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February 9, 2018

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Find the Escape-Men 186: Valentine's Day Walkthrough

Find the Escape-Men 186: Valentine's Day

No1Game - Find the Escape-Men 186: Valentines Day is another Japanese point and click escape the room game developed by No 1 Game. Solve some puzzles, find the 10 escape-men, and escape from the room! This game has 2 ending. Good luck and have fun!

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ha ha the escape man patting his but

Where is the clue for the 3 digit number?

I'm as mystified as Castlerock... The best I could come up with is something to do with the cookie cutters.

I boiled water and found a green man in the stove knob, have 5 total. Still no number.

I've got 6 but no number

I have six. Did you look to the left of the refrigerator for the handy tool??

anyone more than 6?- do I need to list my 6?

a little POP moment- no more men but I've done something with the bowl now

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the 3 digit code is very nasty and very tenuous

Enzed, is there more of a hint you can give? I keep looking at the cookie cutters.....

3 digit code spoiler- ROT13

Gur bayl guvat jvgu guerr fvzvyne guvatf vf gur phcobneq vgfrys. Gur gbc bar unf 4 ohggbaf naq 1 qbbe, fb 5 frpgvbaf birenyy.
Gur arkg bar unf 3 qbbef, naq gur obggbz unf 1 qbbe fb gur pbqr vf 531

Ng yrnfg, V guvax gung'f ubj vg jbexf

sorry Allso- I wasn't trying to leave you in suspense, just typing my hint

Thank you Enzed!! I thought of that but didn't have the correct amount for the first......!!

Spoilers for the 10 men

1 ol gbatf
2 va sna- hfr gbatf
3- haqre gnoyr
4- ehaavat zna haqre gnoyr- hfr gbatf
5 pbbxre xabo
6 oruvaq cncre obk
7 obggbz evtug qbbe bs zvqqyr frpgvba bs phcobneq- (jnvg)
8 YU qbbe bs zvqqyr frpgvba
9 Fcevaxyrf ont
10 pbbxvr zbyq

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Wow this is the lowest rated Escape Man game I've ever seen!

Willis, rattle the bowl

thanks enzed.

@willis, did you figure it out?
I finally put cutting board on table, then paper and cutters.

Left with chocolate, hot water, bowl, funnel, and sprinkles. Figure I have to melt chocolate somehow, but how?

somehow suddenly have 2 bowls -- water in one, melting choclate in the other.

How to open the sprinkles?

@PuzzledinCA I'm in the same place!

Here's the solution :

puvyy pubpbyngrf, gura lbh pna hfr fcevaxyrf

Thanks PuzzledinCA!

Where are the tongs??

let's dive in...

had to disable adblocker & even ghostery in order to play it

thx ppl in advance for the hints
(I'm sure I'll need them...)

& thx for creating this game, No1 ☺


left behind white bottom CB

(got lucky to find the spot by just clicking around...)

bitter ending is sooo sad...

scissors for sprinkles are where?

dont understand your spoiler

cant find last man all i have is bag

please people, not all (special new users) know their saying here - man should somehow get help here, even the one who is new here ... their komentare are unreadable, if one does not speak their secret language ... (and if english is not even mother tongue - is somehow in common such komentare and disputes :()

copy the gibberish text & paste it to the Rot13 converter (click link under «post a comment»)

Haha you guys like to make people work for hints, it's like a game itself. Yep I'm stuck on both counts.

Why can't you just use english, that's what these comments are for, right, to give hints and spoilers. Like leo says people get shitty when people use other languages...Jees some of these games turn out to be tedious enough as it is.

Especially when you've said what the number are????????????

Sorry probably grouchy cos I don't have chocolate.

Now what... got all the stuff and..???


to: AlphaOmega ΑΩ - Õõõ - Thanks!!

vic - :) es varu rakstīt latviski, mana mātes valoda :) und auch Deutsch ist fuer mich kein Problem... если нужно, также на русском :) english is my forth Language (that I can not so good, but - I'll try it
:D ) :D Thank You vic :)

enzed, by that logic the middle one should be 4. Count the cupboard itself, which you do for the others.

Wow Leo that's impressive, I can only speak english and even then not very well ;)

Leo, great respect to you! очень впечатляюще:)

I hate Rot13. Especially when you don't precede it with WHAT the hint is about. I'm capable of reading a couple words and gleaning the hints I need, but now I have to convert it and the whole thing is staring in my face. It's tedious.

Just because HUW cried all the time I don't see any reason the rest of us can't use the hints section for...oh, I don't know...hints?

Amen NotYou!! Or NotHUW!

I actually appreciate the Rot 13, I also appreciated the clue on how to use it :) I hate having spoilers staring at me when I don't need them.

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