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February 11, 2018

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Avm Forest Wooden House Escape Walkthrough

Avm Forest Wooden House Escape

AvmGames - Avm Forest Wooden House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. In your circle of friends, you are known as the superlative. You're the tallest, quietest, and smartest. They're always in awe at how you can stay silent for a long time. So most of the time, they're doing some stuffs just to get you talking. You understand them though. It sure is interesting to know what's going on inside the mind of a silent person. You always hang around during holidays. And this time, one of your friends suggests to have fun inside a forest wooden house. All of you owns this house and it's like your headquarters. But for this gathering, you transform it into a house full of challenges. You set up your own puzzles inside. These will be solved by whoever enters the house. Each of you will draw a straw. The one who gets the longest will enter the house and try to escape it. Good luck and have fun!

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(RE)HI all ☺

yesterday I could play directly from AVM site, but not anymore for this one

seems that I have to wait for other sites to be released...

anyway, thx for creating this game, AVM ☺

Five stars and nobody has played, hahahaha.

Havent played directly from escapegames24 for awhile. Does this link have in-game ads?

Yes, yes it does have in-game ads.

pic puzzle

finally I can play from Sniffmouse site & of course without ads ☻

the usual furniture demolition

even twice

line number hint also for s2

Playing from World Escape Games' site without ads.

clock time for s5

Game sites I've found to play AVM games without ads (write this down, folks...)

World Escape Games

There are probably others too (G2R's?), and AO mentioned Sniffmouse.

key from clock time for s6
(to save you from superfluous trial & error on the different locks ☻)

combo number & written out colours for s1

btw, that 4# hint for s6

hm. where to use ABC hint...?

8496 for s6

stuck with abc clue

where doe the abc paper go? and where does the flower with numbers/colors go?

ah, dogs are clickable

but no luck yet with my ideas...

POP(O) - read from left to right

(but not row by row)

AO, is the abc paper for the house buttons in s2? If so, tried different ways and nothing worked.

it's for the dogs

Thanks Alpha! even though i dont get the solution of it. where does the dot paper go?

Been trying that, AO. Positions, # of clicks, different combos. Can't get it right.

dot paper for the 4 buttons in s2

(same reading as mentioned above for another hint)

also tried different combos for the grid in s2, but no luck yet...




OK, I give up on the dogs. There are only so many combinations you can do with ABC and 123, and "read from left to right." I really THAT dense? Help please.

focus on black dots, also for grid

how is that possible?

Thanks AO, though I don't understand how you get that from the clue. Guess it's one of those cases of "AVM logic" that's meant to confuse us, lol!


A-C-B for order (reading from left to right, but not row by row)
click each dog 1-3 once



trial & error & then deduction, Sugar ☻

UGH! could use some help with the dot paper. ive tried everything and nothings working for me.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Clicked the dogs per your 10:29 comment, AO. Still don't know the AVM logic behind it, but I'll count it as a win. ;)

SD often uses that zig-zag reading trick

same trick for reading the black dots
(from left to right: top, bottom, top, bottom)

Dot clue works on stone in s2 (focus on black dots), gives a yellow gem.

Now trying to figure out how it works on the 3x4 grid in same scene.

Used the top bottom top bottom on the grid earlier, will try it again.


focus on the black dots, read in zig-zag either for 4 buttons in s2 & for grid
(for each group, I took the black dots fromm top to bottom)

no luck so far with the colours from grid
(also in different combos with dot paper, that I still have...)

Did what you said with the grid, AO. I understood zigzag to mean start with top left in the clue, then the one under that, then back up to top right, then the one under that. Positions of black buttons in each from top to bottom. Did that. Nothing. Probably need to watch the WT if it's out now.

ok i did the graph but im not understanding the 4 buttons..

hm Sugar,
your path sounds correct (did the same)...


black dots (reading groups in zig-zag) give order for button clicking



finally got those 4 buttons.. the solution was 2431 i believe.

thanks for all the help!

finally combo black dots as order & grid colours worked for s4

tilt your head to the left

combo 1-6 paper with flower colours (the first 4) for s7

Here's the dot sequence for the grid, according to Nikita's video. Follow the numbers, some buttons are used twice. X means don't touch that button:


solved colours from s7 in combo with flower as number hint

enjoyed this mystical tune very much ♥

Finally out, though I did need some help. Thanks guys (and Nikita Yakovenko, too). :)

Thanks AVM for the game.

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