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Small Adventure Escape Walkthrough

Small Adventure Escape

Rinnogogo - Small Adventure Escape aka Little Adventure Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Rinnogogo. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Нетёса Ирина and AlphaOmega ΑΩ]

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Wow.. almost skipped this one thinking it was one of those "games2whatever" games...

The graphics are not amazing but the game is nice and it's quite hard.

I wrote a WT but I guess it's better if I wait for you guys to have a taste of the game first

Please post the walkthrough lol. I'm stuck with half a clue paper. I used the key and opened the cabinet under the sink, but going in circles now.

@Clownspike, did you check the "cat"?

there is a screwdriver on the kitchen door, down on the left

Here goes the walkthrough then:

Triangle: Beside couch
Square: Beside tall CB
1st part of orange paper: below crying character
2nd part of orange paper: inside drawer (2nd scene)

For color code: I saw what letters were repeated in each column (4th column does not follow that pattern, but W is the correct letter - if anyone knows the correct hint plz tell me :) )
After doing the color code, you'll get a blue box (check below it).

Stick between counters in the kitchen.
Use stick to get gold key from below couch and use it to open the lock blocking the yellow button (switch)
Turn the lights off to see a way of combining square/triangle/circle into a 3-dig number (note it's upside down)

NOTE: I never really found the circle item, but assuming that the circle is indeed what its shape represents worked for me.

Clicking on the very left of the CB you just opened (3-did code) will reveal a hidden SD.
Opening the right side of this CB will reveal a pair of scissors.

Use the scissors to get the black key from teddybear and open the right side of the tall CB.
Insert the SD on the hole and use the hint on the bottom of the blue box to open the gray box (Directions): get blue key.
Open blue box with blue key to get a memo.
Cick on the button on the bottom right of the memo and skip a short cutscene leading you to the shop.

From the shop scene, go right and get a spoon from coffee cup.
Go down and use spoon on the pile of sugar (get a coin)
Go back to shop scene and use coin on gatcha machine to get a capsule.
Check the right side of the hamburger sign to get a hint (3 green = t) and a hammer
Break the capsule with the hammer and get memo
Use memo hint combined with hamburger sign to get a 4-letter word
Input the 4-letter word on the icecream container to get a fish
Give fish to the cat (near the pile of sugar on the right) and he'll give you a bag
Open bag for a red key
On the sugar scene, click the interface between the gray wall and the field to go to a new scene with a chick locked up
Use the red key to release the chick anndd...
You're out! Congrats.

No spoilers for the codes :D

@Nini, circle is at center of compass

Thanks Nini, I can't get out without your WT

for 5 colors: switch off the lights and look on cat...

Nini, thanks for stick hint, never saw this tiny thing...

       Anonymous  3/24/18, 12:39 AM  

thx for posting Escapist

& thx a bunch for the WT, Nini ☺
(unfortunately only rarely seen on EG24 - WTs, not Nini ☻)
couldn't proceed already early in the game, as I didn't check cat properly

thx for creating this game, Rinnogogo ☺

       Anonymous  3/24/18, 1:58 AM  

aaaw, poor teddy looks sooo sad...
(would like to cheer him ☻)

       Anonymous  3/24/18, 2:01 AM  

& how about some healthier food...!

       Anonymous  3/24/18, 2:06 AM  

zoom in on special offer first to find hammer

       Anonymous  3/24/18, 2:09 AM  

some tricky spots to find
(pixelhunt as cursor doesn't change)

I don't get the code for the grey box?

This comment has been removed by the author.

code for the key box?

Yes. I don't get the code for the box in the closet

we need a walkthrough

       Anonymous  3/24/18, 5:35 AM  

grey box
hint on blue box
- chair directions (N is orange)
- type direction letters in in caps)

The walkthrough said:
"Insert the SD on the hole and use the hint on the bottom of the blue box to open the gray box (Directions): get blue key."
But I still don't get it.

Thanks! I didn't think of caps.

great game but not so easy !
thanks a lot Nini xD for WT

Well... Apparently, I have to use the SD twice - but mine seems to have disappeared after the first use... It's not in the inventory, for sure...

       Anonymous  3/24/18, 7:51 AM  

nope bio
you only use SD on grey box

Well... It wouldn't be a bad game at all... but the pixel hunting killed quite a lot of the fun here.

Yeah AO, I got that wrong, thanks for the info ;)

This comment has been removed by the author.

website times out

Very cute! For anyone who likes context, the crying character is your little sister Mii. The opening is your mom left you a note -- she has to go out to bring dad something he forgot, and please take good care of Mii. If you can't handle it, go to Grandma's -- the map is hidden. Even after you find it, apparently you can't go to Grandma without some kind of gift, so you need to stop by Haru's shop. She won't give you the gift until you find her missing baby chick.

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