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Camping Room Escape Walkthrough

Camping Room Escape

Masa - Camping Room Escape is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Masa. In this game, your goal is to escape the room by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. There are two possible endings. Good luck and have fun!
[Submitted by AlphaOmega ΑΩ]

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(RE)HI all ☺

wow, that was quick - thx for posting Escapist

there are 2 endings - just ask away if you're stuck

thx for creating this game, Masa ☺

I'm stuck on the shapes.

have you already exercised?

No. I was trying to make sense of the letters on the thing next to the camp stove.

Can't really seem to do much. Tried to use the ladder to get the card out of the window but that didn't work.

you need more enlightenment there

at the letters that is

I'm lost. I have a blue ball, a lamp that doesn't work, a ladder that doesn't get me anywhere and a clue to the shapes that I can't make sense of. The bike is locked, there's sprinklers everywhere, one of which has a balloon, a card I can't reach even though I have a ladder and a piece of paper on the outside of a window I can't open.

good target & using your limb is helpful to get the card

bike is used as generator

Aha!!!!! Thanks!

Maroonclown, use the ball to get card

Well, that didn't get me far. a 6 and a 2. Half a clue. Right back to being stuck.

How did you find this easy? Or maybe I'm having a stupid moment.

who said it was easy...?! ☻

solving shapes as next step

Maroonclown you're not stupid, some people play these games a lot and know how to progress, very rarely can I get Japanese games to load, so I'm in the same position as you LOL

Wow, a real game!

AO you still here? have the paper from window, no clue what to do, can you help?

let me replay, yvonne...

I'm trying to combine the shapes but no luck. For example I took the 2 "a" shapes and made the square with the round top. But I can't figure it out.

AO sorry, I thought you were playing LOL

make fire

did you use your lit lamp to see the hint?

Yvonne, I put the paper over the burner and got a clue. To what, I'm not sure.

After making fire, inspect burnt log.

ah - plug lamp into bike cable

I can't light the lamp. This is really frustrating.

Ok finally. Got the shapes, but now another puzzle!!! ACK!

Maroonclown stick with it, when you've done the shapes the drawer will be open for you to use the card for the other 2 no's

Maroonclown, zoom in the lamp, click bottom, there will be a connector. Zoom in bike, there is a cable, connect your lamp to the bike cable.

Moving along. Second drawer opened.

Got the window opened and retrieved the piece of paper

have to go afk for a bit, but I'll be back ☻

For the ABCD code:look at the part of the balloon. Start from the circle and follow the arrow's direction to 3 time bottom square (no matter what the upper part looks like) and end at the triangle.

Oops, follow the arrows on the shape paper that is.

Stumped again. Have cardboard tubes, a piece of blank paper, ladder, number clue paper that's been used and shape clue paper that's been used.

I'm sorry Emmes but I don;t understand what you mean.

There's only one way you can connect the circle, 3 squared off bottoms, and the triangle all in succession

Maroonclown, burn paper on the camping stove

WHy oh why can't I just wrap the balloon around the screwdriver and use duct tape?

ok, back again

this game truly deserves a WT...!

Anyone find a handle for the screwdriver yet?

no handle needed

you're almost right with the wrapping

JP, my thoughts exactly. But I did manage to figure out the letters. Let's see how long it takes for me to get stuck again.

Geez Louise...I could swear I'd tried that AO. Thanks!

Just Pondering the tape on screwdriver worked for me

That was a good game!! 2nd ending?

I got out with end one

AO, thanks for replaying to help, much appreciated :)

you can't get 2nd ending with wet tubes

I escaped from the door but I really wanted to get that ladder up to that window. Would have been a more exciting escape :)

lost power for a while - have to restart :(

I had wet tubes. But didn't know what to do with them.

went a lot faster 2nd time :D

how to make fire?

set fire on paper

how to move on
(in the spirit of EGDAWT)

- collect LAMP, BALL, arrow PAPER & LADDER
- throw ball at CARD
(up view in fireplace scene)
- connect lamp with bike cable to charge it
- put lamp back & click on it to reveal HINT for shapes
- combo with arrow paper, solve shape puzzle to open drawer with ICE packs
- card is temperature sensitive, use it on burner & in the drawer for 4#HINT
- open basket & take thin metallic PART & cardboard TUBES
- open WINDOW with the metallic part (=KEY) & take PAPER
- set fire on it
- set fire in fireplace**
- take SD part from wood
- in bike scene, take BALLOON part with letter HINT
- combo with arrow paper, solve letter puzzle to open 2nd drawer
- take duct TAPE
- wrap tape around SD
- unscrew DEVICE at tent for a peg = KEY
- unlock door & get out

- for 2nd ENDING, be quick & hide in tent to keep tubes dry
- in bike scene, take BALLOON part with letter HINT
- combo with arrow paper, solve letter puzzle to open 2nd drawer
- take duct TAPE
- wrap tape around tubes
- use the assembled long object on high window to get out
(btw, no need to mess around with finding SD & unscrewing, but you can if you want)



- hint from lit lamp: pentagon, A, D, D, C
- on paper: (pentagon), circle, pentagon, tunnel, triangle

- from burner: 6 - 2 -
- from ice: - 4 - 8
- gives 6428

- from balloon: circle, shape, shape, shape, triangle
- the only path on paper is: (circle), pentagon, square, tunnel, triangle
- gives DCBC

(on balloon there's actually a 2nd shape hint, not a letter hint, but a hint for solving letter puzzle to be precise ☻)

Oh a nice little game for a change. :)
Thx for the creation Masa!

Save feature would have been nice. Too tedious to start all over again for second ending.

That was good! Thanks for the game and ΑΩ, thanks for the hints and WT! The second ending was too complicated for my tiny head, but used the tent hint and replayed. Replaying went actually very quickly, I did it two times because the first time I still looked up and got the tubes showered again.

Thanks for all the hints (and the WT)!

Warning to other players:
I had the game freeze on me several times when I enlarged the game window to see the tiny hints. I was able to move on several times by doing about item on another item. Eventually that didn't work, so I had to replay using my notes to that point.

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