

You have to get the levers working to open the grate in R portal of 291 to get the 2nd dragon's tongue zoz. LOL and there is still a lot to do after you get it and use it.

Ok, this was new to me, so maybe helpful to someone else as well:
One you have all three of the 3-light levers pressed, go to 355 where you can use soap to turn off primary security gate. Then back to 291 portal where you placed the WGem and go through the gate to get the second dragon tongue!

the dragon gate opens and you go through portals and eventually (do not lose faith) get the Dtile.

Does that mean you have all the red tiles zoz?

What a great, great game! 100+ stars from me, even with all the difficulties. I will try to check back in an effort to help, but I've closed the game now. Pretty much everything needed to finish is in the comments above (especially from Allivymar, AlphaOmega ΑΩ, HKGeorgia and twhite). Thank you all for the help!

yes, @Allivymar, I managed to find all four, with D appearing after I opened the dragon gate.

the only thing I had that did not get used was the weight companion stone. The soaps were needed for the secondary and primary security gates.

*nods* I also had that damn companion cube left over. Part of me wonders if there is actually a use for it, and part of me is too overwhelmed with the thought of going back in to find out LOL

Probably the best escape game I've ever played.

After you disable primary and secondary security go back to 103!

There must be more than one ending. I got out without ever going to location 992 (where the single dragon tongue is needed.) Did anyone ever find the key to unlock the padlock in 728? Thanks.


About the companion cube...

Mateusz commented that:

"yeah, you can keep it. ;)"

He meant that it was just a fun reference to the game "Portal" with the song "Still Alive" playing in the background.

It was like the Prince tribute room. I guess Mateusz was a big Prince fan as well.

thx zoz & Alli for the last hint that let me escape - I also left with the weight companion stone & with 3 wisdom gems, but they disappeared after passing thru the very last portal

I don't think there's another ending
didn't find padlock key either & in 992 you only find the hint KI=DI-GI & you can read the theory
(wondering if there's someone who really read all the stuff scattered in the rooms... I bet nobody really did)
I also tried the 2nd tongue there on dragon, but with no avail & thankfully I could remove it

it was a great, great journey - thx again MS ☺

Wow, what an amazing experience.

I'm still not out though. If anyone is still here how do I disable the secondary security shield. I've done the primary with the soap

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