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December 16, 2017

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Wow Wizard Christmas Escape Walkthrough

Wow Wizard Christmas Escape

WowEscape - Wow Wizard Christmas Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, you came to celebrate Christmas in this forest. Later you came to know this is a wizard forest. This forest looks very scary. You have to find a way to escape from here by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Anyone else here yet? Found and used sword, eye, three bags, scroll, two of four shells, and an egg.

Yay! Going in!

Also, these wizards look quite feminine.

Good morning, Jenny!

Hi, going in...

Not understanding the B=1 ect clue?

Bf it but it worked oh well LOL

@bandy: If B=1 and G=B, then Y=G+B.

Put egg in water

Thanks Cyberjar.

Finally figured out clue from egg: it is for the 3x3 with the five bags.

Hi everyone!
I am stuck as usual, used everything I could find.

I need one more round symbol to open door to next scenes.

I see all the items, gift, star etc but can't figure out how to use them on the grid.

Stuck there too, Jenny.

For clue from egg go color by color

Put the cards in place for last round thing

GOT IT! 1,2 3 4 top to bottom. no idea why.

Jenny, use the black hat on those items, then you can use the right arrow on the grid to move them to correspond with the numbers.

Broom takes you to new scenes.

No clue for 4 symbols just match them up.

Rat go by pot There is something else to pick up there also.

WOW Rat is changed to a deer LOL

I did not find any black hat but it opened anyway. I also can't place the rat by the pot. Any trick to it?

Stuck in second set of scenes with no stick to take down the clue in the far left scene and a flaming branch with nothing to use it on - still need a 5th stocking.

The feather is a quill, dip it in red inkwell in first set of scenes and write on book.

Jenny I put it to the right side of pot?

Clue from Trophies not working ?

Did anyone use the basket of red stuff?
I am in the same place as you Monica.
Did you get the 4#'s from the cups on the ground?

Trophies worked for me 5466

Need 1 more round thing for door in 1st set of scenes. Only things in inventory are black hat and cluepaper from egg (both used). Have a deer and 4x4 grid in water scene that need attention, as well as an open book with nothing to use on it, and an ink bottle with nothing to dip in it. What next? Can't find any sneaky tools or anything else to do.

Well it worked if I could count LOL

Jenny - basket of red stuff on deer in first scenes I think

Go back and pour the red stuff on the deer far left for final stocking for tree.

Whre did you get clue for number of trophies? I can't find that and trophies 5466 is not working for me

hi, where to use 5 stockings, torch or second sword?

Sugar Clue paper from egg use the colors to place them B,Y,R,G hint on right side of clue paper.

Ohhhh - i get it.....just click trophies till they stick and then you get number clue! Duh!

don't miss sneaky panel at tree with witch...

In third set now!

bandy, I already did the clue paper on the grid and placed the 4 cards.

Monica McKinnie just click trophies till they stop gives 4 # hint.

POP, sword and stockings are used on star without tree...

Any one use torch or red rock?

Candy cane from third set of scenes is used to pull that paper clue out of the tree

Bandy - red rock in left of 2 holes. Torch for third scenes (I think)

where to use torch?

Bandy, I think I dropped the red rock in the hole in front of where broom first appears to enter second set of scenes.

Just go it Monica TY

Monica, How did you get to third set. I am stuck with torch and Black picture frame?

Torch for snow globes in third set of scenes

Jenny - I have no black picture frame - perhaps you can clarify. I did get a magic wand which opens left window in cauldron scene

I also have a glitch - a left-over red stocking from hanging them on the Christmas tree.

don't miss sneaky wand between branches next to green, red, yellow, blue bottles...

Thanks Hotz!

"Picture frame" is a black rectangle with yellow corners don't know what it is.

Just found the frame. Anyone got a clue for red,green,yellow,blue bottles?

thanks Hotzenplotz for the sneaky wand clue!

Monica, yes after using wand (my comment above)

Frame goes in can of red paint fourth set of scenes.

Aha - thought you were referring to the earlier magic wand (which I had forgotten original location of!) Now almost caught you. Not yet in 4th set though.

Just entered 5th set of scenes. Big game.

I mis-spoke - still not got the 5th gingerbread man.

out. 5th set was smaller.

Don't miss sneaky spot on trunk above where you place tree to open door.

OK Jenny -- help please. By 5th set, do you mean 4th set? or is there another set after the right window in the cauldron. I haven't got in that yet.

Just realized there was a set of 4 dials in first set that I never used.

There is another set after the right window. you will find a tree to place on the glowing door.

Completely stuck. Still need 3 pyramids, 1 gingerbread man. Have a frame I can't use and haven't yet opened the right window in the cauldron scene.

I will restart and see if I can help.

monica, what is in your inventory and what codes are unsolved?

DUH - hidden way to the right of my storage inventory was a trident I had forgotten about....pierces the urchin for the gingerbreadman!

Good Monica.

see you all at the next one.

Still need one pyramid, 3 'gems' (for 4th set) and tree for exit gate

No clue for piano keys

Haven't done anything yet with burning flamey thing in skull scene

hammer for piano, see jennys comment above (@7:58 AM )

Clicking like crazy above tree gate got me a hammer - piano keys and pyramid now sorted!

All clear from there - thanks for all the help.

In 3rd (4th?) set of scenes. Almost missed a squiggly wand in a high tree branch next to a witch in the scene where you enter 4 numbers on colors. Wand used on disk on the ground in the scene with the sparkly cauldron.

This should have been a BIG escape game. ;)

Nice one, WOW, thank you.

off topic but does anyone know where this background music is from or called?

Placed hat on candle, then box, lost hat and all other inventory. Brute forced solution.

found glowing tree in left window lol

Had forgotten about a pot, long game, out now thanks for hints enjoyed the challenge thanks Wow

Excellent as always

where's the egg?????

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