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Amida Escape Walkthrough

Amida Escape

Flatsan - Amida Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Flatsan. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! [Submitted by AlphaOmega ΑΩ]

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Very cool! Thanks Flatsan and AlphaOmega!

Any hint as to what to do when the purple star is on the left? I know ghost ladder. Not sure how to apply it to corners though.

I know this is early, but I could have used some hints (had to check a walk through), so here's a hint-through (hopefully not giving too much away)

The Ghost-Leg on the left is used multiple times for hints.

Start by using it on the puzzle in the middle.

The new hint shows a place to click

If you draw out the pink X path on the ghost-leg it will help you solve the new puzzle (further hint: look for ShPoOrIiLzEoRnStPaOlIlLiEnRes

When you open the next spot, that line you see is in fact a place where you could put something

Zoom in on the new thing that appears. You will need to use "about item" to combine two things.

After much clicking, you will find something that moves. Don't get so caught up in the hint that drops to the floor that you ignore the thing that moved.

This one had me stumped for a while. My first hint is to actually draw the path. If you need more of a hint, paste this into the rot13 converter (scroll down to "Post a Comment for the link)
Genpr gur tubfg-yrt cngu fgnegvat ng gur fgne. Ybbx ng rnpu ghea lbh znxr naq pyvpx gung pbeare ba gur fgne obk. Gur svefg ghea lbh znxr tbrf evtug gura hc, fb pyvpx gur obggbz evtug pbeare bs gur fgne obk. Pbzcyrgr pyhr: YE HY YE HY HE YY

About item your new item--check it out. Use it to get something.

There's a hint you can pick up and use on the Ghost Leg, and there' a hint on something else you now have access to. Put them together for a new code.

Bireynl gur oyhr erq terra ba gur tubfg yrt. Nqq 2 sbe rirel yvar hc, naq 1 sbe rirel yvar qbja. Pbqr rvtug svir sbhe.

Now you can put something else into something else. and some lines appear.

What do the lines remind you of? What's different about the two clues?

Lbh unir gb nqq fbzr funcrf gb gur yvarf gb znxr gur jbeq NZVQN. Gubfr funcrf ner jung lbh arrq gb ragre sbe gur arkg chmmyr.

You got a new thing.

You will need to use about item to put things together again.

Clicky click, and you will find something that moves again. And you get a new thing. What can you look at with it?

Don't forget that something else moved!

Vg'f gur tubfg yrt ntnva

Where can you use the new clue?

Click on everything and see if anything moves!

Gur qenjref/phcobneqf

Wow--it looked like a screwdriver, but it was actually a switch. And a door appears. Yay!

@Trig , just follow the purple star path..
You know u have to click the corners of the star pannel.. now look at the ghost leg: Following the path, the first thing u'll notice is that to get to the end, the path goes right and then up ( _|) that's your first corner. Do the same for the rest of the path.

Thanks, Nini and Lsquared!
for some reason I don't know I tipped it sideways so the star was on the left and tried the same steps from the side. Doh!

Lovely hint through, Lsquared! I think lots of people will use it!

That sound like a photon where have I heard that before? Was it from a Commodore64 game?

thx for posting Escapist

prepared a WT, but Lsquared beat me to it, as most of the games I submit are posted at my night time, when I'm sleeping...! :-/

well, as I've already written a WT, I'll post it anyway - different WTs for different tastes

thx for creating this game, Flatsan ☺

(in the spirit of EGDAW - Every Game Deserves A Walkthrough - esp. premium quality games like this one)

it's all about reading a GHOST LEG

- usually you go from top to bottom, following the vertical line
- at each intersection, go left or right, following the shorter horizontal line
- do this for each intersection till you reach the bottom of the vertical line

if you still have troubles with this kind of puzzle, check this out:


- start with solving the bar puzzle bottom centre of the wall - hint is ghost leg poster
(just start clicking the squares, you'll see then how to solve the puzzle)
- take WHEEL & HANDLE from revealed CB
- note line HINT & compare with ghost leg poster
- click the position of X on poster
- solve revealed button puzzle as per X hint on puzzle & ghost leg
(it's about columns again)
- click on front of puzzle & take KEY
- unlock/open small wall compartment & take REMOTE
(it's missing a button & a battery)
- place handle in comparment & pull it to reveal a wobbly star PIC
- take BATTERY & place it into the remote
(it works now, even without the missing button)
- use remote on ghost leg poster
- take NOTE fallen on floor
(it let you know about the function of the star)
- solve wobbly pic puzzle as per the new ghost leg poster hint
(same procedure as from a top to bottom ghost leg, just now from left to right)
- click STAR to open the pic for a POLE
- make pole in about item 2x longer
- use pole on SHELF with the ball
- take TRANSPARENCY from revealed hole in floor & place it over the ghost leg poster for another HINT
- solve the colour number puzzle on ball by combining poster hint & HINT at puzzle itself
- click on ball to open it, place the wheel to reveal a new HINT on the wall
(it's for the puzzle in floor hole in combo with AMIDA, but actually I could solve it without the lines)
- solve direction puzzle in floor hole & take remote BUTTON
- attach button on remote & use it again on ghost leg poster
- take GLASSES from revealed small compartment & look at the poster (zoomed view) to reveal L/R hint
- use hint on the 2 CB doors
- move the revealed SWITCH
- open the revealed DOOR & get out

at the END, you can choose your favourite food by clicking on 1 of the squares
(you also see how to solve a ghost leg)
- left: piece of strawberry cake
- middle: cup of tea (or Sake...?!) with some Japanese snack wrapped in a leaf (someone know what it is?)
- right: red herring :-Þ (choose again after going back)



bar puzzle
in clicks (columns from left to right)

start from X on poster & look, in which column the horizontal lines are while going down the ghost leg
columns/buttons to click

or visual
right click to open link in a new tab

wobbly pic
start from arrow & note the corners at each intersection
click corners of pic as follows

or visual
right click to open link in a new tab

colour number puzzle
at blue line, go from left to right & note, if intersection goes down (=1) or up (=2) & add the numbers
same for red & green line

or visual
right click to open link in a new tab

direction puzzle
note that except the red I, parts of the letters of AMIDA correspond to the shapes & their directions on puzzle
(you can also mentally place the revealed wall lines on the shapes on puzzle to reveal the whole letters of AMIDA)
A points up (top part)
M points down (middle part)
D points to the left (round part)
A up again
on puzzle:
V pointing up - V - C with opening to the left - V pointing up


That was absolutely fantastic

Brilliant game - thanks

Oh wow, I liked that! A little assistance was needed, because I didn't get the horizontal ghost leg logic. I refused to treat the line as if it was vertical, because the star was upright. I should have. Or maybe there was some third logic I didn't see.

And still Maymay, Kaitai and Amajeto waiting, what a beautiful day. I have more important things to do, but... you know, life doesn't consist only of important things, but also of some Japanese escape games.

I don't understand these ghost leg puzzles. I figured out the first couple of puzzles but after that I had to keep coming back to the walkthru. That's no fun for me.

Put colored line paper on the horizontal ghost leg before counting or solution doesn't work. The blue star is NOT the blue line :(

Excellent!! Thanks to both Lsquared and Alpha - I needed BOTH your WT's!!

Thanks, but if the WT of a game is already posted please don't post another one, you got me confused as which one I should follow.

Too obscure for my eyes today

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