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Where is 2018? Walkthrough

Where is 2018?

MateuszSkutnik - Where is 2018? is another downloadable point and click escape game developed by Mateusz Skutnik. In this game, you have to use your point and click puzzle solving skills to complete the game. Good luck and have fun!

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Yeah Iʻm not downloading anything.

Quite safe to download & quite a challenge so far!

Great game. Love this developer.

I can confirm: free and safe to download.

Short and fun little game.

Norton says its not safe

I also got virus warning

This comment has been removed by the author.

my windows defender firewall has blocked several features of this app & although I'm allowing access, nothing happens...
bummer, as I remember these New Year games to be fun

Why did this developer change his games to download status? What is the benefit of that? Because people don't like to download games - that's why they like this site...

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You can still overrule the virus warning or firewall and there's nothing wrong with this file. But still a shame that it's a download since this is a very enjoyable game. A lot of virus scanners will block any .exe just because of it's extension, not because it's a real threat.

This isn't even a hidden object game, let alone an escape game, so I don't even know why it would be posted here in the first place.

Yes, this developer is amazingly talented and his other games have been fantastic, but that shouldn't give him (or any developer for that matter) an automatic pass.

This is a side-scrolling shooter game. Essentially nothing more than Mario dressed as Santa. So for those of you who can't get it to work, you aren't really missing anything.

As far as it being a download goes, there is nothing to worry about from this particular file, no security issues, etc. However, as a general rule it is simply foolish to risk a download for a minigame, even if you do trust the developer. Whether this site wants to condone doing so by linking to download-only games is nobody's call but the admin's.

For once I have to agree with Zoe on something. Switching to downloadable games makes sense for large games like his latest release of Subnet, but for a little side-scroller it makes no sense at all for the exact reason she says...people have an aversion to downloading potential security risks, even if that potential is known to be negligible. And people do come here with the expectation that the games are going to be even says so in the text at the bottom of this screen: "Show your escaping skills by playing online escape games everyday". That is what people come here for, and what they like about this site.

IMO, this game should be relocated to another category (adventure?) or deleted from the site altogether, but as you all know I tend to think in very black and white terms.

All that said, I did download it and played the first couple levels before becoming so bored with it that I quit. It wasn't even interesting for the type of game it is.

       Anonymous  1/1/18, 10:23 AM  

I've downloaded this game but it crashes Windows, probably because the firewall blocks some features (mine is Comodo), as AlphaOmega ΑΩ explained. I've allowed access but nothing happens except that I have to restart Windows with the button of the computer. That's weird, I have no problem with Subnet game.

Windows 7 and later like to "protect" people from files downloaded from the internet by assuming everything is unsafe. If you check the properties of the downloaded file, you may see a button or check box that says "Unblock". If you click/check that then click OK on the properties, it tells Windows the file is safe (and any files contained within, if it's a zipped folder). You still may have problems with antivirus software, because that's just Windows "protection".

well, when I unzipp the folder & click the .exe file, I get a screen that asks me to write in a particular name of a file, which I dunno...

oh, a classical POP(O) - I created a new folder where I put the .exe file in & the & suddenly it worked - yay! ☻

Happy New Year to Mateusz Skutnik! This dev is one of the main reasons why I learned to love this quirky little genre. :-)

Now if only if dev behind the Gatamari games would release a new one? One can hope in 2018!

that's sooo cute & lovely!

thx for all your creations, MS ☺
always a joy to play them, they never disappoint

       Anonymous  1/1/18, 11:54 AM  

So Alpha and pdgph, everything okay? I am waiting for you both to tell us it is safe to download (as I can recognize both of you for been consistent players in this website)

with this pitch, he could go straight to the MLB (major league baseball) champions ☻

I'm usually very carefull in downloading any kind of games, but this one seems to be safe (at least I didn't encounter any security issues after the procedure smokehalo proposed)
& hey, it's a Skutnik...! ☻

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Seems to be safe - but I'm now stuck. I'm a few scenes in, with four tables to the left (one has a switch) and a table, windmill and higher platform to the right. I can't jump high enough to get to that platform.

i always love his games. but this one frustrates me/ stopped playing

with me just copied and pasted from download file to desktop and it worked

But why? Why does MS want to make it downloadable? Probably a silly question for tech nerds here, but I just want to know what the developer gains by making it downloadable. Why make it hard to play the game on THIS site?

Excellent- loved it 100%. Easy to downlaod and run so why worry about the "why"

       Anonymous  1/2/18, 8:37 AM  

Hello Estefania,
Thank you for asking. I still have a black screen with a crash of Windows 7 (even ctrl + alt + del doesn't work). The file seems to have the necessary authorizations, but doesn't work.

So. did Mac Carter get his answer?

Tedious. Preferred to just watch the walkthrough on youtube and not really solve it. Enjoyed that much, at least.

Fantastic art, as always Mateusz ♥

can't get past the jumping part. and using arrows, yuck.
can't stand platformer stuff.
thumbs down.

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