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Wow Escape Game: Christmas Tree Walkthrough

Wow Escape Game: Christmas Tree

WowEscape - Wow Escape Game: Christmas Tree Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, you came to a Christmas tree forest to celebrate this Christmas. But unfortunately, you missed the way out from this forest. You have to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Not sure how to work those Christmas trees??

Too early for math. At least there's only one possible solution for the tree puzzle.

Makes no sense to me?

Kind of hard to see, but candies go on tree in scene where you place the diamond ornaments.

Bandy, there are 4 snowballs with pictures of different trees on them. How many are on each snowball?

Well gonna pass on this one. GL

I see 5 on one snowball , But there is no 5 ?

NVM, you're talking about the other tree puzzle that I'm ignoring until I have the hint. I was talking about the math one.

5+3=8, 2+2=4, etc. There's only one direction on this grid.

I've done everything I can. Have a pink gift in inventory. Can't figure out the tree grid with the numbers on the bottom. The tree picture clues don't seem to work with it. Also have two other tree grid puzzles that I can't figure out. No way to get the "flower" things off the rock. And I've tried to burn everything with the torch I can't get out of the ground. No clue for the 3 colours with leaf, snowman and tree. Need one more blue dangler. Yup. I'm seriously stuck.

Looking for hints for remaining puzzles. (Hexagon tree, color wheel). Have a pink present.

Oh I see now thanks Lurker!

For the math grid, two of the trees look very similar. One has triangular segments, the other is slightly curved. I had to fix those.

I don't get the math grid. It makes no sense.

Anyone else feel like we're missing a couple of scenes? I only have one red bag for the door.

Bell wakes up sleeping seal.

Damn colors do not match UUGG

All of a sudden I can take the torch! Down the igloo's chimney for clue to hexagon trees.

Only one red bag for door here too. Still can't get the math grid. What does 5+3=8 have to do with the trees? Please spoil.

Had to click many times to take the torch?

Ok, I'm an idiot. All this time, I've been looking for a picture puzzle to use the candle, reindeer, etc. and a word clue for the 4 words in the far right scene. D'oh!

This may be one of those games that you have to do the puzzles in the order they were intended. Bug. At least I'm finally through the first door.

Whose idea was that red tree grid? Can I hurt them?

Well I have enough of this one GL out by X

pour Pot with gold over shield with green gems

can't get the 4,8,7,9 puzzle?

Has anyone found the clue for the red tree grid? I'm thinking it's numbers, but it could be a pattern. The only clue I still have is the color one for the presents. I'm guessing those are in the next set.

Presents go down the chimney! You just have to do it in the right order.

Need one more candy cane. It has to be from the candy cane gem things. I set all three according to the globe, but it isn't opening.

how did you solve 4879 puzzle?

Well, that clue sucked. Set the first one according to the clue. The next one, rotate it up one, and one more for the third.

Finally out! Ivan, see discussion between Bandy and me at the top of this w/t.

as soon as you said look.... I figured it out :) thanks

2576 for 5x12 grid

lurker Smurf can you give me spoiler for 4879 puzzle

I've read the clues for the math grid. I added the trees in the clues and tried to match them above the numbers but it's just not making any sense. I don't get it and I can't move forward. Pleeeeeese help.

I don't remember. Do the 4 first, since the only possible answer is 2+2. It's the solid tree with a slight curve to it. The one with a star on top = 4, slightly feathered leaves is 3, and triangles = 5. That's what my notes say.

Make sure you've zoomed in on all the tree globes, or it isn't going to work.

Hi, late to the party!

That's great but how do the placement of the trees work in conjunction with the numbers? Why do I feel like I'm the biggest idiot on the planet?

easy to count the trees on the clues but how do they fit into the grid? I'm about to give up.

please help! I'm missing the green present.

And I pasted the clues in Word so I could try and see the reasoning. The only thing that was clear was the number of trees on each paper. Big deal.

Don't focus on the empty spaces. Pretend it's just two digits adding up to the numbers on the bottom. 2+2, 5+3, 4+3, 5+4

Melt gold bar in pot on fire

take pot and pour on green gems with wings

Unknown, the green present is hidden behind foliage. I don't remember which scene, but it was on the left half of the screen. Took me forever to find it.

But there's only one tree that represents "3" so how can it go in the "8" column and in the "7" column?

I can't do it. Can you just post a picture?

Ok, I opened a new game. My bad on the math. Give me a sec.

Put the two with a star on top in the left column and the one with the triangle on the bottom right. Everything else is in the right place. Couldn't get a picture because the axe covers it.

Gotta go. Good luck. Maybe find a video?

What do you mean everything else is in the right place. Please tell us what trees go above the 4, what trees go above the 8, what trees go above the 7 and what trees go above the 9. Tears of frustration are starting to brew.

stuck at colored ornaments now, This is harder than the usual Wow games!

No video walkthru available yet. I give up. Thanks for all your help though, Lurker Smurf.

The three rows of 3 candy canes between 2 red gems seems almost random. Try:

All pointing left in middle (between gems) of top one.
One pointing left, then 2 right in middle one.
L-R-L in last one.

topp to bottom on each numbers: 4 regular tree, regular tree, 8 star tree, star tree, 7 star tree feather tree, 9 triangle tree star tree

I’m with maroonclown, tree math, what?? I need a blatant spoiler I guess

Dawn...thank you!!

The green present is where you cut the box open

I cant get the colored balls in the triangle puzzle to work out

POP! Got it, brute force i guess

anyone remember where the orange present was?

Or where the clue is for that red tree grid?

Theres a stick hidden in the trees to the right of the tree where the bells go
(second set of scenes)

Use it on candy canes to flip- gives fruit (pomegranate?)

Jenny I think orange gift was far leafy scene by wreath door, I THINK. THANKS for that hidden stick, letmeout

Am I missing clue for 9000 red tree bags?

Ho to make the tree of the coulored christmas ornaments?

I dont have a clue for red tree puzzle either

What about a clue for the green star puzzle?

OH!! The Green, Yellow, Pink Lines is clue for the star puzzle

All I have is blue pink and orange gifts (where to place?) and 2 tree snow globes, need another large tree to place by purple bowl

Got it! Half a tree!

Hendrick, you don't need to make a tree shape. Just move the Christmas ornaments so that there is 1 on the top line, 2 on the next and then 3 and so on. They will change colour when you move them.

Oh found very hidden red gift in green tree clue scene

presents go down the chimney (in certain color order- see stocking colors)
Im now stuck on the candy cane puzzle. I lined them up like the clue shows, but nothing happened.

I think all three were different Letmeout. I sort of BF'ed it.

Thanks, I just did the same thing!

Clue for the red tree puzzle is in the third set of scenes. Far right.You are going to 'draw' numbers.

Ok then I’m missing a green gift...what candy can puzzle, letmeout?

Above it says green gift is where you cut box open...I see a slight hotspot in tree, nothing happens when I click, am I missing a tool?

Ahh lol, apparently I already put my green gift in chimney, I wasn’t missing it.

Oh- red tree bag clue- dip blue hat in water

lol Kimbo.... the candy cane puzzle in the one "betweeen the red gems" I just bf'd it like melody said and it worked.


draw 2 5 7 6 on tree bags

finally out!

Nice game, that one challenged me...thanks for the hints all!

I came back. I'm a sucker for punishment. Thank you so much Dawn! I still don't understand it but at least I can move forward.

Thanks WOW for a good game.

I'm stuck in the second set of scenes. I have a snowman and a two snow globes (plus a used phone). I need a bell for the tree and/or a tree to proceed.

eemr. snowman goes into a hole try them all, sorry can't remember which one as I'm out now

snowman goes in hole in chimney scene, gives last bell which gives last tree which gives wreath for new scenes

Thank you Yvonne and nipchkin!

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