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House of Secrets 3D Walkthrough

House of Secrets 3D

MouseCity - House of Secrets 3D is another 3D point and click adventure escape game developed by Hidden Key Games for Mouse City. You have to escape from this house full of secrets. Good luck!

Note: This is a real 3D escape game. We have optimized it to work smoothly on low-end devices as well, but it might run slower on some old devices.
Note 2: One object can be hidden in several places at every gameplay, so the game is a little different every time.

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think this SD playing around with HTML5 LOL

dammit web gl error again.. been looking web that one..

It's most likely that you are trying to play the game with an outdated browser.

The game should work fine with the latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera on Windows, MacOS, Linux and any other Unix-based OS that supports these modern browsers.

Even better smartphones and tablets should be able to run it in Chrome and Safari.

If you need further help, please comment here and we are happy to solve the problem.

I keep browsers up to date..
FF and chrome but says developers should limit web gl mem..

BTW Im PC user..

and TY reply

I have just loaded the game on the slowest computer available here (very slow Intel Atom N455, 2GB RAM and integrated graphics). It takes a little more time to load, but after it's loaded, runs smoothly. If your specs are below that, it's possible that your device can't run this game.

Unfortunately these 3D games need more power and ram than classic 2D browser games. Do you have less than 2GB RAM? I think this could be the weak point if it can't allocate enough memory to run the game.

Did the previous 3D games run well on your pc that we developed for Mouse City?


The two 5x5 grids are unrelated.

The knight one is murder. First press the middle square to see the pattern that emerges. Then, when actually solving, do it like a jigsaw. Start with the corners. Then the squares near the corners, etc.

       Anonymous  4/9/18, 12:09 AM  

no probs for me & thx HKG for trying to help players also with technical issues

special tune, but I like it

still on knight puzzle...

thx for creating this game, HKG ☺

       Anonymous  4/9/18, 12:11 AM  

oh, read noel's comment & solved it in a jiffy ☻
thx noel

       Anonymous  4/9/18, 12:13 AM  

demolition time, mwahahahahah! ☻

       Anonymous  4/9/18, 12:17 AM  

so much wood from the crates, but not for the fire...

       Anonymous  4/9/18, 12:24 AM  

very nice that tune isn't cut anymore when changing the tab - thx for listening, HKG

oh, missed matchbox on shelf

3 notes are required for the other grid

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  4/9/18, 12:28 AM  

it's not an SD game...!

Thanks everyone for the comments!

Does anyone of you have ideas about how these 3D games could be improved in the future? What are the things you like and what are the ones you don't?

Was this one too difficult (especially the knight puzzle)?

Thanks for this new style of game

Personally, I really like puzzles like the knight one - if people find them difficult, answers are generally available on google as a "cheat"

       Anonymous  4/9/18, 12:41 AM  


I enjoyed playing this one very much
for me (as a musician), the right choice of music is important as it can put the player in a particular mood...

mayhaps add a skip button for challenging puzzles like the knight one...?

& mayhaps not so many red herrings where the cursor indicates sth but we don't need it for proceeding in the game...?

       Anonymous  4/9/18, 12:42 AM  

ah, yes & mayhaps how about some more puzzles...?

This felt like a concept demonstrator, and I have to say I quite liked it. Not enough puzzles and too easy for a really satisfying game but I look forward to more in the future. I disagree with ao though, I don't like skip (cheat!) buttons. Make the challenges hard and if some either can't finish or have to push themselves then that is much better than too easy

       Anonymous  4/9/18, 2:48 AM  

I usually don't need a skip button, but was thinking of for sure loads of players, who have difficulties with hard(er) puzzles
if there's no skip button, they will give up for sure & rate the game low
I don't think that's in HKG's mind to get low ratings for their games...

LOL I got 6Gb ram and i7 processor..

Leroy, I learnt that the official WebGL website offers a simple test page.

With respect to the knight puzzle, my main problem was that I didn't know what to do with it. Was it solvable there and then, or was something needed so that it could be solved later. This problem was compunded by the fact that there was another, similar grid in the game. Were the two connected? I thought that the puzzle involved lighting up all squares, but concluded more that I didn't know enough. Only when I saw that the puzzle was solvable there and then (on a WT) did I start paying more attention to it.

One solution could've been a simple line: place a knight on all squares to open door.


Cannot play. To slow and dragging.

I have three paper clues, put them in the pixel puzzle, nothing. I have tried all three orders, as well as reverse colors. Any help?

POP! "U" is up one row, not on the bottom row. Out now, I enjoyed this one. Its was a little more laggy than most, but still enjoyable!

Updated firefox does not support this game. Another game I cannot play. Seems I am getting locked out of most games these days. So much for playing escape games anymore. ugh. Very disappointing.

I enjoyed the game and especially the knight challenge. For me it seemed self evident after trying it that you had to fill every square but opinions may differ. Took me a little while, but after a few tries, I started from the middle, after getting every one but the middle, and it worked out.

This is the first of these I've been able to play without lag, thanks! I like the layout of multiple floors instead of a maze of rooms. I don't use skip buttons (usually) but I know the rating of games suffer if they don't have them for difficult puzzles. A hint button that placed the first knight in the middle is an alternative. I like non-simple puzzles, like this one. Please don't use common objects found elsewhere in game (a candle in this case) as a required item. Thank you for making all crates and vases breakable, not just the one that contained the clue. Every game maker should take note.

I enjoyed the knight game and was easy to figure out what to do (unless you've never played chess?) I found this game to bright/light. Thank for the game!

Well done and a nice change from the norm (and a more successful version of the 3D escape genre at that).

I only hit one snag on the updated Firefox: a temporary memory leak at the golden lever corner scene, and again at the pixel puzzle zoom scene. Seemed random though since it fixed itself with a little patience.

No problems playing with opera browser. I agree with another player that grid puzzles were alike so I thought they were related. Thanks HKG for the fun and innovative game.

It was ok, but I found the graph with the paper clues to be ambiguous and something I had to basically guess at (or look for spoilers) to solve. I couldn't tell where on the grid the clues were.

The knight puzzle was easy for me. thanks for the game!

Pretty nice game. It felt a little laggy though.

Nice game BUT movement, especially the cursor, needs to improve, mine was bouncing all over the place, not easy to control (using Chrome).

Thank you so much for everyone the feedbacks and constructive critics. You helped us a lot to improve and make you more satisfied with the upcoming games.

It has been always a difficult thing to se the difficulty of the games and the puzzles. Some players like very simple and straightforward gameplay, others like extremely challenging puzzles. Of course we will never be able to meet everyone's expectations, but we are still trying to find the golden mean.

Would that be a good solution if there was a selectable difficulty in the beginning?

You are totally right, next time we pay attention to avoid such situations that can cause confusion like this. Thank you very much for sharing it.

@Carm C
I am sorry that your device doesn't run the game properly. We have optimized it to run on a really low-end device (mentioned above), but it's impossible to make it smooth on slower devices (without looking like a PS1 game).

Thank you, about the lagginig, unfortunately these kind of games need a little more power than traditional 2D Flash games. But we will try to keep the system requirements as low as possible.

Even late 2016 Firefox versions are able to run the game, so it's really not about it. Does it even load or just running slow? Is there any error message by Mousecity's website or the web browser? We would be happy to investigate it for you, especially if it's happening at other games as well.

Glad you liked it! We are working on similar fun, but challenging puzzles for the upcoming 3D games. If you enjoyed this, you will definately love those too!

Thank you very much for your feedback, noted everything and we will discuss them in the next meeting!

Thanks, we were a little afraid about this (if there will be players not knowing how the knight moves), but fortunately we haven't received any comment about it on any website and platform.

Thanks for this, we will take a deeper look if it's the garbage collector's fault or the programmer's one. We will do everything to avoid such in the future.

Thanks for playing it and glad you liked it! We will never make puzzles with so similar layout in one game, it was really a design mistake.

We have added the border of the 5x5 grid to the hints to make it clear. Or if I misunderstood what you mean, could you please describe how you mean it exactly? Thanks for your help!

@Nini xD
Thanks, we will do our best to optimize these 3D games even more, but we are already pushing the limits :)

Thank you for your feedback. It has never bounced for us in the testing period and you are the first one telling this. Did you use a touch screen or maybe a drawing tablet? It would be good to find the reason.

Thanks again for everyone. Can't wait to complete the development of the next one!

My two cents here, I have a HUGE problem with games on Mouse City, simply because of the blinking ads. I have an adblocker and they still come up with ads to fill up their page. Today is was all about Bible verses. Trying to load a heavy game on a page with heavy graphics...forget it. I can't even get it started. It gets to "loading..." and freezes everything up.

you can cancel out the flashing ads like I do, just adjust the window so it only shows the game. the ads are very annoying.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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