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Super Sneaky Spy Guy Golden Arm 3 Walkthrough

Super Sneaky Spy Guy Golden Arm 3

Super Sneaky Spy Guy Golden Arm 3 is a new escape created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com. Super Sneaky Spy Guy, the gold Shiva statue was stolen from the world museum in Amsterdam. The arms were removed and are now hidden in different locations around the globe. You already found two of the missing arms. It's up to you to find the remaining six arms and the statue! The next arm is located somewhere along the beach in Mexico. Go find it, and good luck!

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pink gem behind gnome in last left room where colored flowers are

sneaky egg in locked door far left top right

map in room after gnome.

map in F

yellow gem from E puzzle, can't do the snag but the sun goes up

sneaky in A

yellow gem in E

SD in B

purple in E

purple gem from box in J, clue in R

egg in A

glass of water in K

& L

no idea if it's a bug but my inventory can't take more than 10 items, can't get my last egg, have o replay.

eggs: N,A,R,L and 5th one far left with gold key on door.

keep picking a garden gnome up but doesn't go anywhere lol SD
sd in B

hi joyce, should give you pink gem

Hi joycy :) you found any keys yet? I can't find last egg

Hi Dazz Ley :)

GG. Thanx. very tricky in a few places. Coins so small, hard to find. Ran really slow and graphics were not great. The swim shorts were funny. That graphic pretty bad.

hi yvonne, sorry have no idea but did you check the sc where there is gold key on door? far left, it was top right

       Anonymous  4/10/18, 9:21 AM  

(RE)HI ladies & all other players ☺

my last egg was in M (about top right)

thx for creating this game, SD ☺

my third egg was in L on dining table

Hi guys, nice to see you after a long time... stuck, can't find eggs in N and that one Dazz mentioned with the far left door.

Got water, sd, and all them gem you told.

think the eggs will give your first key.

       Anonymous  4/10/18, 9:24 AM  

broom in D

Thank you AlphaOmega. That was the egg I was missing.

Okay, thanks to Alpha I found the one in M. Now is there another in N? Found the ones in A, R, L, M.

       Anonymous  4/10/18, 9:26 AM  

green key in C

where did you get the silver key Dazz

       Anonymous  4/10/18, 9:28 AM  

as usual, missing the last coin...

Hi Merit :)

       Anonymous  4/10/18, 9:29 AM  

silver key from egg box

Doh! It was there in O, lying around on the floor bottom right corner.

Joycy, long time no see!

Hi AO,:) thank you for pointing it out in M, on my way again

       Anonymous  4/10/18, 9:31 AM  

number hint for I in H

       Anonymous  4/10/18, 9:33 AM  

blue gem in H

Dazz I had pink gem ages lol
there's a key up in M will need ladders or long stick

Alpha, if you still want to find your last coin I'll tell you sneaky ones if I see some.

E.g. the one in C just above the piggy bank in the blinds.

       Anonymous  4/10/18, 9:35 AM  

lighter in T

orange gem from candle

Coin bottom left in H

       Anonymous  4/10/18, 9:37 AM  

ah, thx merit
that was the one I was missing

still need one egg can't remember where I got others electric went off for 10 mins

Hi Merit keep missing live nice to see you

Well Alpha, I've been to every room now and miss THREE coins, haha!

Wait joycy, I'll go back to the scenes for the eggs, maybe I remember there where they were exactly...

got it in M ty AO

       Anonymous  4/10/18, 9:42 AM  

green gem from pool

swim trunks in W

       Anonymous  4/10/18, 9:43 AM  

now to red gem

still didn't use glass of water...

Where are the swim trunks?

Ah. The power of posting...found them.

ty merit up to green key now :)

Hello all... took my ages to find place for glass of water. hint: it's not a plant but still needs water :)

AO, remember the mermaid?

       Anonymous  4/10/18, 9:48 AM  

push buttons in

S - I - L - C - X

safe in B

M: top right corner of scene, somewhere around the flowers on that wall

O: bottom right corner of scene, lying on the floor

L: on table, easy to miss between all those glasses

A: maybe on the back handrail... could not swear

R: maybe on the wall at the right? Not sure

Check A and R, they were there. Definitely.

Hi Polly :)

Hi uzi :)

       Anonymous  4/10/18, 9:50 AM  

thx uzi & yvonne

just found it out

Oh joycy, too late. Well, it might help some other people.

And I found another coin. :-)

       Anonymous  4/10/18, 9:52 AM  

nice to catch a SD live - thx for the company & CU in another game ☺

& glad that you are showing up from time to time, merit ☺

found shorts at last going for a swim

got all gems missed a light switch somewhere

Yes, I wish I'd have seen the game some minutes earlier. Hope to see all of you again soon.

And I found the last to coins, so I can get out now too.

Thanks for help and company, and thanks SD for another game with beautiful scenes. Btw: In the map there's a link between R and S which is wrong. I know you usually read our comments, so you might want to fix that.

Bye guys!

Exit up from Q

Joycy, see Alpha's comment about the buttons.

switch in I a bit sneaky all done on way out

great game nice to see you all hope to catch you again soon
thanks SD loved it

For those of you who were seeking for trunks: in W, in the wardrobe reflection in the mirror

Updated! Thanks everyone!

Can someone tell me how to get the gold key please?

       Anonymous  4/10/18, 10:33 AM  

with the broom from D

Where is blue key?

Thank you ΑΩ!

Bug - I have 12 eggs in my inventory - so can't pick up anything else!

Egg in L gives you 11 eggs

Linda, I only found 3 actual eggs but used the multiple "ghost" eggs in the box and it opened to give me a key.

Fixed the egg bug. :)

I have loads of eggs as well, despite only finding two.

Me too all eggs bottom row of inventory. Placed some in eegg box for key also before finding the 'right' ones. Will try to play later.

SD, I really enjoyed this game. The colors were vibrant, and the scenes were a little bit different from the ordinary Mexican resort. The cute little swim trunks made me laugh. I was tripped up by the egg in M (thanks merit). This one was five stars to me. Thanks!

egg in M on top of wall on right

use water in V

use SD screwdriver in X

gold key in M - use broom

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