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The Escape Hotel - Hot Spring Walkthrough

The Escape Hotel - Hot Spring

Tesshie - The Escape Hotel: Hot Spring Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Tesshi-e for MildEscape. In this game, you are in trapped in a room and you need to escape the room by finding and using items with solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Seb]

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Everything I place needs to be secured.....going to be here awhile.

Clue on shrine for left-right box in the shed.
Another clue, and a key, on the back of “Hot Water of Mr. Birdy” sign. The key is for under the shrine.

Handle from baskets in shed goes to the left of Mr. Hippo, but I’ll need some bolts …

Games does not load for me.

don't tell me I can't play...!

got this message:

An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:
ReferenceError: ninja_analyze is not defined


Thermometer gives the four-digit number for the Birdy-Hippo box, which provides a wheel. Again, someone forgot to leave any bolts …

Unity works in Chrome for me....

Anyone know where the hardware store is? Haha

yeahhh finally!

what have the Japanese with Unity recently?
phew, finally it loaded - I'm so thankful I can play anyway...!

I had to open game in a new tab (right click on pic), then it worked for me

I don't udnerstand the card suit clue.

what a beautiful tune - only bummer that it pauses when changing the tab... (but I think it's a precaution for all the Japan. ppl playing at the office ☻)

& it's an outside Tesshi-e, sth else that's new, too (at least I don't remember another outside game...)

card suits form numbers

Look at the ship again for the happy coin

you get bolts after opening cabinet with grid

This comment has been removed by the author.

can somebody explain what to do with cards suite please? is like master mind game or what?

Stuck there too jonatan


take column by column at puzzle, from top to bottom

diamond hint forms a line (circles lmr)
heart hint circle at l
diamond hint again
clubs hint circles l & r
diamond hint again

i.e. a number


im trying to add black dots in vertical for each row but i cant understand

bolts for handle after opening box beneath Mr. Birdie

don't miss item on the roof

ty alpha now i understand drawing down on paper

out with Happy Coin!

thx Tesshi-e for yet another premium quality creation ☺
it was such a joy for me to play your great game

now I'd like to take a hot bath, too
(but at that pink hippo mud ☻)

& thx seb for submitting this game

like always!! best games so far

I'm 0 for 4 on all the cool, games today. Couldn't figure out Amajeto although every one who commented said it was easy, Yonishi and TomaLaSiDo were impossible. I couldn't get past one or two puzzles. And I can't understand the cards suit puzzle on this one either. I must have gone stupid in my sleep last night. :(

That number clue was near impossible until I took a shot at drawing it out with the large dots as vertical lines and the diamond as a horizontal line.

SPOILER for card suit puzzle


For happy coin. Look at boat a 2nd time

How to get the green thing on the roof?

NVM...had bucket of water, and of course you fill something up to get a key you can't reach...

Wonderful game, as always! Happy 10th year, Tesshie-e! (Happy coin says "since 2008)

Great day of games! Of course I tried to make my own words on the grid before I realized the answer was right above it lol. Thanks Tesshie! Awesome!

Thank you for the card suit clue. Thought of everything but that!

Mild Escape soothes my soul.

Played this one on IOS and didn't know they were making a PC version too! Thanks for bringing the joy of your games to PC users Tesshie!

Very good game. Thanks for hint about dots forming numbers. It was difficult to visualise until I wrote it down.

THE best developer out there. Fantastic. Thanks for help with card suits.

Yay! Thanks, Tesshie e...always worth the wait!

What pic @AlphaOmega? The unity bar loads then I see a black screen. How did you play? What pic did you right click on? I got the same error you did. Thanks!

I am outraged!! How dare Tesshie put us in a new environment with new surroundings and new puzzles and expect us to like it?! Oh, wait. I did like it. Very much! Easily 5+ stars, Tesshie!! :)

thanks for reminding me to look at the boat for the second time..
i almost got crazy figuring out mr. birdy clue, once the door had opened, lol...

Am stuck with the letters from the sailboat and the grid. Using an anagram of the letters doesn't work. What am I missing?

NVM..... just noticed the title above the grid. DOH

It is a fun one. I played it as an app on my phone and got out without help. Most of the tricks have been described by posters above already. Think dot matrix (vertical) for the card symbol/number clue and remember to wash the dirt off the floor (gee doesn't this hotel have cleaning staff?).

A wonderful game, thanks!

What was the second ending? Is it with or without the happy coin or something else?

Thought that the letters on the sail is an anagram, fist noticed "maple disc", only thereafter saw that it contains also all the "mild escape" letters.

Yes the two ends are with or without happy coin. For the first time in a while there is no food in either endings. (I do not know why that disappoints me, LOL)
I'll just leave this here... 8}

Hi stuck near the end, can someone hint me for the thing that goes on the shrine, I have 3 animals and guessing they go on the shrine???

oh ok it's just the animals go on directly.

Happy coin Rot13=Jura lbh ybbx ng gur obng gur frpbaq gvzr gur yrggref ner va n qvssrerag beqre

I was stuck for the longest time, before finally realizing that the hippo pool had drained....

About Unity, it has been chosen as the developing platform of choice for a lot of Japanese developers because Adobe Flash will officially be dead in 2020. Quite a few of the developers who haven't yet made the leap to unity have quit or are thinking of quitting making games because of this, which is a shame.

Usually you may run into problems with Unity loading if a)you are running an outdated OS, b)you need to update your browser, c)you are using up too much memory running other programs or sometimes it may be d)an error on the developer side(not much you can do about this one).

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OK, call me stupid; I just can't make sense of the card suits. My hint (from back of the sign in the pool) is

Heart O . .
Club . . O
Spade O . O
Diam'd OOO

with the grid reading

I still can't see how to arrive at the code from this. For example, it looks to me like the second column (second digit of code) is diamonds only, which would just form:

Please tell me what I've got wrong (clearly something obvious) as this won't give me any rest.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Zoz probably too late but here screenshot for explanation grid signs

ie for 1st column

Thank you so so much @seb. I was not ordering correctly according to the sign. I swear I'm getting denser by the day. Thanks again for the rescue!

I do not understand why after all of this time as a successful (and perhaps even the PREEMINENT) escape designer, Tesshi-e has jumped on the fail bandwagon and moved their games to the useless Unity, which adds nothing to gaming but headaches, and is unplayable by many users, and requres too much memory to run. IF IT AINT BROKE DONT FIX IT. Your games were great, and now after over 10 years I am done with you Tesshi-e. It's over!

I feel good in a special way...

Tried to put the mop in the Birdy pool - "it's a bad idea"!

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