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E.X.I.T II - The Basement Walkthrough

E.X.I.T II - The Basement

Kotorinosu - EXIT 2: The Basement Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Kotorinosu. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Nini xD and AlphaOmega ΑΩ]

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book is clue for clock

like things across from each other

Anybody here? Stuck with a crowbar, box, and a flashlight.

The basic operation is click only (occasionally there are drugs) LOL

same here

Use flashlight under right hand shelves for matches.

Thanks Cvber - missed that view

Managed to open hatch in ceiling.

I can't find where to use the knob from the pendulum. Also need 3 letter code.

Found a brush on top of clock, used on dirty panel on couch for letter code.

Played elsewhere- fantastic game- well worth playing

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where do I put the ladder?

The ladder goes under the fan

I have clicked many times over the fan and nothing :-( maybe know that I'm complaining about that I will have better lucj :-D

Imeant under not over oops

letter box is lhq

How do I cut the tie on the clippers/pliers?

One key is for box under sofa

calgal, with fire

Maybe I need to open the diamond box first?

Walkthrough incoming!!

(I played it on my phone a couple weeks ago. Just a suggestion, we should look into doing mobile escape games. They are usually free and there are more around)

1. Look around. Fireplace, bookshelves, table, book, cabinets. Yep, standard escape room.

2. Go to the table and look at the book. You see symbols: underlined double X, diamond with three vertical slash, and a circle with an X.

3. Go to the clock. click each button so it matches the patterns in the book. the lower section would open for a cactus man.

4. Go to the fireplace. open the grate and pick up the plane.

5. Look under the couch for a banana.

6. Look at the shelves. There are empty shelves on both sides of the shelves. Put the item that looks like/behaves like the things you picked up on the opposite shelves. (Cactus man - plane - banana). The picture dropped and there is a key.

7. Move the plant next to the couch. There is a panel on the floor. unlock it for the crow bar.

8. Get a bruch on top of the clock.

9. prying time. Pull the back cushions from each side of the couch. there is a holder keeping the couch there on each side. pry those nails out.

10. Go to the cabinet with the padlock and pry the lock off (that's unusual). Take flashlight. Use flashlight under the RIGHT bookshelves and get matches.

11. Move the couch to the side (if you haven't already). There is a drawer on the wall by the floor. Looks like you need a key. NOPE. just pull it open. There is a box.

12. Go start a fire in the fireplace and pull the grate close. You can see a pattern. Now zoom into the box. Looks like an abacus with movable beads. Match the beads to the pattern on the fireplace grate and open to find a small key.

13. go back to the drawer on the floor. use the key this time and a bigger box comes out complete with a wrench. Now click on the left side of the couch and you would find a rusted panel fastened by bolts. scrub the rust off with the brush and you get three letters (l, h, q). Use those three letters on the box next to the table on the shelf on the wall. undo the bolts and the panel flips up to show you a key and three numbers (1,4,6). While you still have the wrench in your hand, go to the clock where you get the cactus guy and get the pendulum from the clock.

Walkthrough part 2 because of character limits.

14. Now go back to the padlock and use the small key to get it off. examine the lock and it will stretch out to a longish hook.

15. Work on the box and enter the three letters. Get the nippers. it is tied up by a string, so go to the fireplace and burn the string off. To to the plant. Looks like the horns of the moose above the fireplace, doesn't it? snip a part of the plant and stick it on the right side of the moose head. Lasers! Go to where it is pointing and pry the panel open with crowbar. Use the clock pendulum there and turn it. Click the wall with the dropped picture between the shelves and it would open and give you a ladder.

15. Now click on the ceiling by the chair. there is a grate there. Use the crowbar to get it open. It is too dark, so use the flashlight. there is a metal eye. Use the extended padlock and pull it. put the ladder under that hatch and you are OUT...

16. Nope. Now you are trapped in a well (!)
Look under the wooden bucket for the rope. Click right and look under the rock on the left for a hex screwdriver.

17. Go back down to the room. Click the side of the couch and unscrew the panel with the hex screw. Examine the panel. You get 1,4,6 depressed and on the flipside, some numbers raised. Go back UP to the well and examine the wooden chest. There are two buttons: out and in. Use the panel as a guide to press the buttons. So the right button for 1,4,6 and the out button for the rest. (RLLRLRLL)

18. the chest opens and grab the thing. Close the hatch of the well by clicking the hatch door and put the thing on. click it again. Oh no its flooding! Get into the wooden bucket and let it float you upwards.

19. click right. you would see a barely visible dark square on the stone wall. pry that loose with the crowbar and there is a switch. Now the water would drain. When you are back on the bottom of the well, click near the top and look up. count the side each drain hole is in and how many bars there are in each hole.

20. Now turn until you see the wooden bucket on the right side and a drain hole on the left. click the drain hole and shine a spotlight with your torch. pick up a silver moose horn. Click the handle of the hatch (not the big silver handle, the one on the bottom) to open the hatch and go back downstairs.

21. Replace the horn of the moose. more laser! click on the painting that the new laser points to. Now there is a safe with a rotating dial. turn the dial according to the batter you saw in the well when you look up. from top to bottom. (L3R1L2R3L4)

22. Get the grappling hook. Go back to the well, and this time close the hatch and turn the water back on. Get back into the bucket and wait for the water to rise. Attach the rope to the hook. Look up and throw the hook toward the ladder. Success! climb out and you are done!

23. Wonder who the hell built a room under a well while you look for more escape games.

Grabing the padlock again and extending it was pretty random...

this is better than tesshi e but take too much time to release each game!

Stuck - I've got the crowbar which I've used at least once maybe more, can't remember, I've been going round in circles for so long - I've goa a sorta mini abacus thing that I have no clue about - a torch I've used more than once, used a brush once to give me 641 (if it's for the abacus I can't figure it out) - Now what? I have hook thing in the ceiling but nothing to pull it down with - Lit the fire but looks like nothing happened - I think I need a horn for the deer/elk thing - Probably need a spanner for the bolt below the clock -I can click on the painting but nothing going on there -

Ah I should have refreshed - there was only one comment when I began

Fantastic game, up there with tesshi e. This is what escape games are all about. Shows the other crap up for what they are..crap.

some tricky bits couldn't have done it without wt thanks Chris, I like the way you could crowbar stuff nice and realistic.

what a nice game ! Very logical and fantastic graphic ! thanks for having this before the end of the Chinese New Year !

This was a really great game.
Wonderful flow and good use of items.
Gotmail games used to be like this one.

cant get ihq to work on box. tried combinations. have done other clues in right order I think

duh it was l not i

As a escape game should be! A pity that the're so rare.

Ahhh, and then the hydrophobia and claustrophobia kicks in....

Great Game!!!!

       Anonymous  3/1/18, 5:13 AM  

thx for posting, Escapist

I'm so thankful that there are still such premium qualitay games created like this one (& of course a Japanese one ☻)

thx a lot for this phat game, Mani ☺
enjoyed playing very much

& thx Chris for the WT - much appreciated

Complete walkthru is above. Here are just the
PIXEL/VIEW HUNTS (no puzzle solutions):
1) View on top of clock
2) After you break lock, also unlock it and look at it in inventory.
3) Views under bookshelves
4) View on ceiling to black grate
5) Drawer behind couch is 2 parts, one requires a key.
6) When you get upstairs look up
7) After you drain water, look up again

Great game! Took a full minute or two to load for me, be patient.

Thanks for the great WT Chris. I had come back today to finish and I needed it!

There is still hope for mankind when there are such games. Thank you for the perfection, and also thank you, Chris, for the perfect walkthrough!

Played this one on IOS. Thx for posting the PC version Escapist!
Couldn't stay around to help you guys but I'm glad Chris spent some of his time to write a wonderful WT.

I love Kotorinoso games. I think my all time favourite is Pixel. Although Neutral's Lights is close.

these games are better than silly ones where you have to find 5 flowers and put them in 5 flower shaped hole etc.. this is logical and real

Wonderful, wonderful game!

@Chris - your WT is very well written and easy to understand! Thank you - I couldn't have finished without it!

Dunno if it's a bug, but I seemed to get hopelessly stuck with that ceiling hatch although I had the ladder and that extended padlock thingy - and then, all of a sudden, it opened when I clicked on it for about the fiftieth time...

All in all, it was another great one from kotorinosu.

Fantastic game. The clock hint and the raised number hints helped me finish. Thanks for those.

Finally an excellent game!!

Can't get sequence right with numbers on chest

Cannot take the padlock, door just opens
each time. Anybdy left who can help, please?

Found the answer, forgot to go back to the couch and remove the plate. Great game, thank you for the walkthrough.

hi everyone. I am baffled because i think there's some hidden object left because at the end, why do we still have a torch and crowbar available for use?

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